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Movies & TV - Oct. 1, 2016
Milwaukee Film Festival: Day 10
The Milwaukee Film Festival is here, and, as a proud sponsor, OnMilwaukee is honored to bring you Spotlight Presentations and a new sports series, Sportsball!, this year. We'll also bring you our picks every day. Here's what you shouldn't miss for Day 10.
Movies & TV - Sept. 30, 2016
"Almost Sunrise" director talks bringing vets' trek back home to the big screen
On Aug. 28, 2013, two Iraq War veterans took the first steps of an incredible walk of physical endurance and emotional healing. On Saturday night, their journey returns to where it started with "Almost Sunrise," the Milwaukee Film Festival's centerpiece selection.
Movies & TV - Sept. 30, 2016
From "Girl on the Train" to "Inferno": Which movies to watch this October
It's scary movie season, with a sequel to "Ouija" and the most frightening horror of them all - Madea - all making their way to the big screen this October. Here's what to keep your eyes out for this month at the movie theater.
Movies & TV - Sept. 29, 2016
"Rent" star Taye Diggs continues fight as AIDS Walk Wisconsin honorary chair
Taye Diggs is the honorary chair for Saturday's 2016 AIDS Walk Wisconsin at the Summerfest Grounds - not an unfamiliar role for the TV, film and Broadway performer who starred in "Rent," the hit musical that helped push HIV and AIDS awareness into the public eye.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 29, 2016
Comedian Adam Conover talks about ruining everything
Weddings. Cars. Giving to food drives. Sex. Purebred dogs. Yes, if it's a thing you like, Adam Conover has likely ruined it. And he's bringing that raucously entertaining (and informative) ruin to Milwaukee's Turner Hall Ballroom on Sunday night.
Movies & TV - Sept. 28, 2016
A chat with "Beware the Slenderman" director Irene Taylor Brodsky
Before its final Milwaukee Film Festival showing on Wednesday, Oct. 5, we chatted with director Irene Taylor Brodsky about her harrowing doc "Beware the Slenderman" - and why true crime has become such a pop culture sensation.
Movies & TV - Sept. 26, 2016
What's coming and going from Netflix in October
You would think Netflix would spend October stocking up some horror flicks in time for the Halloween season. And oddly, you would be thinking wrong. But at least Netflix has a strong supply of originals and classics coming your way in October.
Music - Sept. 25, 2016
7 questions for John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats
John Darnielle turned to a surprising place for The Mountain Goats' latest record: professional wrestling. Before the band's show Tuesday night, we chatted with the storytelling frontman about his wrestling inspiration and digging through nostalgia.
Movies & TV - Sept. 23, 2016
"Life, Animated" sketches a touching tribute to finding meaning in movies
The 2016 Milwaukee Film Festival opened Thursday evening much the way the last rendition closed: with a documentary tribute to finding meaning at the movies, this time via "Life, Animated," a sweet and lovely moving picture - in all meanings of the phrase.
Movies & TV - Sept. 19, 2016
What to see at the 2016 Milwaukee Film Festival
With almost 300 movies set to screen during the Milwaukee Film Festival, it can be almost impossible to figure out what to see. OnMilwaukee film critic Matt Mueller is here to help, breaking down each day with what you must see.
Music - Sept. 16, 2016
An early look at Rock the Green's green grounds
Looking around Reed Street Yards, it's hard not to think it would be a perfect place for a nature-conscious music festival. Apparently Rock the Green thought the same thing, as the area will play host to its return on Saturday, Sept. 17.
Movies & TV - Sept. 15, 2016
Award winners and comedy stars highlight Milwaukee Film Festival's guest list
Oscar winner John Ridley, "Arrested Development" star Mae Whitman and "Silicon Valley" star Martin Starr are just a few of the many filmmakers, film subjects and performers heading to the Milwaukee Film Festival starting next Thursday.
Sports - Sept. 14, 2016
Packers unveil Color Rush uniform, avoid all-gold nightmare
The Green Bay Packers will have to wear a Color Rush uniform during their Thursday night spat with the Chicago Bears on Oct. 20. Thankfully, the revealed jersey is nowhere near the brightly colored nightmare it could've been.
Sports - Sept. 14, 2016
There's always next year: Brewers release 2017 schedule
Good news, Brewers fans. Your suffering through this difficult - though not completely catastrophic - rebuilding season is coming to a grateful close, and shining as a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel is next year's schedule, released today.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 14, 2016
Return to Pandora: "Toruk" reunites audiences with the world of "Avatar"
There's no denying the impact of "Avatar" and its ability to tell a universal story in a revolutionary way years ago. Now, it's up to Cirque du Soleil to bring that immersive world and universal message from the screen to the stage with "Toruk - The First Flight."
Movies & TV - Sept. 13, 2016
In "Sully," a miraculous moment doesn't make for much of a movie
It's no wonder Hollywood would want to adapt the Miracle on the Hudson River into a movie. But while director Clint Eastwood works the landing to the best his late-career abilities, it's the rest of the movie around the crash that proves catastrophic for "Sully,"
Movies & TV - Sept. 12, 2016
This "Fury Road" pre-CGI clip is better than most of 2016's summer movies
This summer sucked. But this glorious behind-the-scenes YouTube clip of the pre-CG stonework in last year's insta-classic "Mad Max: Fury Road" almost manages to make up for the last three to four months. Almost.
Movies & TV - Sept. 12, 2016
"Our Journey Home" documentary addresses the myths of public housing
Home: a small word that has an infinite number of definitions. But for many, finding home can be a challenge often unseen by outside eyes. However, on Tuesday night, three of those small, untold stories of struggle and triumph will be brought to the big screen with "Our Journey Home."
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 8, 2016
Blyth Meier gallery says good morning to "a city of discoveries"
It all began with a single photo: an image of Ivan Mestrovic's "Immigrant Woman" in Cathedral Square Park. More than 1,100 photos later, Meier continues to greet the day with a "Good morning, Milwaukee" and a black-and-white image of some part of the city.
Movies & TV - Sept. 7, 2016
Things went poorly for The Soup Market on last night's episode of "The Profit"
It's safe to say things did not go according to plan on last night's Soup Market-centric episode of "The Profit" - unless you're CNBC, which, in that case, you found a whole vat of simmering drama cooking up in the back of the local soup business.
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