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Living - Oct. 6, 2015
Yet another column about yet another shooting in America
It should be clear to everyone by now that no matter how many words I or anyone else - be they president, celebrity, parent of a dead child, parent of a mass shooter or random person on the street - spend talking about the insanity of this country's gun culture, nothing will change.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 28, 2015
Scott Walker forgot about the water and chased the whale
"I forgot about the water and chased the whale," the song lyric goes, "the myth that prize is all there ought to be." Depending on how you define the whale, of course, then everybody is chasing it. Hillary and Jeb and Bernie and Trump and the rest all want to be president, sure. The question, though, is whether they mind the water along the way. Scott Walker clearly didn't.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 23, 2015
The race for president of the Delusional Party
It's a truism in American politics that everyone believes the other side is completely nuts. Delusional. Certain about facts that just simply don't exist. This is a simplification, sure, but it's also kind of a meta-statement about a different serious problem in American politics, which is the myth of "balance," an insistence that "both sides do it." But both sides don't do it. The fact is that only one political party right now seems to exist in a world of fantasy and delusion.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 15, 2015
Walker doesn't know when to quit
A couple of months ago, I wrote in these pages that (alleged) Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker does not tell the truth, and he does not answer questions. I would like to add a third thing to that list: Scott Walker does not know when to quit. And I'm not just talking about quitting the race for the Republican presidential nomination. When it comes to dodging questions and attacking Obama on police violence issues, he just doesn't know when to quit.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 8, 2015
8 things that Kim Davis is not
Elected Clerk Kim Davis was recently jailed - and released just this afternoon - for contempt of court for failing to comply with a federal judge's order that she issue marriage licenses to anyone legally allowed to marry. Davis has refused to issue such licenses to same-sex couples, believing it would make her complicit in those couples' sin. Here's eight things people have said about her, that are just not true.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 1, 2015
2004 has lessons for Democrats in 2016
My fear today, as I write this, is that 2016 is looking more like 2004 than like 2008. It's not just the coincidence of another crazy white guy from Vermont running in the Democratic primary. It's that Hillary Clinton is now being treated by Democrats like John Kerry, like she is an elitist pseudo-liberal eager to make war with both Iran and the American middle class. Which is just not true.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 24, 2015
Walkercare proves Scott Walker is unfit to lead on domestic policy, too
Last week, we covered how Walker clearly isn't qualified to lead American foreign policy. In the past week - with his comments about birthright citizenship and his Walkercare health care plan - he's shown that he is no better at domestic policy.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 18, 2015
Walker proves unfit to lead on foreign policy with Iran deal comments
Before he officially announced he was running for president, for example, Walker's clearest statement about foreign policy was that he was perfectly capable of taking on the militant Islamic group ISIS after he stood up to Wisconsin's teachers. Crazy. But now that he's in the race for real, he's getting more outlandish with his foreign policy pronouncements. And, if possible, crazier.
Living - Aug. 11, 2015
Pro-life or pro-choice, we should all be pro-truth
I believe all of us, whatever side of the debate we're on, might have a respect for facts and honesty in the debate about abortion and Planned Parenthood's impact on the health of women in Wisconsin. As such, Robin Vos and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel should be ashamed at the blatant falsehoods they ran in Sunday's paper.
Kids & Family - Aug. 4, 2015
Bullock for Opportunity Schools Commissioner
Dear County Executive Abele, I am writing today to add my name to the list of candidates interested in the position of Commissioner of Milwaukee's Opportunity Schools Partnership program. You've been vested with the authority to choose that commissioner, and I say it should be me.
Living - July 28, 2015
Why don't we treat guns the same way we treat cars?
America doesn't have a gun problem, the argument goes; it has a car problem! This is perhaps my favorite of all the pro-gun defenses - favorite being in this case a relative term. But I need to be clear about this: I would give just about anything if guns could be licensed, regulated and policed the way automobiles are in this country.
Milwaukee Buzz - July 20, 2015
Scott Walker does not answer questions, does not speak the truth
Since Scott Walker's announcement that he's running for president, he and the national media have been getting to know each other. Last week, a Washington Post reporter on the Walker beat tweeted out, "In NH, Scott Walker says Wisconsin reporters weren't used to a gov who would 'actually answer questions and speak the truth.'" The reporter cheekily added "Fact check?" after the quote, but those in Wisconsin can tell you the answer to that: pants on fire.
Kids & Family - July 14, 2015
Remedial college classes: A view from the high school side
A new state law directs UW system schools to report a new set of data to the legislature and the state Department of Public Instruction. This is about remedial college classes, how many students are taking them and what high schools these students graduated from. But remedial classes at UW are not a new phenomenon, nor the result of some recent dumbing-down of high school curricula or the inevitable decline of academic quality in public schools.
Festival Guide - July 9, 2015
Milwaukee music doesn't begin and end at Summerfest
It's true. I hate Summerfest. Now that it's over for the year, I feel I can say that, and I can try to explain why.
Kids & Family - June 30, 2015
GOP's MPS takeover plan looks like a rerun of '90s school board elections
The takeover plan, Jay Bullock has realized, amounts to a rerun of the Milwaukee school board elections of the 1990s, when humdrum local off-year elections suddenly drew the spotlight of national media and the checkbooks of major conservative organizations around the country.
Milwaukee Buzz - June 16, 2015
Cheap-labor conservatism drives changes in Wisconsin
On "The Sopranos," Edie Falco's Carmela stresses about a house she helped build with cheap insufficient lumber. This happens on a fictional TV show, sure. But there's a lesson in there: Don't do things on the cheap just because you think you know better and can get away with it. That lesson is lost on Wisconsin's Republican leadership and legislators, unfortunately, as they pursue an explicit policy of doing just that: trying to do things on the cheap.
Kids & Family - May 26, 2015
Why no "opportunity" for Milwaukee's voucher schools?
Last week, Wisconsin's Joint Finance Committee passed a 29-page Republican-penned omnibus education funding package, which includes so many terrible provisions it's hard to know where to begin.
Kids & Family - May 18, 2015
Zielinski's charter school proposal: smart policy, smart politics or both?
I'm also a teacher in the Milwaukee Public Schools, so for me, the most important topic of any campaign, even for alderman, is education. You can imagine, then, that Ald. Tony Zielinski's surprise proposal last week, which would stop the City of Milwaukee from opening new charter schools, was of interest to me. I like this plan, though the timing seems suspicious.
Milwaukee Buzz - May 12, 2015
Once again, reality shows its liberal bias
There is nothing wrong with being hopeful and keeping your fingers crossed as you try something new. But when hope and magical thinking become not merely your attitude but the entire rationale behind your actions, you should be prepared to be disappointed. After all, magic is not real. Only reality is real, and as Stephen Colbert once sagely observed, reality has a well-known liberal bias.
Kids & Family - May 5, 2015
Prom stands for "promenade," not "promoting awful ideas"
I teach high school, so this time of year I hear a lot about prom. This year, in particular, I've about had it with prom. Not because of the tiresome campaigning for prom queen or the incessant classroom distraction, but because it seems now more than any time in recent memory prom has taken destructive cultural influences and turned the amplifier knob to 11.
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