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Arts & Entertainment - June 28, 2016
DeVita scales new heights with first adult book, "A Winsome Murder"
It's easy for the normal person to wonder what mountains there are left to climb for James DeVita, who may well be the finest actor ever to grace the stages in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. A mystery, "A Winsome Murder," is his first novel for adult readers.
Arts & Entertainment - June 27, 2016
Wilder's wild and weird "Skin of Our Teeth" resonates with some crazed fun
"The Skin of Our Teeth" is about as unusual as it gets, and the production at Off The Wall has just about everything that I don't like in a theatrical production. The curious thing is that I loved all of it and found myself riveted at the end.
Arts & Entertainment - June 24, 2016
Milwaukee Opera Theatre stages provocative "Thank You, Next"
"Thank You, Next," with music by Tim Rebers and lyrics by Alicia Berneche, opens as Milwaukee Opera Theatre and artistic director Jill Anna Ponasik continue to redefine what opera means, staging provocative and very relatable productions.
Buzz - June 23, 2016
Revolting votes by Johnson, GOP senators mean more gun murders
It may not be possible to be any more revolted by the Republican Party than I am right now. This week Senate Republicans, including our Sen. Ron Johnson, turned down a couple of serious attempts to enact minor laws designed to help control gun violence.
Arts & Entertainment - June 21, 2016
Ballet reports big gains in revenue and attendance for 2015-16 season
The Milwaukee Ballet is celebrating this summer after seeing a 15 percent boost in attendance and record revenue of $2.3 million, proving that high-quality work will capture attention - and, perhaps most importantly, dollars - in Milwaukee.
Arts & Entertainment - June 20, 2016
"Death of a Salesman" gets exquisite treatment under the stars at APT
Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" receives a spectacular, blistering treatment at American Players Theater in Spring Green. There are many who claim this is the greatest of all American plays and, after seeing this production, it'd be hard to argue.
Music - June 17, 2016
Meet "Tank," a Kenny Chesney roadie
His name is "Tank," and he drives a big semi - one of 30 that will be in Milwaukee for Kenny Chesney's show at Miller Park Saturday night. He took my Uber ride and provided a little look into what it takes to keep a show like this one the road.
Buzz - June 14, 2016
The only way to stop gun insanity is simple - but oh so difficult
This may come across as a little heartless and dismissive but it's time to put a stop to the kind of hopeless junk that rose up after the horror of the massacre in Orlando. The only way to win the battle for gun control is with sophisticated politics.
Travel & Visitors Guide - June 14, 2016
Summer trip to Spring Green provides world-class theater and plenty more
Summer in Wisconsin offers dozens of quick trips that are filled with experiences new and memorable, and one of the best possible trips revolves around the lauded American Players Theater up in Spring Green.
Arts & Entertainment - June 13, 2016
APT season opener "The African Company" gives short shrift to its true story
A summerly discontent is what I was left with after seeing "The African Company Presents Richard III," the Carlyle Brown play about the first black theater company formed six years before New York abolished slavery.
Arts & Entertainment - June 11, 2016
Soulstice season closes with tender and warm "The Secret Garden"
Loss and the painful path to fill empty spaces left behind are at the heart of a lovely and warm-hearted production of "The Secret Garden" being staged at Soulstice Theatre under the direction of Artistic Director Jillian Smith.
Buzz - June 9, 2016
Huge jump in carjacking exposes problems in juvenile justice system
In a carjacking incident last week, police arrested two 12-year-old boys, a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. You don't have to be a public policy expert to see that the system is broken and it's going to take influence, power and money to get it fixed.
Arts & Entertainment - June 7, 2016
Theaters struggle to find a way to attract millennials to their audience
Everyone who runs a theater company is struggling to get people in their 20s and 30s to put live theater into their entertainment buckets. Audiences are getting older and grayer, and younger crowds are increasingly tough to get.
Buzz - June 2, 2016
Uber Tales, Part 3: Cool jobs and cool people
There are a lot of people who use Uber to get to and from work. And talking to them reveals that there are people with a lot of interesting jobs and interesting stories in our city; examples of the breadth of life in Milwaukee.
Arts & Entertainment - May 31, 2016
Rep's Clements questions value of theater reviews to artists
A recent Facebook post by Mark Clements, the respected artistic director at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, has made me think about my professional occupation as a theater critic for OnMilwaukee.
Arts & Entertainment - May 27, 2016
Alchemist Theatre gives "The Aliens" delicate and special treatment
There is something about live theater that provides room for the little things in life, things that don't come with trumpets but with little bells, things that don't move mountains but may move the soul.
Buzz - May 26, 2016
Sykes' national star continues to rise
Charlie Sykes has long been a star of conservative politics, having built a kind of cottage industry mixing radio, television, books and his own peculiar brand of journalism. He may now be part of "The Mainstream Media."
Arts & Entertainment - May 26, 2016
Skylight board will take time to name replacement for Subbaraman
A kind of social media pandemonium got underway Wednesday when Viswa Subbaraman announced he was resigning as the artistic director at Skylight Music Theatre. The board will take its time, however, finding a replacement.
Arts & Entertainment - May 25, 2016
Milwaukee loses a shining light as Subbaraman steps down at Skylight
No matter how it gets spun, Milwaukee's performing arts community took a severe hit Wednesday when Viswa Subbaraman announced he was leaving his post as artistic director of the Skylight Music Theatre.
Arts & Entertainment - May 24, 2016
19 best plays of the 2015-16 theater season
The Wisconsin theater season generally begins in early summer when The American Players Theatre opens in Spring Green, shortly after the previous Milwaukee season comes to an end in spring. The 2015-16 season is now over and it's time for Dave Begel's annual list of the best plays of the season.
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