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Marketplace - Oct. 26, 2016
A month with a smart watch that isn't an Apple Watch
The Vector Luna really does look a real watch at first glance, although it puts me off by its thickness. From a distance, its screen looks pretty good, but wearing it, I never got past its very low resolution and lack of brightness. That's a trade off for its month-long battery life, but I can't help but feel like I'm wearing a piece of technology more like a Palm Pilot than an iPhone.
Music - Oct. 13, 2016
10 questions for trumpet legend Herb Alpert
Herb Alpert and his wife Lani Hall will visit The Pabst Theater on Oct. 16, and at 81, the legendary trumpet player still looks forward to pleasing his audience and leaving them smiling. His career spans five decades and he's still going. We caught up with him prior to his show.
Music - Oct. 13, 2016
Die Antwoord live mirrors viral insanity
Halfway through the bass-thumping, sweaty hot mess that was the Die Antwoord show at The Rave in the Eagles Club ballroom Wednesday night, I shouted, my words barely audible over the screaming Afrikaans rap, "How the hell am I going to write this review?"
Marketplace - Sept. 18, 2016
48 hours with the new iPhone 7
Typically, my annual early reviews of the Apple's new flagship phone are called "24 hours with the new iPhone." That tight time frame wasn't possible this year, because the new iPhone 7 took more than a day and a half just to update all my apps, photos, videos and iCloud data. I only started to really see it work as promised by Saturday night.
Movies & TV - Sept. 16, 2016
Milwaukee Talks: Katrina Cravy
When Katrina Cravy signs off from FOX 6 on Oct. 12, it will mark the end of a 20-year chapter in her life, but another one is about to open. While the 46-year-old anchor, reporter and host has been a fixture at her station for almost 18 years, she's preparing to embark on a career at a media relations consultant, speaker and author.
Movies & TV - Sept. 14, 2016
Rahny Taylor returns to Milwaukee with morning show on 97.3 NOW
On Thursday, Rahny Taylor returns to Milwaukee radio as morning host at 97.3 NOW, replacing the syndicated "Elvis Duran Show." It's been a secret Taylor's been keeping for a while. Unlike his last gig in town with Wes McKane and Ally Faith, he's doing this one solo.
Marketplace - Sept. 2, 2016
The Shop opens a new chapter fixing old cycles in South Milwaukee
In 2004, Tim Schneider opened The Shop in Bay View's Hide House. Fast forward to 2016, and the motorcycle repair/customization shop - that only works on Japanese and European bikes - averages a 6-8 week waiting list, and their phone rings off the hook. It was time to move.
Sports - Aug. 31, 2016
Former Brewers Bush, McClung speak up about Kaepernick's sit-down
Former Brewers pitchers Dave Bush and Seth McClung spent a lot of time standing for the national anthem during their careers. Like their teammates, rising was expected of them before every game, so when Colin Kaepernick made a statement by refusing to stand before an exhibition game last week, ex-players took note.
Marketplace - Aug. 29, 2016
Your Verizon phone just got a lot faster
Today, Verizon data speeds got faster. Verizon just rolled out its LTE Advanced technology to bring 50% faster peak wireless data speeds to more than 288 million people in 461 cities, including Milwaukee.
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Travel & Visitors Guide - Aug. 22, 2016
DIY Door County
I've said it for years. Door County means different things to different people. Whether your idea of this magical peninsula is nature or adventure, shopping or relaxing, friends or family - or a mix of everything above, one storyline arcs above all the rest: Door County is what you make it.
Sports - Aug. 19, 2016
Drew Olson jumps to Big 920
My friend Drew Olson has a new work address. The veteran Milwaukee sports journalist / broadcaster - and former senior editor - ended an 11-year run as a talk-show host at ESPN Milwaukee (540 AM) last week and will begin a new chapter with The Big 920 (WOKY) on Monday.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 18, 2016
11 questions for Priscilla Presley
This Saturday, Priscilla Presley - actress, activist and, perhaps most notably, widow of Elvis - is coming to Milwaukee for "Elvis and Me," an open conversation at The Pabst Theater about the life and experiences of the original First Lady of rock 'n' roll.
Living - Aug. 3, 2016
Ticket to ride: learning the safe, smart way to cycle
I didn't really even know I was interested in driving a motorcycle until the House of Harley invited me to take a Riding Academy New Rider course. In three days, I checked something off my bucket list that I didn't know was on it. I took it seriously, and it was hard. But also really satisfying.
Movies & TV - July 25, 2016
Milwaukee Talks: CBS 58 News morning anchor Jessica Tighe
Jessica Tighe is an appreciative person. While the Elm Grove native has worked in West Virginia, the Quad Cities and La Crosse, now she's home and co-anchoring the morning news on CBS 58. Ask Tighe how it feels and she actually gets goose bumps: "I have family here. I'm invested in this market," she says with a smile.
Festival Guide - July 11, 2016
VIDEO: Summerfest montage!
Summerfest 2016 may have come and gone, but the memories will live forever - because we at OnMilwaukee took enough photos and video to fill a large hard drive.
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Festival Guide - July 9, 2016
Howard Jones' short set hits the right synth sound
Playing before the Barenaked Ladies and OMD, Howard Jones got the 6 p.m. spot at the BMO Harris Pavilion Saturday night, and while that's not exactly top billing for an artist who had 15 top 40 singles during his career, I'll take it.
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Festival Guide - July 9, 2016
McCartney musings
In a word, Paul McCartney was amazing tonight. I feel beyond fortunate that I've now seen him play twice. Now back at the office, at midnight, Bobby is writing the main review, but I have some stuff to say, too. Random stuff, so please indulge me.
Festival Guide - July 7, 2016
Sir Mix-a-Lot would rather stay and play, get long, strong, get friction on
Go ahead; get those laughs out of the way. I'm trying to write a serious review of Anthony Ray's Big Gig show. You, of course, know him as Sir Mix-a-Lot, and unless you listened to his tapes in the early '90s, you probably recognize just one of his songs.
Festival Guide - June 30, 2016
Meet the merch guy who makes your Summerfest shirts happen
If you've ever bought an official Summerfest T-shirt, hat or other branded gift, it's first gone through Dan Elias. As vice president of The Specialized Marketing Group Inc., he's managed the merch for the Big Gig for 17 years.
Living - June 28, 2016
The new nightmare
In college, I had a reoccurring nightmare that I was trapped on a crazy elevator. Lately, that's been replaced by what I call the "fat finger" dream. I've talked to a few people, including co-worker Molly Synder, who has had it, too.
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