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Buzz - July 19, 2016
Here's a test Newt Gingrich can give Muslims
Last week, Newt Gingrich said we should test every person of Muslim background here and deport them if they believe in Sharia law. Well, OnMilwaukee's resident school teacher Jay Bullock decided to get to work on writing up that test for him.
Buzz - July 12, 2016
Let's have some empathy, please
Author Chinua Achebe's words have been on my mind for the last week, for reasons I hope are obvious. I firmly believe that what the United States needs at this moment is more empathy, a greater sense of shared purpose and shared experience.
Buzz - July 6, 2016
The blame for the OSPP's failure lies mostly with GOP and allies in WILL
Within 24 hours of Demond Means' resignation, GOP leaders threatened MPS with everything from breaking it up to choking off state funds. However, these Republicans should get their own house in order first before coming after MPS and Milwaukee's children.
Buzz - June 30, 2016
After Means' resignation, OSPP is now a five-alarm dumpster fire
Demond Means resigned Wednesday as the commissioner of the OSPP. I don't want to make this about me, because it isn't. However, I warned you people that something like this would happen. And now we have on our hands a five-alarm dumpster fire.
Buzz - June 28, 2016
Exit stage left: Brexit, Obama, George Will and what they all mean
Between the Brexit vote, George Will and seemingly President Barack Obama, a lot of people and places prepared the way for big exits this past week. And they all share a lot in common, important lessons we should take come November.
Buzz - June 21, 2016
Hot take: Climate change is the ultimate 2016 presidential campaign issue
You can name any of 100 issues that divide Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but if I had to choose one that is most representative of the difference between the two, both as people and as candidates, climate change would be at the top of the list.
Buzz - June 16, 2016
Privileged #NeverHillary protest will hurt real Americans
#BernieOrBust fans think losing in November will bring about some epiphany in the Democratic Party, something about how now they'll "listen to the people." However, that's not reality. Those who suffer will, of course, be those most vulnerable.
Kids & Family - June 6, 2016
It's right to care about students, but you must also care about districts
Here's the thing about State Rep. Dale Kooyonga and other Republicans' insistence that money follow the student and that reform and legislation should focus on the child rather than the schools or districts: Students don't learn in a vacuum.
Kids & Family - May 24, 2016
Black students' lives don't matter to Sheriff Clarke, just their obedience
The charge that MPS would be giving almost half a million dollars to the loose national coalition going by the name Black Lives Matter is, of course, false. But that didn't stop Sheriff David Clarke from commenting on it and showing his true desires.
Buzz - May 18, 2016
For Ryan, it's not what Donald Trump says; it's how he's saying it
Paul Ryan's fight with Donald Trump isn't as much about what the Republican presidential candidate is saying, but how he's saying it. He's simply embarrassed Trump has made the Republican Party's subtext into text again.
Kids & Family - May 10, 2016
Revisiting the resource gap
At some point, this reality needs to sink in: It is our moral and civic duty to overcome this resource gap and provide opportunities, through better school funding, that students from poor families and neighborhoods cannot receive anywhere else.
Kids & Family - May 4, 2016
A Teacher Appreciation Week gift guide
You may have forgotten Teacher Appreciation Day yesterday on Tuesday, May 3, but since we're actually in the midst of Teacher Appreciation Week, you actually have a bit of leeway - and this handy Teacher Appreciation gift guide.
Kids & Family - April 27, 2016
MPS should accept Means' plan for Opportunity Schools
Demond Means' OSPP plan may not be ideal, but for Milwaukee Public Schools, it's the best case in a bad situation - especially based on what was threatened originally and what eventually did become the law under the last state budget.
Buzz - April 19, 2016
The voter fraud debate is over - because it never existed in the first place
If voter ID laws were really intended to combat voter fraud, and this past election had both voter ID in place and record turnout levels, isn't that actually proof instead that the right's voter-fraud thesis was, is and has always been a big fat lie?
Buzz - April 12, 2016
What we learned from last week's Wisconsin primary results
The results from last week's Wisconsin primary may be old news, but there's still much to be learned from what happened on Tuesday - from confusing campaign strategies to the early impact of the state's new voter ID laws.
Buzz - April 5, 2016
To strike or to stay in the classroom? For many teachers, it's not an easy call
Striking - like what happened in Chicago on Friday with the Chicago Teachers Union - or sick-outing as a teacher is a tricky business. Some may choose to strike and speak out against political decisions - but what about the students left behind?
Buzz - March 29, 2016
Please, no more nuance when talking segregation
The policy implications from a new study are clear: Economic integration of neighborhoods, instead of the economic segregation that largely exists today, is a key to boosting children's chance of success in school and as adults. And that's not all.
Buzz - March 22, 2016
With Donald Trump, it's bullies all the way down - and up
In general, I hate stories about "the horserace" of politics, rather than the issues. But I firmly believe the Trump rally violence is not a tangential issue to this year's campaign. It reflects on the substance of the candidate in this case.
Buzz - March 15, 2016
4 things America doesn't need anymore
From Daylight Saving Time to judiciary elections and more, here are four common parts of our functioning society that America foolishly keeps holding on to and simply shouldn't hassle itself with anymore.
Kids & Family - March 9, 2016
Unfortunately for Larson, the answer's not so easy on MPS takeover
Chris Larson's potential election will not end, repeal or otherwise stop "the takeover" of MPS, and making the opposite claim as much a centerpiece of his campaign as it has been strikes me as iffy at best, and plain dishonest at worst.
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