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Movies & TV - Feb. 3, 2016
My last word on Steven Avery
I didn't even see the first "Making a Murderer" piece our columnist Jessica McBride submitted to us over the holidays last month. I only took notice when our site traffic jumped through the roof the Monday after New Year' Eve. It was time to publish our first OnMilwaukee book. "Rush To Judgment" came together in what I assume is a record time.
Living - Jan. 26, 2016
Don't read this!
Just kidding. Do read this. But we're not kidding about Unplugged Week. Sometimes you need to turn off that the phone, computer, tablet or TV for a little while. It's OK, and it's healthy.
Living - Jan. 18, 2016
The really important things I learned from using a fitness tracker
Back in October, in the middle of the night, I bought a Jawbone UP2 activity tracker for about $80. That fitness tracker purchase turned out to be a really wise Ambient buy: among other things I learned, it led me down the path to learning I suffer from moderate sleep apnea.
Movies & TV - Jan. 11, 2016
OnMilwaukee columnist to be featured on Nightline, Nancy Grace this week
OnMilwaukee columnist/reporter Jessica McBride will appear on Headline News' "Nancy Grace" show Wednesday night at 7 p.m., and ABC's "Nightline" as early as Tuesday at 11:35 p.m., to discuss recent developments in the "Making a Murderer" case.
Movies & TV - Jan. 5, 2016
Former Milwaukee reporter Linton-Smith reflects on covering Avery trial
Peter Linton-Smith was a general assignment reporter for FOX-6 Milwaukee from 1999-2007, and with a heavy emphasis on state courts, he covered the Steven Avery murder trial extensively.
Holiday Guide - Dec. 31, 2015
2015 picks: Andy Tarnoff
I had to wait until the final day of 2015 to write this recap, because I had a feeling that the movie I saw yesterday ("Star Wars") would be on this list. Sure enough, it was. So here goes another highly subjective look back into the year that was.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Dec. 22, 2015
Las Vegas, Wisconsin
I went to Vegas with a plan, and that plan was to have no plan. I came here to get away from work, not to do more of it, like I usually do on "vacation." But that wasn't in the cards, for three reasons.
Kids & Family - Dec. 17, 2015
Growing up in the golden age of action figures
Not everything sucked when we were kids. I know this because my daughter plays with a bunch of the toys my parents saved from my childhood. As the new "Star Wars" opens this weekend, I'm reminded that we grew up in the golden age of action figures. Before video games and technology turned them into something else.
Living - Dec. 8, 2015
How to save the Republican Party
If the RNC finds itself in a position supporting the certifiably insane Donald Trump, it may spell the end of the Grand Old Party as we know it. The decisions it makes over the next six months will have ramifications to the conservative cause for years to come.
Sports - Nov. 25, 2015
Why is Ryan Braun trending on Twitter?
Any time we see "Ryan Braun" trending on Twitter, we need to take a second look. Today, it's because he's in Milwaukee to take donations for the Hunger Task Force, but there are some new unsubstantiated trade rumors swirling around social media, too.
Music - Nov. 20, 2015
Dandy's live is worth the drive
I'll go pretty far to see one of my favorite bands live, so a Thursday night jaunt to Chicago to see the Dandy Warhols is a no-brainer for me.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Nov. 12, 2015
Brewhouse celebrates Milwaukee's blue-ribbon Pabst past, boutique hotel future
The Brewhouse Inn was a great staycation, not just because of the retro elegance of this boutique hotel, but because what it represented: my father-in-law spent many years working for Pabst, below the hotel in the "powerhouse."
Bars & Clubs - Nov. 4, 2015
End the outdoor drinking season with free beer
The Milwaukee County Parks said that this Sunday, it's giving out free tap beer and root beer at the South Shore Terrace Miller 1855 Bar. That means free refills if you bring your own glasses, or you can buy a souvenir pint glass for $2, or a stein for $7.
Buzz - Oct. 26, 2015
Milwaukee Talks: new OnMilwaukee contributor Carole Caine
If you've lived anywhere in Milwaukee during the last 30 years, you know the voice of Carole Caine. Simply, Caine is a broadcasting legend here in town, serving as one half of the popular Dave & Carole morning show on 96.5 WKLH since the mid '80s. But that abruptly changed when the station didn't renew Caine's contract this summer, and just like that, she was off the air ... gone, but hardly forgotten. An now she's back.
Kids & Family - Oct. 15, 2015
6 dope ducks on the Riverwalk
Every now and then, I like to get out of our Downtown office and stroll around to clear my head. I've always been vaguely aware of Gertie the Duck and her statue, but I never really stopped to look.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Oct. 9, 2015
Wisconsin's most Instagrammed spot is ...
According to, a travel company, Rock Island State Park in Door County is the most Instagrammed place in Wisconsin. I call B.S.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 6, 2015
Sklars Brothers return to Milwaukee, home of their bizarro baseball-loving twins
When Jason and Randy Sklar perform their standup show Friday night at Turner Hall they're the first to admit that Milwaukee is a basically a Bizarro version of their hometown, St. Louis - and not just when it comes to sports fans. The first Adler's Fall Comedy Classic is right in the wheelhouse for the 43-year-old twin brothers, who span every genre of comedy but especially shine when it comes to smart and observational commentary rooted in "insider baseball" sports.
Kids & Family - Sept. 27, 2015
Maker Faire concocts geek-chic DIY fun
Maker Faire rolled into Milwaukee this weekend with a stop at Wisconsin State Fair Park. Running along Harvest Fair, kids of all ages were treated to all sorts of science projects, maker projects and DIY culture. Some 175 vendors participated, and organizers said more than 45,000 attendees visited the show.
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Marketplace - Sept. 26, 2015
First look: 24 hours with the new iPhone 6s
This time around, the "S" seems to stand for "subtle." That's not the way Apple is positioning it, of course, but as a user who has owned every iPhone but the first, the 6s model appears to be such an incremental upgrade, most customers may never realize the difference. This review assumes that you have some familiarity with iPhones, and cuts to the chase with real-life examples instead of benchmarks
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Kids & Family - Sept. 24, 2015
9 cat questions my 7-year-old asked our vet
My 7-year-old daughter is a big fan of cats, and not coincidentally, she's a big fan of our veterinarian, Dr. Becky Banks, from the Small Animal Hospital. In honor of OnMeowaukee Cat Week - and Becky and Mara's friendship - my daughter prepared nine questions about cats for Dr. Banks, which I shared with Becky over coffee. Here they are, in Mara's own words.
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