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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, July 25, 2014

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Andy Tarnoff's Articles
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Travel & Visitors Guide - July 22, 2014
Construction done right
It's easy to complain about highway construction in Milwaukee. After all, it's pretty much a constant. When one project finishes, another begins ... if we're lucky. More often, it seems like every interchange or stretch of freeway is being worked on all at once.
Dining - July 9, 2014
Dogg Haus expands to Twin Cities
Milwaukee's homegrown sausage chain, The Dogg Haus, has reached an area development agreement with Minneapolis-based Freestyle Enterprises, LLC, to expand into the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.
Music - July 8, 2014
The Gobbler is coming back!
I can't believe it's true, but the iconic Gobbler in Johnson Creek is coming back. On May 22, Daniel A. Manesis, of Manesis & Associates of West Allis purchased the long vacant restaurant, that last was, as I recall, a barbecue place and served one of the worst meals I ever had in a restaurant.
Festival Guide - July 2, 2014
G. Love's still special to Gen X
G. Love & Special Sauce, now 20 years old, is still around, and they played at the Miller Lite Oasis on a beautiful Tuesday night. They certainly didn't stop making records in the `90s, but to me, they still have that Gen X sound that this older audience came to hear.
Festival Guide - June 28, 2014
Two's enough for synth pop duo Pet Tigers
"When's the last time you saw a keytar?" asked Liz Ofte, in the middle of her band's set at Summerfest on Saturday afternoon. That's a good question, and even though the keytar is one only two of the instruments (along with drums) in the two-person Pet Tiger, Ofte and Jeremy Keith don't really need more to produce a big sound.
Festival Guide - June 27, 2014
7 questions for Las Vegas' band Pet Tigers
Vegas-based garage punk band Pet Tigers has a pretty strong Wisconsin connection. One half of the band, Liz Ofte, is from tiny Westby near LaCrosse, an actual farmer's daughter. While Ofte and her bandmate Jeremy Keith are well-known in Las Vegas music scene, Saturday marks their first trip to Summerfest. They play at 4 p.m. at the Harley Roadhouse. The duo, which is touring in support of its first album, spoke to by phone, minutes before hopping on a plane to Milwaukee.
Festival Guide - June 25, 2014
Summerfest picks: Andy Tarnoff
There are years when Summerfest's lineup seems like it was made just for me. Then there are years, like this one, when the Big Gig just doesn't flip my trigger. It's not their fault, of course - the world's largest musical has to make a lot of people happy. And this year, I'm just not one of them. But I won't sit around and complain. There's still plenty to recommend.
Living - June 17, 2014
Where were you during the O.J. chase?
I remember exactly where I was 20 years ago today, the night O.J. Simpson captivated the entire nation with his slow-speed chase through Los Angeles. I was at Hooters.
Travel & Visitors Guide - June 12, 2014
5 summer kids trips I can't wait to take
I like to think of myself as a pretty adventurous dad. We've done all sorts of fun stuff with our 5-year-old daughter, but I've also tried to remember that some stuff is better done at an older age.
Living - June 6, 2014
Time to end readers comments?
If you ever want to see the worst people in the world, just scroll down to the bottom of stories on or Yahoo News. No matter what the subject of the article, the anonymous trolls will be there, spewing hate, racism, right- and left-wing political crazy talk, and the worst grammar and spelling on the Internet.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 29, 2014
Hitting the road with the Brewers of tomorrow
The driving distance from Milwaukee to New Orleans and back, with stops in Beloit, Montgomery and Nashville, is just over 2,400 miles. That much time in a car will make a four-day road trip feel like a month-long campaign, but for the aches and pains that come with those nine-hour stretches speeding through the Deep South, one will come home with a lot of experiences and memories to share. For us, it was a whole bunch of minor league Brewers baseball and fun in the cities that they played in, over this Memorial Day weekend. A perfect and unique way to send our 30s out with a bang.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 22, 2014
Don't forget to fill those buckets
A personal bucket list item awaits me this weekend, and just in time. On May 27, I'll turn 40, and I'm not overly excited about this milestone. Three days later, one of my oldest friends, Eron Laber, also hits the big 4-0. To commemorate it, we're finally doing something we've talked about for years: hitting all the Brewers' minor league teams in one weekend.
Marketplace - May 20, 2014
From grilling hot dogs to detailing cool cars, Muna puts customers first
If you're familiar with Mazen Muna, it's probably for his five Dogg Haus restaurants spread around Milwaukee. But Muna's first love was cars, not hot dogs, and for the last five years, he's had the chance to look a Milwaukee's nicest ones every day. That's because in addition to sausage joints, he owns Metro Hand Car Wash & Detailing, a high-end auto care shop right in the heart of Downtown.
Movies & TV - May 16, 2014
Milwaukee Talks: "Morning Blend" host Tiffany Ogle
The positive and caffeinated person you see weekday mornings on "The Morning Blend" is not an act for Tiffany Ogle. Always an optimist, there's no alter ego at all, says the Minnesota native with the most diverse resumé you'll ever see. Yes, many know the 34-year-old Ogle for her time as a Miss America contestant, but she's a legit artist, singer, TV pitch woman and philanthropist. And lots has changed in her life since we first spoke to her in 2009.
Sports - May 12, 2014
Why the Brewers are so good
Back in January, I tweeted my angst about the Brewers' offseason. I wondered if the 2014 team would be an improvement from the 2013 squad. That skepticism led to a long and detailed email from Joe Robinson, a senior account executive in ticket sales with the Brewers. Turns out, he was right.
Tagged with: Brewers, Joe Robinson
Milwaukee Buzz - May 6, 2014
"Hidden History" goes urban spelunking with's Tanzilo's managing editor Bobby Tanzilo has been exploring Milwaukee in-depth and behind the scenes via his ongoing Urban Spelunking series for a few years now, and he's written more than 70 articles and blog posts. A number of them appear in a new book, "Hidden History of Milwaukee," published by The History Press.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 29, 2014
Buy a date, help a kid in need
Dating in Milwaukee can be hard. So instead of spending all the effort to find that special someone, why not just buy yourself a date with one of the area's most eligible bachelors or bachelorettes? We're kidding, of course, but the fifth annual bachelor/ette "Meet Your Match" auction is coming up, and with proceeds going to charity, it's not a bad time to put your romance money where your mouth is.
Sports - April 21, 2014
Fear the beer?
The Brewers - currently the best team in baseball - are finding all sorts of new haters. Whether they're ripping on Carlos Gomez' swagger or presuming that Ryan Braun most obviously still juicing, the Crew is facing all sorts of new heat. And that's awesome.
Dining - April 17, 2014
Rapid review: The Dogg Haus on Water
For some inexplicable reason, I've never visited a Dogg Haus location until today. Well, I've learned my lesson.
Tagged with: Dogg Haus, Italian Beef
Marketplace - April 10, 2014
Johnson Creek Smoke Juice continues growth in "wild west" climate
Whether you support the e-cigarette industry or not, one thing is indisputable: it's a phenomenon that's growing rapidly. And while the companies that produce cigarette alternatives are based all over the world, one exists right in Milwaukee's own backyard. Hartland's Johnson Creek Enterprises, which makes Johnson Creek Smoke Juice, has quietly grown to an $8 million business and is expanding rapidly.
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