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Movies & TV - Oct. 26, 2016
"Muppet Babies" returns to television with CG animated series
For a generation of kids, the only thing better than The Muppets was "Muppet Babies," the animated series from the '80s and early '90s. Now, Disney is hoping to make that happen again for a new generation with an upcoming CG reboot.
Movies & TV - Oct. 24, 2016
"Walking Dead" wrapped up its garbage cliffhanger with a garbage season premiere
Of all the doomed characters on last night's season premiere of "The Walking Dead," the one with truly the least hope of making it out unscathed was the AMC show itself. And it sadly lived down to expectations.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 21, 2016
Psychological horrors hit MAM's halls with "Haunted Screens"
If one really wants to venture into the depths of cinema's shadowy creeps and nightmarish creations this Halloween, your best bet wouldn't be a movie theater this year. It's be the Milwaukee Art Museum's new exhibit, "Haunted Screens," opening today.
Movies & TV - Oct. 20, 2016
What's coming and going from Netflix in November
Some months, it feels like there's nothing for anybody being added to Netflix. November will not be one of those months, with "The Jungle Book," "The Crown," "Gilmore Girls" and "Boyhood" headed your way. Here's what to expect - and what to watch while you can.
Movies & TV - Oct. 19, 2016
First "Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2" teaser is here ... as if you needed it
You probably didn't need much of a teaser trailer to start getting excited about "Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2." But here's one anyways, released today by returning director James Gunn, and it certainly doesn't hurt!
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 17, 2016
Local artist Kpolly chats about his fascination with faces and butts
Fans of Milwaukee Film certainly know Kristopher Pollard, the organization's affable membership manager. But this weekend, they'll be able to get to know Kpolly, the artist, thanks to his upcoming "Slap Fights" gallery, opening Friday night at Hot Pop.
Movies & TV - Oct. 14, 2016
Where to watch Milwaukee Film Festival movies now
I hit 23 movies at the Milwaukee Film Festival this year. I know: WEAK. But luckily for me, and all the other film festival junkies out there looking back regretfully at the screenings we missed, many of the selections are still out there. Here's where to find them.
Dining - Oct. 11, 2016
Rapid Review: Tanpopo Ramen & Sushi
For a seemingly quiet, low-key suburb, Hales Corners is full of surprises. Case in point: Tanpopo, a restaurant bringing brimming bowls of authentic ramen to the world of Milwaukee suburbia - and cooking up a pleasantly sized following as a result.
Movies & TV - Oct. 11, 2016
The 2016 Milwaukee Film Festival by the numbers
As anybody who attended even just one of the 283 films scattered about the city over the previous two weeks can attest, the Milwaukee Film Festival had another great year in 2016. And now, the numbers are in to statistically prove it.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 10, 2016
"Jackass" star Steve-O chats about taking on the terrifying stunt of stand-up
Steve-O is bringing his one-man show of physical anarchy and personal anecdotes to Turner Hall. But before he hits the stage - possibly literally - we chatted with the "Jackass" star about meshing stunts with stand-up and the insane exploit that even he passed on.
Dining - Oct. 7, 2016
After over a century pulling town together, town pulls Bosch to new locale
For over a century, The Bosch has stood guard on the corner as a place of refuge and relaxation for those coming, going and staying in Hales Corners. And now that its corner is moving, so is the historic tavern, thanks to a "Tug the Tavern" event on Saturday afternoon.
Movies & TV - Oct. 7, 2016
There's a new Jeffrey Dahmer movie coming out ... with a Disney star in the lead
With true crime stories all the rage in Hollywood, it's actually surprising that it has taken this long to get around to a new movie about the case of Milwaukee's own Jeffrey Dahmer. But we're finally here - and with a surprising face in the lead.
Movies & TV - Oct. 6, 2016
Is "The Bachelor" filming in Milwaukee tonight?
With a dedication normally reserved for the Zapruder film, there are plenty of blogs searching and hunting for clues to filming locations and possible plot developments for "The Bachelor." And according to several of them, they've found Milwaukee is the next stop tonight.
Movies & TV - Oct. 5, 2016
An inconceivable conversation with "Princess Bride" star Cary Elwes
Almost 30 years after its original release, Westley himself, Cary Elwes, is sharing his experiences with fans young and old with a stop at the Riverside. We got to chat with the actor to get a sneak preview of some of his insider insights on the film.
Movies & TV - Oct. 4, 2016
"Blind Side" star Quinton Aaron chats about his new film and bowling in Montfort
Having "The Blind Side" as your first leading Hollywood role is, as star Quinton Aaron calls it, "a blessing," but he also wants to make sure it's just the beginning. "Halfway," one of the Milwaukee Film Festival's selections, is a part of that mission.
Movies & TV - Oct. 3, 2016
Art doc "Yarn" disappointingly fails to make the most of its material
There are a lot of exciting, creative and vibrant things happening in the world of yarn. You just unfortunately wouldn't get that impression walking out of "Yarn," one of the Art & Artists documentary selections at this year's Milwaukee Film Festival.
Movies & TV - Oct. 2, 2016
"Almost Sunrise" shines honest and hopeful light on post-war hurt
In 2013, two Milwaukee Iraq War vets packed up and took to the road for a trek across the country - both for their injured mental health and the health of others struggling like them. Three years later, their journey still has legs thanks to "Almost Sunrise."
Movies & TV - Sept. 30, 2016
"Almost Sunrise" director talks bringing vets' trek back home to the big screen
On Aug. 28, 2013, two Iraq War veterans took the first steps of an incredible walk of physical endurance and emotional healing. On Saturday night, their journey returns to where it started with "Almost Sunrise," the Milwaukee Film Festival's centerpiece selection.
Movies & TV - Sept. 30, 2016
From "Girl on the Train" to "Inferno": Which movies to watch this October
It's scary movie season, with a sequel to "Ouija" and the most frightening horror of them all - Madea - all making their way to the big screen this October. Here's what to keep your eyes out for this month at the movie theater.
Movies & TV - Sept. 29, 2016
"Rent" star Taye Diggs continues fight as AIDS Walk Wisconsin honorary chair
Taye Diggs is the honorary chair for Saturday's 2016 AIDS Walk Wisconsin at the Summerfest Grounds - not an unfamiliar role for the TV, film and Broadway performer who starred in "Rent," the hit musical that helped push HIV and AIDS awareness into the public eye.
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