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Movies & TV - July 25, 2016
"Justice League" actually looks ... fun? What to know from Comic-Con 2016
Comic-Con had a lot to reveal this past weekend, from Marvel and DC, to movies and television, "The Walking Dead" and Netflix's superhero shows, a new Blair Witch and some insanely vulgar food. Here's the important stuff to know.
Movies & TV - July 24, 2016
"Finding Dory" is a sweet, silly swim into familiar waters
Sequels are not why we love Pixar, why that name for many has become seemingly a genre of its own and a deeply trusted one at that. But, as "Finding Dory" proves, while sequels may not be what Pixar does best, they still do them better than most.
Music - July 21, 2016
Bostyx fuses two classic rock bands into Festa Italiana
Boston and Styx may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of Italian culture and heritage. But what Bostyx lacks in Italian cred, they hope to make up for in rocking classic tunes at their Festa Italiana set this weekend.
Movies & TV - July 20, 2016
A goodbye to Garry Marshall
2016 tragically claimed yet another entertainment giant Tuesday, as television and film writer-producer-director Garry Marshall passed away in Burbank, Calif., at the age of 81, from complications of pneumonia following a stroke.
Movies & TV - July 19, 2016
It's official: Get ready for season two of "Making a Murderer"
Deadline Hollywood reported this morning that Netflix ordered another season of the now Emmy-nominated docu-series and that it is currently in production under the watch of returning executive producer/director tandem Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos.
Movies & TV - July 14, 2016
Horror legend John Carpenter talks about life onstage and a new "Halloween"
Before he comes to The Pabst Theater on Monday night, we chatted with legendary film director John Carpenter about his new tour, his new music, his newfound critical appreciation and the new "Halloween" movie he'll help bring to life.
Movies & TV - July 12, 2016
"The Secret Life of Pets" reveals little more than some fluffy, fuzzy fun
"The Secret Life of Pets" sounds so much like it was cribbed from Pixar's notes, it's hard to believe Pixar didn't make it first - until you replace "pets" with "toys" and realize they did. Considering the fluffy 90-minute result, though, you likely won't mind.
Music - July 11, 2016
Adele gives Milwaukee fan a birthday to remember
Did you have a good weekend? Yes? Well, Milwaukeean and Adele fan Kathleen Dohearty's was better, as she got to join the crooning pop star on stage for a duet of "Someone Like You" last night in Chicago.
Festival Guide - July 10, 2016
Weezer, Panic! At the Disco make for an energetic oddball Marcus Amp pairing
Upon first glance, there wouldn't seem to be much common ground between Saturday night's co-headliners Weezer and Panic! At the Disco. And after Saturday night ... yeah, there wasn't much. But that doesn't mean they didn't put on a heck of a show.
Festival Guide - July 9, 2016
Elle King reigns supreme over an unpredictable Summerfest show
From country to rock to blues to ... a Nick Jonas/The Weeknd mash-up (?), Elle King's Summerfest set was full of zigging when you expected it to zag. Yet through it all, with King leading the charge, it all worked and totally made sense.
Festival Guide - July 7, 2016
Local sister act Reyna brings reinvented sound to Summerfest
What was once Vic and Gab is now Reyna - and they'll be playing the Miller Lite Oasis on Saturday at 7 p.m. Before then, however, OnMilwaukee caught up with the sister act to look back at the old band and look ahead to the new one.
Festival Guide - July 7, 2016
X Ambassadors graduate to a bigger stage, now just need a bigger set
X Ambassadors predictably and deservedly graduated to a larger Summerfest stage - from the U.S. Cellular Connection Stage to the Miller Lite Oasis - and a larger headliner time slot this year. Now they just need a larger set list, and they'll really be set.
Festival Guide - July 6, 2016
Hollywood Vampires is less than the sum of its superstar parts
Describing the star-studded supergroup Hollywood Vampires sounds as close to fan fiction as the rock world has to offer: Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp (sure, why not) on one stage. The band is a bit more Frankenstein than vampire, however.
Festival Guide - July 4, 2016
Local country singer Nora Collins talks about her crazy year
When we last chatted with Nora Collins, the up-and-coming Milwaukee country performer was prepping 17 - indeed, 17 - Summerfest sets scattered between the KNE New Music Stage and the Tiki Hut. Somehow, a year later, things haven't gotten any less crazy.
Festival Guide - July 3, 2016
Alabama Shakes, Chris Stapleton make for a marvelous Marcus Amp mashup
Alabama Shakes and Chris Stapleton are two of the best in the music business right now. But would the two be a good fit for one stage ­- especially the biggest one Summerfest has to offer? The answer Saturday night was a resounding yes.
Festival Guide - July 1, 2016
The Living Statues continue to chisel a mark on the Milwaukee music scene
The Living Statues' latest single is titled "I Never Asked." I, on the other hand, did ask - about the new tune, its new sound, future records in the works and Big Gig memories - in a recent interview previewing the band's upcoming Summerfest set Saturday night.
Festival Guide - July 1, 2016
The Record Company rocks through the rain
While those outside the World Sound Stage were getting soaked, those enjoying Chris Vos and his up-and-coming dirt roads rock band The Record Company left the grounds quite the opposite: happily scorched by the blazing heat of some truly rocking tunes.
Festival Guide - June 30, 2016
Meet the monstrous mac bottom pizza
Have you ever been eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese, and thought to yourself, "You know what would make this mac 'n' cheese better? If it was a pizza instead." No? Well, too bad, because SoLo did, and thus we now have the mac bottom pizza.
Festival Guide - June 30, 2016
Fitz and the Tantrums slightly subdued yet still satisfy in Big Gig return
Pop Motown soul outfit Fitz and the Tantrums burned the house down at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse Wednesday night - even if the band wasn't quite dialed up to the scalding, sizzling, record-high temperatures of its past Big Gig visits.
Festival Guide - June 29, 2016
Corey Pieper brings islander pop to the shores of Summerfest
Hawaii may be thousands of miles - not mention most of an ocean - away from the Cream City, but local pop/hip-hop performer Corey Pieper is doing his best to bring some flavor from the shores of Maui to the shores of Milwaukee.
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