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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014

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Matt Mueller's Articles
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Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 19, 2014
Author Stephen Moss brings musical mysteries to Milwaukee
Author Stephen Moss only lived in Milwaukee for a little while, maybe five years or so, but he makes sure to drop by all the time nowadays - at least in literary form.
Movies & TV - Aug. 18, 2014
"What If" is a charming rom-com worth falling for
The romantic comedy genre has taken quite the beating over the past couple of years. Luckily, thanks to a cute cast and a script that gracefully brings some fresh, sweet life to some seemingly old, fell-worn tropes, "What If" turns out to be a rare modern rom-com worth swooning over.
Movies & TV - Aug. 16, 2014
"The Expendables 3" is still all tough guy talk, geriatric walk
In the movies, the meathead mercenaries known as The Expendables have a 100 percent completion rate for their various missions. Real life, however, is a far different story. Three movies in, "The Expendables" franchise still has yet to earn a checkmark next to the only mission it's ever had - and the only one that truly matters - since the beginning: fun.
Music - Aug. 16, 2014
Folk rocker Paul Thorn harnesses the power of feel-good
Let's be honest: This past week for the nation was pretty awful. It's safe to say that people could probably use a hefty dose of feel-good, and luckily, Paul Thorn is happy to oblige.
Music - Aug. 15, 2014
Guitar competition combines contest, classroom and concert
This weekend, if you happen to be driving through or around Brookfield, you might hear a faint roar coming from the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts. That's the sound of fierce competition, of furious fingers flying up and down fretboards, of fun and of friendships - spanning the nation and even the whole globe.
Dining - Aug. 13, 2014
Food Truck Week: Roll MKE
I think I've found my favorite brisket in Milwaukee, brisket that could possibly compete with the scrumptious supply down in Texas. And the best part? It comes surrounded by an equally delicious grilled cheese sandwich.
Music - Aug. 13, 2014
Desert Noises follows its dreams, quite literally, to music and the road
Follow your dreams. It's some of the earliest advice many receive, and that's exactly what Kyle Henderson and his bandmates in the indie rock band Desert Noises are doing.
Movies & TV - Aug. 12, 2014
"The Hundred-Foot Journey" goes a few feet too far, but still charms
"The Hundred-Foot Journey" is a pleasant dose of late summer counter-programming that's guaranteed to be voted the best movie of the summer by your neighborhood book club and your grandma. But hey, they deserve movies too, and as far as safe, predictable middlebrow literary entertainment goes, "The Hundred-Foot Journey" is one of the more satisfying entries.
Music - Aug. 11, 2014
Christopher Denny: building bridges on the road to recovery and stardom
Folk country singer Christopher Denny talks a lot about things in twos and especially the idea of bridging two seemingly polar opposites. It makes sense since Denny himself, performing at Turner Hall Ballroom on Aug. 18 alongside Strand of Oaks, is a fascinating amalgam of seemingly disparate elements.
Movies & TV - Aug. 10, 2014
10 movies to look forward to this fall
Yes, the next month or so for movies will be dire, and our Netflix Instant accounts may not make it out alive. But let's not waste all of our time lamenting the present and instead try to find the glimmers of hope waiting for us on the horizon. Resident movie critic Matt Mueller and fellow movie geek Colton Dunham teamed up and picked five movies each to get excited about this fall.
Music - Aug. 8, 2014
Water Liars: the product of hard work and happy accidents
Mississippi folk rock band Water Liars is almost perpetually on the road. When not touring, the founding duo of Andrew Bryant and Justin Kinkel-Schuster is recording new material, releasing a new album every year since 2011. And when not endlessly recording or performing or travelling or writing, the band has to talk to reporters like Matt Mueller about endlessly recording and performing and travelling and writing.
Movies & TV - Aug. 7, 2014
Milwaukee Film Festival announces Rated K: for Kids selections
This morning, the Milwaukee Film Festival delivered more movie-news goodness in the form of its selections for the Rated K: for Kids program.
Movies & TV - Aug. 6, 2014
Documentary "Letters to Ashleigh" finds hope and peace in local tragedy
On the morning of Oct. 6, 2009, 19-year-old Ashleigh Love was sleeping in her bed when an intruder broke into her home, went into her room and shot her to death. Almost five years after the utterly senseless tragedy, Ashleigh's story - once front page news in Milwaukee - has faded into memory for most. For filmmaker Kyle Olson, however, the story is very much still alive.
Movies & TV - Aug. 5, 2014
Next stop for the Milwaukee Film Festival's Passport program: Mexico
Last year, the Milwaukee Film Festival set its Passport program's sights on Germany, delivering an impressively cinematic and cultural lineup of movies. This year, however, the festival is backing back to the right side - and by that, I mean the left side - of the Atlantic and getting its Passport program stamped in Mexico, its spotlight country for 2014.
Movies & TV - Aug. 5, 2014
"Get On Up" starts strong but can't quite keep it up
The new James Brown biopic "Get On Up" is certainly hardest working biopic in show business - at least it feels that way, with all of the narrative fluidity and firecracker performances - but it's only in the hopes of passing off as something new.
Music - Aug. 4, 2014
Talking the past, present and future with local band Body Futures
The word "future" may be in the band name, but Milwaukee-based rock band Body Futures is having a pretty good moment right now in the present. got a chance to chat with Body Futures' Michael Wojtasiak about the present new album, the band's past and what's coming up in the future.
Movies & TV - Aug. 4, 2014
"Guardians of the Galaxy": Marvel's big risk is the audience's big reward
"Guardians of the Galaxy" is easily the company's greatest risk - and it's turned out to be one of the company's greatest successes, hitting highs not reached since "The Avengers."
Music - Aug. 2, 2014
Catching up with Wisconsin-based phenom Phox
The band has been touring for the last several weeks, but next week marks a happy return to the Midwest for Phox, with gigs lined up in Minneapolis, Madison and a Turner Hall show on Wednesday, Aug. 6. caught up with guitarist Matthew Holmen to chat about returning home, life on the road, the new album and what's up next.
Music - Aug. 2, 2014
The Stooges Brass Band bring their bright beat to the Marcus Center
The Stooges Brass Band have a fun, light-hearted name that fits their reputation for fun, energetic and entertaining live shows. Don't be completely fooled by the name, though; when it comes to being the best, the New Orleans-based brass band means business, so much so that they've built up a little bit of a history of controversy over the years.
Arts & Entertainment - July 31, 2014
Author Kagen revisits characters, cities in "Tess Blessing" book duo
It's not unusual for artists and writers to revisit some of their past works and explore new sides of the characters they've brought into the world. In Lesley Kagen's case, however, her latest work - the e-novella "The Undertaking of Tess" - is revisiting characters that haven't even been introduced yet.
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