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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Casey Buchanan's Articles
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Movies & TV - Aug. 11, 2011
"The Help" shows a piece of American history
"The Help" is a 1960s period piece (if it's not too early to call it that) that takes place in the Deep South during the Jim Crow years. It shows a life where black people are not confined to the constructs of slavery anymore, but something that closely resembles it.
Movies & TV - Aug. 1, 2011
Monday Matinee Madness: Beats, Rhymes & Life
Jazz had Miles Davis, punk rock had Black Flag, heavy metal had Metallica and hip-hop had A Tribe Called Quest. The documentary "Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest," directed by Michael Rappaport, chronicles the rise to fame that ATCQ achieved, and their essential downfall as key members Q-Tip and Phife Dawg grew apart artistically.
Sports - July 20, 2011
Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball sets up in Milwaukee
Part of a four-stop series that will span the United States, Jose Cuervo's Pro Beach Volleyball Series kicks off right here in Milwaukee this weekend.
Movies & TV - July 18, 2011
Monday Matinee Madness: Rubber
Only a few weeks ago I found out about a little French film that has recently made it to the States. "Rubber" is about a car tire that comes to life and causes things to explode with psychic brain waves. I wish I could say you read that last sentence wrong.
Movies & TV - July 13, 2011
"Rescue Me": The beginning of the end
A lot has happened in America since Sept. 11 and for the most part Americans have stepped out of the shadows of the terror and moved on. "Rescue Me" has been a show that, for the past seven years, shows the lives of the people who cannot move along silently into the night. With the first of a nine-episode season kicking off tonight, the producers plan on taking the story back to its roots.
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Festival Guide - July 11, 2011
Todd Rundgren leaves Packers fans disappointed
On the last night of the festival, at the last show of the night, a group of individuals - including myself - patiently waited for the Potawatomi Stage to darken. Geared up in the finest Packers swag, we had arrived for Todd Rundgren to perform his iconic song "Bang The Drum All Day" and a chance to relive our memories of all those times during the football season that Aaron Rodgers would pass, hand-off or sneak his way to another touchdown.