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Kids & Family - May 22, 2015
Urban Spelunking: West Allis Roosevelt Elementary
Back in 1996, some folks saw the closing of West Allis-West Milwaukee School District's Roosevelt School, 932 S. 60th St., as "inevitable" and that prediction came true later that year. Now, it seems that the demolition of the building might also be inevitable, though nothing has yet been officially decided.
Kids & Family - May 20, 2015
Create a Super Reader and prevent your child taking the "summer slide"
It's that time of year again. The time when I'm thrilled that my kids are thrilled to sign up for Milwaukee Public Library's Super Reader summer reading program.
Milwaukee Buzz - May 19, 2015
Urban spelunking: Former Concordia College campus
Standing amid the surviving buildings of the old Concordia College, it's easy to imagine what an inviting campus this was back in the day. Low-rise buildings - most of them in that collegiate gothic style that shouts "university" - surrounded the quad on all four sides, creating an intimate, protective environment. These days, most of the buildings survive and they're owned by the Forest County Potawatomi, which has plans to renovate the entire campus.
Music - May 18, 2015
Electro-funk's Leo Minor glows brighter again
Leo Minor is a relatively faint constellation up in the northern sky that comprises an array of 37 distant stars. Closer to home Leo Minor is a nom de bass of local veteran musician Jason Todd. Though this Leo Minor is just one star, it draws on a vast array of musical influences. The latest result of the ongoing project is a white label vinyl 7" 45.
Kids & Family - May 15, 2015
A pair of school visits offers contrasting images
This morning the folks in the facilities department of the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District were kind enough to give me a tour of a closed school building. As an added bonus, my tour guide offered to show me an interesting school nearby, too. The contrast was striking.
Sports - May 14, 2015
Adventure Rock breaks ground on East Side site next week
Adventure Rock will host a groundbreaking next Wednesday for its new East Side location on the corner of Commerce and North.
Milwaukee Buzz - May 13, 2015
Renovation blows the roof off new Kopp's pizzeria
I'm enjoying watching the progress of some vintage Milwaukee buildings being prepared for the future.
Milwaukee Buzz - May 13, 2015
6 must-see Spaces & Traces Layton Boulevard sites
If you're champing at the bit for the next Doors Open MKE, you'll have to wait until September. But you can get your hometown exploration fix thanks to DOMKE's elder Historic Milwaukee Inc. sibling, Spaces and Traces, which is back for its 34th year this weekend.
Living - May 11, 2015
Cobalt Glassworks adds more luster to an East Side gem
A while back I had the pleasure of exploring the 1876 cream city brick house at 1363 N. Prospect Ave. Designed by architect James Douglas, for grain broker Gilbert Collins, the house has since been converted to office space, but it retains many of of fabulous details. The other day, Cobalt Glassworks' Jon Schroder sent me some photos of newly restored vintage windows from Collins House.
Dining - May 11, 2015
7 mouth-watering Milwaukee bakeries
We're lucky in Milwaukee, because we have an array of bakeries that keep life here sweet. Here are seven of my favorites, for very specific reasons.
Kids & Family - May 11, 2015
Darling and Kooyenga push ahead plan to give public schools to private operators
State Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. Dale Kooyenga are pushing ahead with their plan to take public schools that you, as a citizen and taxpayer, own - run by a school board that you elect - and hand them over to a bureaucrat at, get this, Milwaukee County!
Kids & Family - May 8, 2015
Cooper School's Kayla homers in Strike Out Bullying contest
While the Brewers are struggling, not so the kids at MPS' James Fennimore Cooper Elementary on the South Side. Kayla Jimenez, a sixth-grader at the school - which meets state academic expectations and whose principal was tapped last year to serve on an important committee - has won the Crew's first-ever Strike Out Bullying essay contest. Maybe the Dodgers should have read her essay before Thursday's game.
Dining - May 6, 2015
Dads love donuts
Recently, I took my kid to Chicago for a fun little getaway that I hope also served to encourage an interest in architecture and design. While we were there, we kinda ate some donuts, too.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 6, 2015
Chicago trip can nurture a young passion for architecture and design
If your house seems more like a storage unit for thousands of dollars' worth of LEGO building sets, you're not alone. LEGO sales in recent years have soared beyond $3 billion annually and they've been growing steadily. But if you're hoping that your child's ability to follow the directions to assemble the Death Star translates into something bigger, you just might want to elevate the challenge.
Kids & Family - May 5, 2015
Milwaukee Talks: New school board member Carol Voss
Carol Voss represents District 8 - which includes Bay View and most of Milwaukee's southeast side - on the Milwaukee Board of School Directors. We caught up with her to ask her about the election and what comes next for her in her new role as a member of the school board.
Music - May 4, 2015
The Revomatics ride a wave of success
Milwaukee surf outfit The Revomatics have been getting better and better gigs lately and with a new record washing ashore this week, it seemed the perfect time to reconnect.
Kids & Family - May 4, 2015
Great teachers make their mark every single day
When I became a dad and my kids neared school age, I hoped they'd have a teacher like one that made a lasting impression on me. A few years into their school careers, I can honestly say that my wish has already come true.
Dining - May 1, 2015
Chocolate wings? You betcha!
I love chocolate and I love wings, but I don't think I'd ever have considered marrying those flavors. Luckily, The Irish Pub in the Third Ward has. I stopped in for a taste.
Travel & Visitors Guide - April 29, 2015
8 aerial views of Milwaukee
Every now and I again, I come across the photos I took the day I flew an airplane. Now, I make no claim on being either an airplane pilot or a great photographer, but the combination of dabbling in those things resulted in some decent aerial photos of the city, some of which made it into the original story. When I stumbled across them today, I decided to share them here, along with some great advice I received that day from my instruction ... "don't drop the camera out the window."
Music - April 28, 2015
Hard rockers Chief launch the CD that almost never was
WAMI board president Zoy Begos lauded Milwaukee trio Chief as "the perfect intersection where rock meets heavy metal." For me, Chief is the living, breathing, Milwaukee spirit of Thin Lizzy: heavy guitars and a pounding rhythm section, but with good songs constructed around melodies. Asked frontman Chris Tishler about the band that almost ceased to be, the music that vanished into the ether and the perhaps miraculous new CD.
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