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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, Dec. 19, 2014

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Craig Koplien's Articles
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Living - March 28, 2014
Signs point to colder than normal spring for Wisconsin
Temperatures have averaged below normal for each of the last several months. Here's the latest outlook for what temperatures are expected to be like this spring.
Living - March 21, 2014
Wisconsin's winter was much different than most of the rest of the world's
While we shivered through our coldest winter in many years, much of the rest of the world had one of its warmest on record.
Living - March 10, 2014
Summer started early in Milwaukee in 2012
It was early March when summer began in 2012. Milwaukee reached its warmest March temperature on record. Do you remember?
Living - March 1, 2014
Temperature outlook for March is probably not what you're hoping for
Milwaukee-area temperatures averaged well-below normal during December, January and February. Is it time for a turnaround?
Living - Feb. 3, 2014
Milwaukee's 14th coldest winter on record ... so far
With one month to go, this winter has been in the coldest top 10 percent of winters in Milwaukee.
Living - Jan. 20, 2014
Winter is half over: How do you feel about that?
Are you happy to learn winter is half-way over or disappointed to learn we have another half to go?
Living - Dec. 28, 2013
Milwaukee's New Year's Day weather history
New Year's day falls just a few weeks prior to the mid-point of the cold season in the Milwaukee area. Still, it's not always cold on the first day of the year, especially recently.
Living - Dec. 2, 2013
Can it be too cold to snow?
You've heard people say, "It's too cold to snow." Is that really true?
Tagged with: weather, forecast, snow, cold, winter
Living - Nov. 25, 2013
Wisconsin's outlook for winter 2013-14
Here's the latest outlook for temperatures and precipitation across Wisconsin this winter.
Living - Nov. 12, 2013
Season's first cold snap followed rather quickly by slow-warming
Following a cold Tuesday, slow-warming is expected for the rest of the week.
Tagged with: Forecast, weather, cold snap
Living - Nov. 11, 2013
Our first snow and common winter weather bulletins
Here's when we typically get our first snow. Plus, the definitions of the most common winter weather bulletins.
Living - Oct. 22, 2013
Why do leaves change colors?
Ever wonder why leaves change from green to orange, yellow and red in the fall?
Living - Sept. 3, 2013
When does summer really end?
When the kids go back to school and we flip the calendar to September, most write off summer as being over. Not true. Here's why.
Sports - Aug. 14, 2013
Era of hope a group of Brewers prospects brought to Milwaukee is over
The bad baseball played by the Brewers in the late 1990s and early 2000s enabled the team to acquire a core of players which brought hope, optimism and the playoffs back to Milwaukee. That era is over.
Living - July 2, 2013
Milwaukee holiday weather myths
Does it really rain every Memorial Day? How often do we really get snowstorms on New Year's Eve?
Milwaukee Buzz - April 24, 2013
Summer weather isn't too far off
Expect a warming trend through this week, with the first 70s of spring to appear next Monday and Tuesday.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 23, 2013
Cool temps and rain ahead
Temperatures are going nowhere on Tuesday ... in fact, they're falling as the day goes on.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 22, 2013
Are we ever going to get spring temperatures?
The week will start and end with mild temperatures but cool off considerably in between, with the threat of rain. Read on for details.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 19, 2013
Light rain and snow showers ahead
There will be occasional light rain and snow showers Friday and early Friday night. We can't rule out some minor snow accumulation on grassy areas.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 17, 2013
More rain ahead, snow a possibility
Big rain and a rise in temperature is on its way, followed by a dramatic cooling-off and maybe even a few snowflakes.
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