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#RaiseMKE - Aug. 24, 2016
Mosley sets a first day of school example we should all follow
After a kidney transplant this summer Judge Derek Mosley, who I have no hesitation describing as a beloved-by-all Milwaukeean, hopes to be back at work next week. But when he talks about his usual first day of school greeting of students at Siefert Elementary, there's no maybe.
Buzz - Aug. 23, 2016
St. Josaphat gets a lift with new sandstone
Yesterday, St. Josaphat Basilica, 601 W. Lincoln Ave., got some new sandstone to replace exterior stone that had deteriorated. Crumbling stones were replaced with new 9,000-pound blocks from the same Ohio quarry as the originals.
Marketplace - Aug. 23, 2016
First look: The view from the 32nd floor of the new Northwestern Mutual Tower
We recently got a tour of the new Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons, and in addition to taking in some absolutely breathtaking views from the 30th and 32nd floors, we learned a little bit about the environmentally friendly features of the building.
#RaiseMKE - Aug. 22, 2016
First Look: King IB Middle School's new home at Malcolm X Campus
After a couple years of work, the former Malcolm X Academy is ready to swing open its doors and welcome kids back. The school, at 121 E. Hadley St., will officially reopen on Thursday, Sept. 1, as home to the Rufus King International Baccalaureate Middle School.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 22, 2016
Takach book traces Milwaukee's LGBT history
Recently, national gay magazine The Advocate posted a glowing blurb and slideshow of images from "Images of America: LGBT Milwaukee," a new book by OnMilwaukee contributor Michail Takach. The book is now available, and we asked Takach about it.
Milwaukee History - Aug. 18, 2016
Urban spelunking: Fein Brothers
With its marquee and vertical Fein Brothers sign, the restaurant and bar supply store on King Drive almost looks like an old Milwaukee movie palace. But the building never had a silver screen. It's history, rather, is linked to a beloved Milwaukee retailing icon.
#RaiseMKE - Aug. 16, 2016
Community schools partnership works to embrace Milwaukee's children
Last year, Milwaukee Public Schools joined with the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County to create the Milwaukee Community Schools Partnership and launch a wraparound services program at four schools. Now, two more schools are joining.
Festival Guide - Aug. 11, 2016
Wait, there are THREE Wisconsin State Fairs?!
It makes sense if you think about it, but it was news to me that Wisconsin has three - not one - annual State Fair. And just because I hadn't heard of them doesn't mean the Northern Wisconsin State Fair and the Central Wisconsin State Fair are newbies.
Bars & Clubs - Aug. 10, 2016
Urban spelunking: MKE Brewing Co.'s new home at Pabst
One of the most exciting projects about to get underway at the former Pabst Brewery complex on the edge of Downtown is the conversion of the 165,000-square foot Pabst distribution facility into the new home of MKE Brewing Co.
Living - Aug. 10, 2016
Advocate: Milwaukee is the most underappreciated gay Mecca in the U.S.
This morning respected national gay magazine The Advocate posted a glowing blurb and slideshow of images from "Images of America: LGBT Milwaukee," by OnMilwaukee contributor Michail Takach, with a headline bound to really garner some attention.
Milwaukee History - Aug. 9, 2016
Urban spelunking: Exploring the old Mound Street School attic
There are always some Milwaukee places on my bucket list to see, and yesterday, I got to cross one off when I got a tour of the Winchester Place apartments in Bay View, in what was originally Mound Street School, 2148 S. Mound St.
Milwaukee History - Aug. 4, 2016
Urban spelunking: St. Wenceslaus time capsule
When my friend Mary Ziino contacted me to say she'd found a time capsule at Notre Dame Middle School, where she works - in the former St. Wenceslaus Church, 1420 W. Scott St. - I jumped at the chance to go take a look. Here's what I found...
Milwaukee History - Aug. 4, 2016
Little Milwaukee landmarks, part 3
Here are six more little Milwaukee landmarks - according to me. You may recognize some, and others may not seem as familiar, but I'm guessing they'll help jolt your memory into thinking about some of your favorite places in town.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Aug. 2, 2016
There's more to the Milwaukee County Zoo than meets the eye
There's nothing like kids to get you out to the zoo. Since the little ones arrived, I've come to know the Milwaukee County Zoo intimately. But on a recent visit, I learned that there was plenty I hadn't yet seen or experienced at the zoo.
Milwaukee History - July 28, 2016
Urban spelunking: Marian Center/St. Mary's Academy
For decades, St. Mary's Academy was an all-girls Catholic school housed in a striking 1904 cream city brick building. However, once nearby Thomas More High School went co-ed, the death knell arrived for St. Mary's, which closed in 1991. Come with us to see inside.
Milwaukee History - July 26, 2016
Urban spelunking: Former Jennaro Brothers warehouse
It's been 11 years since Commission Row gasped its last breath. Now, the building at 322 N. Broadway that hung on until the end of the street's run as a produce hub is being redeveloped into retail and office space. We go inside and take a look.
#RaiseMKE - July 22, 2016
MPL's Mitchell St. meeting draws input from about 50 community members
On Wednesday evening, Milwaukee Public Library hosted a community meeting at the Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center, on Mitchell Street, about a new branch nearby in the former Hills Building at 906-910 W. Mitchell St.
Travel & Visitors Guide - July 21, 2016
Tyjeski's walking tour takes in East Side terra cotta
Walker's Point-based ceramics sculptor, teacher and architectural historian Ben Tyjeski is also a leader of walking tours around town; ones that focus on the city's terra cotta, the subject of a book he's working to get published. His next tour is on Sunday.
Milwaukee History - July 21, 2016
A look at City Lights Brewing's Eschweiler-designed home
One of many breweries on tap for Milwaukee this year, City Lights is perhaps the most exciting for me. But not necessarily for the beer - though I'm eager to try that, too, of course - as much as for its Alexander Eschweiler-designed home.
Milwaukee History - July 20, 2016
Excavation lays to rest talk of old East Side cemetery
When folks dig, I always hope something turns up. Except, that is, when excavation began in June for a new addition to Maryland Avenue Montessori School on the East Side, where I am a member of the School Governance Council and also served on the building addition team.
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