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Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 27, 2015
Wry as ever, Johanssen's comedy matures with him
Comedian Jake Johannsen brought some levity to Turner Hall Ballroom this Black Friday.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Nov. 23, 2015
A Chicago restaurant concept with Wisconsin written all over it
Sometimes you see a Chicago dining concept and think, "that'll never fly here." But this weekend, I came face to face with a Windy City restaurant that would be a perfect fit for Milwaukee.
Milwaukee Buzz - Nov. 23, 2015
Urban spelunking: Victor Schlitz Mansion
The Victorian/Queen Anne Victor Schlitz Mansion, 2004 W. Highland Ave., which is currently for sale, is laden with lavish and distinctive details both inside and out. Take a peek inside with me.
Music - Nov. 20, 2015
Music business background lifts Martin's "Grown Up Analog"
Mario R. Martin has some diverse experience in the music business. He's worked as a publicist, a DJ and a freelance writer. Now, Martin is also an author, with a new book, "Growing Up Analog," out now in paperback.
Music - Nov. 18, 2015
Kruth explores enduring beauty of Beatles' "Rubber Soul"
While the world glorifies "Sgt. Pepper," many die-hard Beatles fans credit "Rubber Soul" for kicking off the Beatles' experimental phase. Musician and author John Kruth explores why in his new book.
Milwaukee Buzz - Nov. 18, 2015
HMI event explores past, present and future of East Side Commercial District
Historic Milwaukee Inc. hosts an event this week that looks at the historical significance of East Side Commercial District, its current state and plans for the future.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Nov. 16, 2015
Among the updates at Discovery World: newfound gallery space
There are a number of changes under way at Discovery World on the lakefront, including newfound exhibition space, an existing exhibit that is ballooning and changes for the Lubar Theater.
Milwaukee Buzz - Nov. 13, 2015
Bobby Tanzilo mourns the death of Flavor Dave Monroe
If I posted nothing more than a silhouette of Dave Monroe, chances are a good chunk of Milwaukeeans would be able to recognize it immediately: the parka, the stack of books jammed under the arm.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Nov. 13, 2015
16 bygone Milwaukee hotels
Take a walk down memory lane - assuming you're old enough to remember any of the 14 old Milwaukee hotels featured in this peek into Milwaukee's tourism history during OnMilwaukee's Hotel Week.
Music - Nov. 12, 2015
Minecraft music: the perfect distraction from "Minecraft"
A record lent by a friend led me to type "Minecraft" into Spotify and like cover versions on YouTube, Minecraft music is definitely a thing. And while it appears to skew heavily ambient, Minecraft music appears as wide-ranging as the game itself.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Nov. 12, 2015
5 great Chicago hotels
I look for any excuse to stay in the Windy City - with my wife, with the whole family and sometimes with one kid at a time. Over the years, we've experienced quite a few hotels. Here are 5 of the best.
Bars & Clubs - Nov. 10, 2015
Last Fink's mural update ... for now
The blank wall on the North Water Street side of Fink's on the East Side has been replaced with the beginnings of a new mural. Owner Scott Johnson says it will be the last one ... at least for now.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Nov. 9, 2015
A night in Milwaukee's most expensive hotel room
Last year we explored the city's priciest hotel rooms, for which rack rate climbed into the quadruple digits. But, the impressive Presidential Suite at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino runs a cool $4,000 a night.
Holiday Guide - Nov. 7, 2015
New York's Midtown wears the holidays like no other place in America
The world's most famous ice skating rink shimmers beneath what must be the most impressive urban tree, perhaps in the world, and the shop windows in the Center and along Fifth Avenue must be seen to be believed. Crowds queue to see the holiday spectacular at Radio City Music Hall and Times Square is decked out in green and red. And all America comes to check it out.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 4, 2015
Luhrssen looks into secret societies
Shepherd Express arts editor Dave Luhrssen's latest book, "Secret Societies and Clubs in American History," chronicles the history of secret societies, most notably the Freemasons, in the United States. We caught up with Lurhssen to ask him about it and about some other projects he's got simmering at the moment.
Milwaukee Buzz - Nov. 2, 2015
11 pictures inside the new MKE Lofts
The old Caswell (and Posner) Building on the northwest corner of Plankinton and Wisconsin is being converted into apartments. We got a peek at the progress.
Bars & Clubs - Oct. 30, 2015
UPDATE: Couples neither boning nor boring anymore at Fink's
Earlier this month, a renegade painter altered a single letter on the the mural on the exterior wall at Fink's to read "Couples are boning and everyone knows." Now, the sign is gone. But something is coming ...
Milwaukee Buzz - Oct. 30, 2015
Kid's Calatrava costume wins local family an Art Museum membership
Yesterday, when Milwaukee Art Museum staffers heard about a cool Calatrava costume on Twitter, they started a search to find the flapping 4-year-old.
Milwaukee Buzz - Oct. 30, 2015
Damn, Milwaukee, you're busy
My morning commute reminded me that construction crews appear to be busier than ever in Milwaukee, especially on the northeast end of Downtown and the East Side.
Milwaukee Buzz - Oct. 29, 2015
When did Milwaukee get smaller?
Ever look at old pictures of Milwaukee and think, "why did it look like a bigger city back then"? Happens to me all the time.
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