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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014

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Rick Rodriguez's Articles
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Dining - Sept. 3, 2014
In search of the perfect pizza: Divino Wine and Dine
Early last year, there was quite a bit of buzz over the transformation of Palermo Villa into Divino Wine and Dine, 2315 N. Murray Ave., and equal buzz about Dean Cannestra taking over the space after closing his previous venture, Libiamo.
Dining - Aug. 6, 2014
In search of the perfect pizza: Tony Maronni's
I started working for my current employer six years ago. A few months after I started, one of my team members invited us all over to his Sussex home for a Packers party. Among the popular party foods were pizzas delivered from a nearby pizzeria. The pizza was good enough - and the name was catchy enough - for me to remember them both all of these years later.
Dining - July 2, 2014
In search of the perfect pizza: Capri di Nuovo
Rick's quest for the perfect pizza brings him to Capri di Nuovo, the revamped and renovated rendition of a recently closed popular West Allis Italian restaurant.
Dining - June 4, 2014
In search of the perfect pizza: Mario's Italian Grill
Rick's search for the city's finest pizza offerings takes him over to Mario's Italian Grill, a remodeled George Webb's near the airport.
Dining - May 7, 2014
In search of the perfect pizza: Crossroads II
This month, Rick Rodriguez's endless pursuit for the perfect pizza took him to Crossroads II, home of pizza, subs and ... hot ham and rolls?
Dining - April 2, 2014
In search of the perfect pizza: Tenuta's
I've been hearing about Tenuta's, 2995 S. Clement Ave., in Bay View from a few friends over the past few years, so I thought I'd finally pay a visit.
Dining - March 5, 2014
In search of the perfect pizza: Pizzeria 3301
Palermo's updated its cafe at Pizzeria 3301 with a wood-burning oven made in Italy using ashes from Mount Vesuvius and by sending its executive chef to Washington to become a certified pizzaiolo. But does the pizza live up to these lofty measures?
Dining - Feb. 5, 2014
In search of the perfect pizza: Caradaro Club
Maybe I should have started with the Caradaro Club, but better late than never.
Dining - Jan. 1, 2014
In search of the perfect pizza: Lalli's Pizza
Nine years ago, an office discussion turned to favorite pizzas, and a co-worker announced that his favorite pizza was Lalli's Pizza, 8826 W. North Ave. A couple of weeks later, I tried Lalli's pizza, and I really liked it. I recently visited Lalli's Pizza again, and I enjoyed the pizza as much as I did on my first visit, which speaks to their consistency.
Dining - Dec. 4, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Mama's Pizza
In my last job, I spent some time on Milwaukee's Northwest Side and drove past a few businesses that looked to have some history. One of them was Mama's Pizza and Italian Cuisine.
Dining - Nov. 27, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Pulo's Pizza
When I started writing these blogs, my focus was on finding family owned and operated pizzerias, using recipes passed down over multiple generations. Pulo's Pizza certainly fits that mold.
Dining - Nov. 20, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Runaway Meatball
I'd heard about this pizza place that opened in July called Runaway Meatball, 3592 N. Oakland Ave., and I kept seeing ads in one of the local periodicals, so I figured I may as well pay them a visit.
Dining - Nov. 13, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Ricardo's
Over the years, I rarely ventured into Greendale unless I was visiting a cousin for a family gathering. I've heard great things about Ferch's Malt Shoppe over the years but still haven't had a chance to visit. I've also heard great things about Ricardo's Pizza over the years and never had a chance to visit until recently.
Dining - Nov. 6, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Ann's Italian Restaurant
I've heard about Ann's Italian Restaurant, 5969 S. 108th Pl., and driven past a couple of times, but I've never dined there. A friend recommended their pizza to me recently, so I went to check it out.
Dining - Oct. 30, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Calderone Club
I've heard great things about the pizza at the Calderone Club, and I've read great things about the pizza at the Calderone Club. Now, I get to write about my great experience at the Calderone Club.
Dining - Oct. 23, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Slice of NY Pizzeria
Slice of NY Pizzeria recently opened a second location in Milwaukee at 700 W. Wisconsin Ave., so I dropped by. The bad news is that its Entertainment Book coupon is only good at the Kenosha location. The good news is that I think the pizza is worth paying full price.
Dining - Oct. 16, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Balistreri's
Balistreri's Italian American Ristorante opened in 1968 as the family's fourth restaurant, situated in its current location on 68th Street. Balistreri's Bluemound Inn, 6501 W. Bluemound Rd., followed much later, in 1996, and remains one of the two restaurants still open, along with the Wauwatosa location. It's one tasty pizza in two locations, all wrapped up in a package for you.
Dining - Oct. 9, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Marty's Pizza
I was first introduced to Marty's Pizza, 16680 W. Bluemound Rd., when I worked in Brookfield. Sales or training meetings often featured Marty's party pizzas for lunch. Marty's pizzas are different from most in that they're all made into square or rectangular pies, as opposed to the more common round pizzas. The dough is made fresh daily, and all pizza crusts come in one style: thin and crispy.
Dining - Oct. 2, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Pizza Man
While I typically share the history of the pizzerias I visit, Pizza Man's story has been told, told again, and then told some more by every media outlet in Milwaukee. So I'll spare you that segment. In fact, I try not to blog about pizzerias who get their fair share of press, but I thought this thin crust pizza was worth blogging about.
Dining - Sept. 25, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Downtown Pizza
I happened to be in Grafton on business, and as luck would have it, my meeting ended around lunch time. A few friends recommended Atlas BBQ and Downtown Pizza. Since I visited Atlas on a previous Grafton visit, so this time I decided on Downtown Pizza, located at 1228 12th Ave.
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