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Buzz - Aug. 24, 2016
Pokemon Go (somewhere else): County Parks gets in turf war with viral game
The year 2016 has seen some powerful, earth-shattering tiffs in just its eight months, and now our city has a pop cultural beef of its own: Pokemon Go versus the Milwaukee County Parks Department. OnMilwaukee spoke to players and the Parks director for reactions.
#RaiseMKE - Aug. 23, 2016
How to be a smart breaking-news consumer on social media
It's never been easier to know about breaking news as it's happening on the ground - and then share that news with others. But the facts can easily become polluted with ever more convincing half-truths, lies and oftentimes simple confusion.
Movies & TV - Aug. 23, 2016
Milwaukee Film Festival announces Cream City Cinema program lineup
This morning, the Milwaukee Film Festival announced its latest program lineup, this time for the homegrown Cream City Cinema category. From docs to music videos to dramas to shorts and more, here's what to expect at this year's fest.
Movies & TV - Aug. 17, 2016
Milwaukee Women's Film Festival brings new voices to the big screen
Beginning Friday night, the inaugural Milwaukee Women's Film Festival will present a three-day big screen showcase for women's stories. The project, created by Andrea Thompson, started with a simple question: What are you doing?
Movies & TV - Aug. 12, 2016
Brendan Dassey's conviction overturned in Halbach murder
A federal judge today overturned the conviction of Brendan Dassey, who was found guilty of being an accessory to Teresa Halbach's 2005 murder and served as one of the subjects in the hit Netflix docu-series "Making a Murderer."
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 10, 2016
MKE-born actor brings meat to beefcake role in "Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike"
The first stage on which actor JJ Phillips stood and spoke Shakespeare was the Cabot Theater. About two decades later, Phillips is returning to that exact stage - except more as barely clothed bro than Bard in Chamber's "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike."
Movies & TV - Aug. 9, 2016
The Fonz visits The Fonz
Henry "The Fonz" Winkler is in Milwaukee today for tomorrow night's Wisconsin State Fair "Happy Days: Live" main stage show. So what does The Fonz do to kill some time in the city that helped make him famous? We'll give you one guess.
Sports - Aug. 8, 2016
A sport-by-sport TV viewing guide to the Rio Olympics
After weeks of lead-up, the torch has finally been lit and the games are underway. But when is the gymnastics team on? And when can I catch some table tennis matches? Organized sport by sport, here's when you can catch everything on TV.
Movies & TV - Aug. 5, 2016
"A Billion Lives" global vaping doc makes U.S. premiere in Milwaukee
In just a few years, Milwaukee filmmaker Aaron Biebert has gone from mocking e-cigarette users and vapers to fighting for their cause, landing right in the middle of the ongoing smoking/vaping debate with his upcoming documentary, "A Billion Lives."
Music - Aug. 3, 2016
Kid Rock docks in Milwaukee
After being spotted yesterday floating around the shores of Mackinac Island on a 198-foot yacht - reportedly appraised at $100 million - Robert "Kid Rock" James Ritchie apparently docked in Milwaukee later that same day.
Buzz - Aug. 2, 2016
Milwaukee Fire Department announces tribute events for 15th anniversary of 9/11
Representatives from the Milwaukee Fire Department and On Purpose Journey Inc., today announced a collection of events to pay tribute to the upcoming 15th anniversary of the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.
Movies & TV - Aug. 2, 2016
Milwaukee Film Festival announces selections for Black Lens lineup
Milwaukee Film added to the 16 selections announced last month with the eight movies making up this year's Black Lens program, a category dedicated to African-American filmmakers and stories rooted in the black community and the black experience.
Music - Aug. 1, 2016
The pursuit of "Happiless" brings together two Milwaukee musicians
Milwaukee-bred musicians Mike Benign and Allen Keller teamed up for "Happiless," a self-titled ten-song collaboration. But while the connection between the two songwriters would seem to be obvious, the path to getting to this point was less than simple.
Movies & TV - July 29, 2016
What's coming and going from Netflix in August
Say goodbye to "The Sandlot" and "Inside Man," and say hello to "No Country for Old Men" and "The Fast and the Furious." That's right: It's time to see what's coming and going from Netflix in the month of August.
Movies & TV - July 28, 2016
Milwaukee Blacksmith to star on new History Channel TV show
We here in the Cream City certainly know Kent Knapp, the Milwaukee Blacksmith. Now, thanks to a new History Channel TV show, the entire nation will know about him. Watch the first preview for his new reality-based show right here.
Movies & TV - July 25, 2016
"Justice League" actually looks ... fun? What to know from Comic-Con 2016
Comic-Con had a lot to reveal this past weekend, from Marvel and DC, to movies and television, "The Walking Dead" and Netflix's superhero shows, a new Blair Witch and some insanely vulgar food. Here's the important stuff to know.
Movies & TV - July 24, 2016
"Finding Dory" is a sweet, silly swim into familiar waters
Sequels are not why we love Pixar, why that name for many has become seemingly a genre of its own and a deeply trusted one at that. But, as "Finding Dory" proves, while sequels may not be what Pixar does best, they still do them better than most.
Music - July 21, 2016
Bostyx fuses two classic rock bands into Festa Italiana
Boston and Styx may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of Italian culture and heritage. But what Bostyx lacks in Italian cred, they hope to make up for in rocking classic tunes at their Festa Italiana set this weekend.
Movies & TV - July 20, 2016
A goodbye to Garry Marshall
2016 tragically claimed yet another entertainment giant Tuesday, as television and film writer-producer-director Garry Marshall passed away in Burbank, Calif., at the age of 81, from complications of pneumonia following a stroke.
Movies & TV - July 19, 2016
It's official: Get ready for season two of "Making a Murderer"
Deadline Hollywood reported this morning that Netflix ordered another season of the now Emmy-nominated docu-series and that it is currently in production under the watch of returning executive producer/director tandem Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos.
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