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Buzz - Dec. 4, 2016
Our long municipal nightmare is over! Parking regulations that make sense
Grab your flags, your noisemakers, your flashing lights. Our long municipal nightmare is over, as Ald. Nik Kovac has spearheaded a drive to change the 24-hour parking regulations to make some sense.
Arts & Entertainment - Dec. 4, 2016
In Tandem starts another riot with "Holiday Hell the Curse of Perry Williams"
The special time of Christmas is perfect for "A Christmas Carol" and "The Nutcracker" and glorious light displays in the park and music in the malls and families gathered around the fireplace. And then there is In Tandem.
Buzz - Dec. 3, 2016
Tales from the Road: An Uber ride for an escort
I got my first escort. Not the old Ford, but a woman who works as a professional escort.The call came to pick up a fare near the airport about 7:30 in the morning. I pulled up to the address and after waiting for about five minutes a woman named Lora came out.
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Arts & Entertainment - Dec. 3, 2016
Brand new "Christmas Carol" an exciting adventure for Clements and Rep
A brand spanking new production of "A Christmas Carol" floated into the Pabst Theater on the wings of a cast of hundreds, an actual snowfall and a Ghost of Christmas Past who melts into the floor right before our very eyes. It's a stunning production.
Arts & Entertainment - Dec. 2, 2016
"Black Nativity" creates a joyful holiday noise at the Marcus Center
The church doors are open and all are welcome, but be prepared to hold onto your hat, tap your foot, bob your head and even find yourself singing along with the choir. It's the second year of "Black Nativity," being mounted by Black Arts MKE and the Marcus Center.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 28, 2016
"Hamilton" speech to Pence sparks intense discussion among local artists
A couple of weeks ago the vice-president elect, Mike Pence, attended a performance of the hit show "Hamilton" on Broadway. After the performance, one of the actors delivered a short lecture to Pence. That sparked a discussion among Milwaukee artists.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 28, 2016
First Stage's "Rudolph: The Musical" offers a magical sleigh ride
Nobody does family theater better than First Stage, and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical" is a perfect example. Running at the Marcus Center, the production is full of the wonder that keeps families riveted to the stage.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 26, 2016
Honor and dishonor sneak into the picture in Chamber's "Lobby Hero"
One of the most interesting things about each of our lives is how we grow, shrink and change from one thing to another to another and another. It's on full display at a deep and moving production of "Lobby Hero" that opened at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre over the weekend.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 23, 2016
Belief in Santa's elves gets a workout at Marcus Center's "Elf"
The answer to a flying sleigh, and other Christmas mysteries, lies in "Elf," the musical running at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. And when you get down to it, the whole thing is really pretty simple as we find out from an elf named Buddy.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 22, 2016
MKE Ballet and The Rep prepare for revered holiday classics
As November has finally pushed our long summer out of the way and the Downtown Christmas Parade has marched down Wisconsin Avenue, it is time to turn our attention to two of the most beloved artistic holiday traditions in the city.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 21, 2016
Skylight's "La Cage" puts holiday focus on family and drag queen showgirls
Nobody would ever call "La Cage Aux Folles" a holiday show, but as staged by Skylight Music Theater with a couple of magical stars, it's a warm-hearted and very funny tale of what it means to be in a family - both the benefits and the responsibilities.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 20, 2016
Next Act's "unSilent Night" is a tempting and heartwarming holiday treat
Sometimes a hokey, predictable and heartwarming story is just what the doctor ordered for a spirit worn out by conflict and controversy - and that's just what you get with "unSilent Night," the locally written play running at Next Act Theatre.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 19, 2016
Rep's "The Foreigner" is a Milwaukee institution that resonates clearly today
Other cities have plays and playwrights they call their own, and if Milwaukee has one, it could well be "The Foreigner" by Larry Shue. The play had its world premiere 33 years ago at The Rep and is being staged again for the first time since 2003.
Sports - Nov. 17, 2016
NY Times takes deep look at politics inside Badgers hoops locker room
The New York Times recently sent a reporter to talk with a few members of the University of Wisconsin's nationally ranked basketball team. The players are all politically active with strong viewpoints that make their way into the Badgers' locker room.
Buzz - Nov. 17, 2016
The triumph of evil results from good people doing nothing
Like many Americans, the past week for me has been one of trying to figure out just what to do about Donald Trump being elected. I know there is a huge cry for unity, but Trump doesn't deserve my unity. He deserves my fight, and that's what I'm going to do.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 15, 2016
Actor McLellan bides her time to create more magic on Milwaukee stages
One of the greatest joys of being a theater critic is the memory bank that finds spots for moments that are chiseled in stone. Marti Gobel in "No Child" is one of my moments. And Mary C. McLellan in "The Nightmare Room" is one of my moments.
Buzz - Nov. 9, 2016
Shame on us liberal elites for missing all the signs
Shame. On. Me. Me and my friends never, ever, thought they could pull this off. We were smarter and righter and more compassionate and more sensitive and we cared more and we knew how to do all this stuff and they ... well, they didn't.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 8, 2016
Theatre Red partnership with WLC produces a road map for success
For small, young theater companies, the struggle of getting a production up and running is almost immeasurable. It's a daunting task - and not for the faint of heart. Theatre Red's collaboration with WLC, however, is a road map on how to make it easier.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 7, 2016
Irving Berlin touches the American soul in Rep's spectacular "I Love a Piano"
Irving Berlin captured the soul of America with his music and the Stackner Cabaret opened a show Sunday night that pays tribute to his over 1,500 songs and his miraculous touch for capturing moments in the history of America. It's a spellbinding show.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 5, 2016
Theatre Red lights up the stage with female pirate tale "Bonny Anne Bonny"
Having just killed her traitorous husband, Anne Bonny stands over his body, staring at what she has wrought."If you had fought like a man," she snarls, "you wouldn't have died like a dog." That's the essence of "Bonny Anne Bonny," staged by Theatre Red.
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