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Movies & TV - Feb. 9, 2016
Gaze in horror upon the trailer for Netflix's "Fuller House"
On the 26th day of the second month of the 2016th year, "Fuller House" will be unleashed upon the human species, and the world will know darkness and despair unlike any other. In the meantime, here's the first official footage of the rebooted sitcom.
Sports - Feb. 8, 2016
The real winners and losers of Super Bowl 50
Yesterday, the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in what could only be technically described as "a competitive football game." But who actually won yesterday's great American unofficial tribute to commercialism? Here are the real winners and losers of Super Bowl 50.
Movies & TV - Feb. 6, 2016
"Jim: The James Foley Story" reclaims the journalist's life after his death
Filmmaker Brian Oakes remembers James Foley well, growing up together as friends and remaining tightly knit all the way until Jim's abrupt death. And it's that James Foley - his life, not his death - that Oakes hopes to pay tribute to with "Jim: The James Foley Story."
Movies & TV - Feb. 5, 2016
Local animator helped bring the Oscar-nominated "Anomalisa" to life
OnMilwaukee recently caught up with Milwaukee-born animator Owen Klatte to talk about the making of "Anomalisa," the process behind turning puppets into people, stop-motion sex and the movie's Oscar odds against "Inside Out."
Buzz - Feb. 4, 2016
Make America great again by trumping Donald Trump
Are you exhausted by Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the media hullabaloo constantly around it? Do you have about ten free seconds of time to waste? Then you might just love
Tagged with: Donald Trump, politics, GOP
Dining - Feb. 4, 2016
Requiem for a brie: Researchers find cheese triggers the brain like hard drugs
Want to know why you crave those cheese curds? According to a recent study from researchers at the University of Michigan, cheese triggers the same part of the brain as several hard drugs do.
Tagged with: cheese, dining, food, drugs, casein
Music - Feb. 4, 2016
Brewers postgame concerts return with Andy Grammer, Kip Moore
The Milwaukee Brewers are bringing back their postgame concert series with two performances set for the 2016 season: pop star Andy Grammer and country performer Kip Moore.
Movies & TV - Feb. 2, 2016
The best and worst movies I saw at the Sundance Film Festival
By the time I landed in Park City, Utah Friday for the final days of the Sundance Film Festival, most of the party was dying down. However, the important parts - the movies - were very much still in action. Here are the best and worst of what I saw.
Movies & TV - Jan. 29, 2016
OnMilwaukee goes to Sundance: 10 movies scoring big buzz
As we speak, my bucket list is in the process of becoming one entry shorter. I am currently on a plane to Utah, about to attend my first ever Sundance Film Festival. And even though this year's festival is reaching its end, the buzz is still high.
Arts & Entertainment - Jan. 29, 2016
New Skylight opera tells of tabloid drama before TMZ and Twitter
Before Kanye and Wiz got into a Twitter beef and before TMZ made an industry of grainy club videos and stalking celebs, there was the Duchess Margaret of Argyll, the subject of Skylight Music Theatre's "Powder Her Face."
Music - Jan. 27, 2016
Porterfield and Alverno Presents explore the secrets to writing a pop song
Christopher Porterfield and Charles K. Harris may both be musical Milwaukeeans, but that would seem to be one of the rare common threads between the two as they join forces for Alverno Presents' latest concert, investigating how to write a popular song.
Sports - Jan. 26, 2016
Old, meet new: Brewers unveil new alternate hat and jersey combo
This afternoon, the Brewers announced a new alternate look for the team: a mash-up of old and new, with the classic ball-and-glove logo and yellow color meeting up with the team's current overall navy blue look.
Movies & TV - Jan. 26, 2016
Kato Kaelin has thoughts about the new O.J. Simpson TV mini-series
FX's new Ryan Murphy-produced mini-series "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson" has garnered a lot of buzz, from its dubious inception to its both bizarre yet on-point casting to its now pretty positive early reviews. But ... what does Kato Kaelin think?
Music - Jan. 25, 2016
Dave Matthews Band returns to Alpine Valley for two shows in July
This afternoon, the beloved jam rock band - celebrating its 25th anniversary this year - announced its summer tour with, indeed, an extended stop at Alpine Valley for two nights of shows on July 1 and 2.
Living - Jan. 24, 2016
Life as a bodybuilder
Andre Adams, Quinn Gleisner and Kelsey Noah are, on most levels, just normal people leading normal lives, following their passions and sometimes struggling to get out of bed and over to the gym. There, however, "normal" wouldn't come to mind describing these bodybuilders.
Dining - Jan. 20, 2016
Get diabetes by merely looking at these terrifying mega-milkshakes
It may be hard to tell, but these horrific weapons of mass diabetes, first unearthed in a Buzzfeed post Monday, are technically milkshakes, currently served up by Black Tap out in New York City - and currently going viral.
Tagged with: milkshakes, sweets, Black Tap
Movies & TV - Jan. 20, 2016
With "Wonder Woman" and "Suicide Squad," DC finally had a good day
I've been a little hard on DC lately. But you know what? The comic book company's film efforts finally had a good day Tuesday, thanks to a double whammy of "Suicide Squad" and "Wonder Woman" reveals.
Marketplace - Jan. 20, 2016
Locally made fitness invention BuildingBlock aims to build a better home workout
As Milwaukee-based inventors Dylan Pinkus and Brandon Bogan jokingly note, their new exercise device The BuildingBlock is just a box - one that can help with steps ... and squats ... and pushups ... and yoga ... and harness pulls ... and dozens of other exercises.
Sports - Jan. 18, 2016
The 5 best and worst moments from the Packers' season
We certainly got our money's worth this season - even if we would've liked a different ending - so why not look back at what it all had to offer. Here are the five best and unfortunately worst moments from your 2015-16 Green Bay Packers
Movies & TV - Jan. 15, 2016
Stop making "Making a Murderer" merchandise
Apparently, Brad Dassey's rap tribute to his incarcerated half-brother Brendan is just the tip of the "Making a Murderer" merchandise iceberg. The bizarre, creepy, horrifying merchandise iceberg.
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