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Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 23, 2016
Renaissance's "The Drowning Girls" tells an impeccable tale of dangerous love
Three women, all dressed in bridal gowns, each tell a tale of how that turn-of-the-century bathtub, filled with water, became a dastardly end for the brides shortly after their magical weddings. That's "The Drowning Girls" at Renaissance Theaterworks.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 21, 2016
Opening act steals thunder from feature in Ballet's strong start to season
"Scheherazade" was the feature when Milwaukee Ballet opened its season Thursday night, but it was the opening act - "Angels in the Architecture" by Mark Godden - that stole the show, proving how exciting and thrilling this company can be.
Buzz - Oct. 20, 2016
Clarke's "pitchforks and torches" comments could make recall a reality
For many Milwaukeeans, Sheriff Clarke's recent comments have only made him more of a national and international embarrassment to the city. Perhaps the answer is a recall election - which requires only 13% of the adults in the county sign a petition.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 18, 2016
First Stage's formula for excellence and a "Book of Mormon" ticket lottery
Sometimes it can be difficult to fully understand how magnificent First Stage is in the theatrical firmament, not just in Milwaukee, but across the country as well. Take a look at "Goosebumps," which opened over the weekend, to see how they do it every time.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 16, 2016
First Stage's "Goosebumps" conjures a fabulously frightful night for families
It's not always the case that a play lives up to either its title or its billing, but First Stage, as you might expect, does just that with "Goosebumps: Phantom of the Auditorium: The Musical," which opened over the weekend.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 13, 2016
Contrasting one-acts on tap for season opener from Milwaukee Ballet
The Milwaukee Ballet opens its season Oct. 20 with two one-act programs that are as different as night and day. "Angels in the Architecture" is about the Shaker religion, while "Scheherazade" is filled with romance, intrigue and spectacular costumes.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 12, 2016
Hilarious tale of twisted Disney princesses enchants at Marcus Center
Disney princesses are revered in the world of storybook tales, films, books and theme parks. "Disenchanted," the musical review running at the Marcus Center, turns those princesses around with a musical of riotous humor about how ridiculous they can be.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 11, 2016
I made a mistake in a review of "Dracula vs. the Nazis" and I was called on it
I made a mistake and I'm sorry. In my review of "Dracula vs. the Nazis," which opened Friday night at In Tandem Theatre, I identified a couple that slept through much of the show. Naming the couple who invited them was out of bounds.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 8, 2016
"Dracula vs. the Nazis" is the most unfunny comedy on MKE stages in years
How bad was it? This bad. A couple who were the invited guests of the couple that sponsored the play, slept through giant chunks of the play. That's the low point of "Dracula vs. the Nazis" that opened at In Tandem Theatre Friday night.
Buzz - Oct. 6, 2016
Tales from the road: Bucks jerseys, skinny jeans and baggy pants
I am now almost 1,500 rides into my part-time job as an Uber driver, and one of the most fascinating things I have noticed, and continue to notice, is apparel. People wear a variety of things - a lot of it depending on where they are going.
Buzz - Oct. 5, 2016
Sykes will be missed in the mornings on Milwaukee radio
I've known Charlie Sykes since he was 16 years old, a freckle-faced kid swimming in the wake of his colorful father, Jay, trying to keep up. He's leaving WTMJ after a quarter-century and the Milwaukee radio landscape is going to be poorer because of it.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 4, 2016
Skylight's "Violet" never gets out of first gear
For a play that takes place largely on a cross-country trip on a Greyhound bus, "Violet" never really gets out of first gear. The story of the disfigured young girl from North Carolina opened at Skylight, kicking off the company's 58th season.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 3, 2016
Alchemist's "A Life in the Theatre" is so much more than a tale of two actors
David Mamet wrote "A Life in the Theatre" almost 40 years ago, a penetrating look at what it means to be on stage. The production that opened at The Alchemist Theatre, however, is much more than just a play about life in the theater.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 2, 2016
Next Act's "The Taming" is a perfectly timed political blast
`Tis the season of weird politics in America, with two presidential candidates whom nobody seems to love and a country divided into red and blue with almost no white to be found. And with perfect timing comes Next Act's production of "The Taming."
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 1, 2016
"The Royale" at The Rep is a royal treat full of drama and deep passion
There is a special place in this world for the athlete who soars above all others, and we always wonder what it is that makes them so unique. That single minded drive is at the heart of "The Royale" which opened at The Rep Friday night.
Buzz - Sept. 28, 2016
Trump and Clinton need theater world hints to fix debate performances
Something like the presidential debates is, in essence, theater. And both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need to have a better sense of what to do onstage. Over the years directors have helped me, and I want to pass some of that on to the two candidates.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 27, 2016
"Man of La Mancha" magic created by corps of artists behind the scenes
They don't get much credit or recognition, but the artists who operate behind the scenes are critical to the success of any play. The artists who helped create "Man of La Mancha" at The Rep are all at the very top of their game.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 25, 2016
Rep's "Man of La Mancha" tells a moving and spectacular tale of honor and love
Don Quixote, a man with a twisted sword and a broken lance, is living proof of the nobility of love, duty, honor and passion. And that's all on magnificent display in "Man of La Mancha," which opened to spectacular applause at the Rep Saturday night.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 24, 2016
"A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur" is an unbridled joy at Chamber Theatre
"A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur" is one of the less frequently produced Tennessee Williams plays, but the character portraits are familiar to anyone who knows Williams. And thanks to a perfect production from the Chamber Theatre, it feels valuable and vital.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 23, 2016
Off the Wall's "Passage to India" sparks search for a passage out of the theater
Off the Wall Theatre opened Dale Gutzman's version of "A Passage to India" Thursday night, and though Gutzman both wrote and directed this production, the whole thing fails to reach the high level of work Off the Wall normally delivers.
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