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Music - May 28, 2016
Living Dub brings special pulse to Milwaukee music scene
Thanks to a duo of Milwaukee dub reggae enthusiasts, dub music has found a very comfortable spot in the Milwaukee music scene - in particular at the Nomad World Pub, where, in less than a year's time, the two have helped turn Living Dub into a sensation.
Movies & TV - May 26, 2016
Say it ain't so, Screech: Dustin Diamond jailed again
Indeed, the "Saved by the Bell" child star and now Port Washington resident Dustin Diamond was taken back into custody yesterday afternoon by the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office, detained on a "probation violation."
Buzz - May 26, 2016
D'awww! Meet Zola the Zoo's new baby giraffe
Get ready for an overload of adorable, as the Milwaukee County Zoo introduced its newest baby giraffe, named Zola - a word of African origin meaning "to love" - to the world.
Movies & TV - May 26, 2016
Milwaukee Film announces world premiere of "Milwaukee 53206"
Milwaukee Film announced that it will host the world premiere of "Milwaukee 53206," a documentary chronicling the lives of those who live in the 53206 zip code, which has the highest rate of incarceration for African American males in the country.
Movies & TV - May 24, 2016
Justin Timberlake gives UWM a graduation shout-out
A UWM graduation video featuring new grads dancing around Milwaukee to Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop The Feeling" has racked up a ton of views - one of which must've been JT himself, as he took to Twitter to congratulate the new graduates.
Movies & TV - May 22, 2016
"The Darkness" brings no new scares to light
According to Greg Mclean, "The Darkness" comes from a true story passed along to him first-hand. Judging by the results, maybe someone was just recalling the plot of "Poltergeist" to him. Or an infinite number of scarier haunted house tales from before.
Movies & TV - May 18, 2016
MKE native introduces himself to film world with "Welcome to Happiness"
Milwaukee native Bay Dariz's plan was to become a star musician, then turn into a movie mogul. The stage star part didn't quite happen, but no bother; he's already jumped to movie producer status with his feature film debut "Welcome to Happiness."
Buzz - May 18, 2016
Cathedral Square bus stop gets a St. Josaphat Basilica makeover
Save for a visit from a street-corner preacher, a trip to the bus stop rarely qualifies as a religious experience. However, those taking the bus to or from the Cathedral Square stop on the corner of Wells and Jackson might sense a little extra spirit.
Kids & Family - May 17, 2016
Public school debate takes center stage at Marquette conversation
While it was called "a dialogue," Tuesday's hour-long conversation between State Rep. Dale Kooyenga and MTEA executive director Lauren Baker, hosted by Marquette University's Eckstein Hall, sure resembled a debate - an often politely testy one.
Movies & TV - May 16, 2016
Harry Connick Jr. drops by Leon's for some custard - and serves some, too
How does Harry Connick Jr. kick back and relax the morning after a Saturday night show at the Riverside Theater? Apparently he cures his custard craving, as he tweeted out that he stopped by Leon's Frozen Custard for a sweet treat - and then some.
Sports - May 12, 2016
Jodie Foster is a Packers fan (unless they suck)
In between chats about her new movie "Money Monster," Jodie Foster dropped quite a bombshell last night on "Conan": The two-time Oscar winner and L.A. native is a Packer fan.
Movies & TV - May 11, 2016
Neil deGrasse Tyson talks movies and why he may not tweet about them ever again
Before his Riverside show tonight, OnMilwaukee chatted with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson about the state of science, his thoughts on movies - including "Batman v Superman" - and why he may quit tweeting about them altogether.
Buzz - May 10, 2016
Former mayor Norquist talks city planning, Bucks arena at Rotary Club talk
May 4 would've marked the 100th birthday of urbanist Jane Jacobs. The Rotary Club paid tribute to the author at a luncheon by bringing former mayor John Norquist to chat about her work and ideas - and, of course, that new arena going into the space he once helped open up.
Movies & TV - May 9, 2016
Marcus Lemonis, CNBC's "The Profit" visit Milwaukee to film new episode
Businessman and star of CNBC's "The Profit" Marcus Lemonis has obviously gone places since his time at Marquette. But today, he's returned to the Cream City -- and he's apparently bringing some cameras with him.
Sports - May 7, 2016
Inside the Derby: 9 questions for Randy Prasse of Churchill Downs
Before the big race takes off tonight, we had a quick chat with Churchill Downs senior director of operators Randy Prasse about taking on one of the biggest events in the sports world, his past work experiences in Milwaukee and why he's jealous his boss has poop on his desk.
Marketplace - May 5, 2016
IKEA's first Wisconsin location to open in Oak Creek in summer 2018
After growing rumors over the past few days - and general speculation over the last decade - IKEA officially announced its first Wisconsin location, moving into Oak Creek with an estimated opening in summer 2018.
Movies & TV - May 4, 2016
The Fourth awakens: 8 ways to celebrate Star Wars Day
Happy Star Wars Day, and indeed, May the Fourth be with you. While you're keeping your eyes open for any new "Star Wars" movie news, here are some ways you can celebrate the special day (surprisingly, none of them involve screening the prequels).
Marketplace - May 2, 2016
Reports claim Wisconsin's first IKEA is coming to Oak Creek
For years, rumors of an IKEA coming to Wisconsin have just been a fact of Cream City life. According to a BizTimes report, however, those rumors might actually - finally - be turning into reality with an Oak Creek location.
Movies & TV - April 27, 2016
Milwaukee Film's Black Lens program receives AMPAS grant
The Milwaukee Film Festival may still be months away, but that doesn't mean awesome things aren't happening at Milwaukee Film. Take, for instance, yesterday, when news broke that the organization was chosen to receive a $10,000 grant from AMPAS.
Music - April 25, 2016
3 ways to pay tribute to Prince this week, in song and on screen
We're still all broken up about the sudden, shocking death of Prince. Thankfully, several Milwaukee venues are offering opportunities to continue the Prince mourning process this week and pay tribute to his artistic genius in both music and movies.
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