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 Article - July 1, 2016
 Scout's take: NBA exec talks Bucks draft picks, free agency, Ellenson and Stone
 Thank you.
 Article - June 4, 2016
 Gun violence awareness rally draws dozens clad in orange to Downtown
 Mr. Penebaker's mothers dea...
 Article - May 27, 2016
 Hey, wow, gross: Fredonia woman finds mystery egg in her can of Walmart coffee
 Not exactly Chipolte where ...
 Article - May 26, 2016
 Sykes' national star continues to rise
 Dave in previous TV intervi...
 Article - May 24, 2016
 Black students' lives don't matter to Sheriff Clarke, just their obedience
 Jay, you are a master of wo...
 Article - May 11, 2016
 No, Scott Walker, professors' pay is not the problem
 So with out giving specific...
 Article - May 6, 2016
 When #NeverTrump means "never Trump"
 It amuses me that a certain...
 Article - May 3, 2016
 Parents to politicians: Stop cutting our kids' schools
 Many of in the private sect...
 Article - April 27, 2016
 Why Trump must be the GOP nominee
 Well done.
 Article - April 26, 2016
 Do new mall renderings reflect Downtown diversity?
 A good point. You can also...
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