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Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 4, 2015
"Any Given Monday" takes ethical chaos to hilarious heights at In Tandem
One of the worst things that can happen to anybody walking into a theater is to know all about the twists and turns and surprises that are in store. If you know, then it's not a surprise. Following my intense belief in not having the shout "spoiler alert" every time I see a play, I fully intend to say almost nothing about what happens in "Any Given Monday," an hilarious if slightly off-kilter comedy that opened over the weekend at In Tandem's Tenth Street Theatre.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 3, 2015
The Rep's "The Lion" tells an absolutely mesmerizing story of life
If at some point in your life you decide that you want to write your autobiography there are a couple of very important items to consider. One is that you can write. The other is that your life better have something interesting about it. Both of the requirements are met, gloriously, in "The Lion," the one man show that opened Friday night at the Stiemke Studio of the Milwaukee Rep.
Milwaukee Buzz - Oct. 1, 2015
Fear, not facts, keeps strip club out of Downtown
Over the last several months Dave Begel has seen a steady parade of fear mongers show up and convince a Common Council committee to turn down applications for a strip club in Downtown Milwaukee.
Sports - Sept. 30, 2015
5 ways to make Green Bay and the Packers as sexy as the rest of the NFL
Wisconsin has always taken pride in the fact that the Green Bay Packers are the little team that could, nestled in a tiny town smaller than the suburbs of most NFL teams. Tradition may be the most important product of this city. We love the present but we revere our past. All of that is well and good, but it is probably time the Packers take some steps to move into the 21st century.
Sports - Sept. 30, 2015
Complex process brings U. S. pairs champion to Skate America at arena
Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim, the reigning U.S. pairs figure skating champions. will be among the headliners at the prestigious "Skate America" competition at the UWM Panther Arena Oct. 23-25.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 27, 2015
"Dear Elizabeth" is an intellectual win for Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
Many days and evenings of live theater ask for an audience to bring both heart and head to the theater in equal measure, ready for everything from tears to fears to gales of laughter. "Dear Elizabeth," the play by Sarah Rule that opened over the weekend at Chamber Theatre, is a bit of a rarity. While you may chuckle and certainly tear up at the end, the majority of your time is going to be spent with your mind being challenged and exercised.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 27, 2015
Rep's dazzling "Dreamgirls" captures a vital slice of American music
You would never think that it would take a slightly middle-aged white guy from England to take Milwaukee on a riotous tour of the black soul music that so enwrapped the lives of so many people, black and white. But give Mark Clements, artistic director at the Milwaukee Rep, a big showy play, and he'll swing hard at the softball and hit it out of the park. That's the case with "Dreamgirls."
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 26, 2015
Skylight's "Tosca" provides a brilliant evening of operatic storytelling
A poor painter in love with a beautiful, tempestuous woman. An evil cop and his equally evil henchmen. Jealousy. Betrayal. Invading armies. Escaped prisoners. Death and destruction. If it sounds like the latest and hottest movie or an afternoon soap opera, prepare to be surprised. It's "Tosca," the famed Puccini opera that opened the 2015-16 season for Skylight Music Theatre Friday night. And please, don't let the word "opera" scare you off.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 24, 2015
Death of Walker's presidential campaign more suicide than homicide
Scott Walker's presidential run is dead. A lot of people think it was a homicide committed by Donald Trump, Ben Carson, voters who abandoned him and fundraisers who tightened their purse strings. I believe, though, that this wasn't a homicide but a suicide.
Sports - Sept. 22, 2015
Stearns brings new skill set to task of rebuilding Milwaukee Brewers
In case there was any doubt, baseball in Milwaukee has changed Doug Melvin, the present general manager is 63. College was not part of his game plan He was a minor league pitcher until he realized he should be in the front office. The new general manager, David Stearns, is 30. He went to Harvard, of all places and has a degree in political science.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 22, 2015
Common Council approves city contribution to new Bucks arena
The Milwaukee Common Council approved, by a 12-3 vote, the city's contribution to the building of a new arena Downtown for the Milwaukee Bucks, the final thumbs up required for the project to move forward.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 21, 2015
City could have potential costs of $4 million in denying license for strip club
Silk Exotic has been denied once again in its efforts to open a strip club in downtown Milwaukee. During the hearing Alerman Mark Borkowski brought up the costs to the city as a result of lawsuits and judgements against the city in cases brought by Silk. Attorneys for Silk estimate the potential liability for the city at about $4 million.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 18, 2015
Gutzman and "Tartuffe" meet on stage for a riotous laugh-filled show
The scandalous bite is gone from this "Tartuffe," but it's been replaced by taking a 400-year-old classic French comedy and turning it into present day laughs that mixes "Laugh-In" the "Marx Brothers" with a little bit of Reverend Jimmy Swaggart thrown in for good measure. Only Dale Gutzman could come up with a concoction like the production that opened Thursday at Off The Wall Theatre.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 17, 2015
Ranking the fantasy sports draft board after the GOP presidential debate
After watching the gathering of desperate fools on stage sullying the name of Ronald Reagan Wednesday night, I tried to imagine that I was a Republican. Not an easy task, but certainly a confusing spot to be in. I am here to help my GOP brethren and sisteren.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 15, 2015
Milwaukee designer hits the big time building costume for champion skater
Riverwest-based designer Timothy Westbrook has created costumes for ice skaters in the past, but at the upcoming Skate America event in Milwaukee, his work will be thrust into the spotlight like never before when Alexa Scimeca, half of the reigning U.S. national champion pairs couple, takes the ice wearing a dress he designed.
Sports - Sept. 15, 2015
Double choke demonstrates chinks in Serena's amazing dominance
There is no way, nor will there ever be a way, to deny the amazing athletic brilliance and dominance of Serena Williams, maybe the greatest women's tennis player ever. But having said that, there are chinks in her tennis game and, perhaps more telling, chinks in her mental makeup and her public performance.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 14, 2015
Rep salutes John Denver with a surprisingly rich and in-depth show
One of the best things about live theater is how it so often turns out to be something that blows your expectations to dust. That was the occasion Sunday night when the Milwaukee Rep opened "Back Home Again: On the Road with John Denver."
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 13, 2015
Splinter Group's "Bug" is a disturbing and frightening journey to madness
It's a rare moment when the first sound of a cricket can herald a passionate and directed descent into a chilling madness with one victim leading the other into a complex version of hell. But that's what happens in the distinguished production of Tracy Letts "Bug," which opened this weekend at Splinter Group under the direction of Jim Farrell.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 12, 2015
"Dogfight" is a stunning winner as All In Productions wraps its first season
When you don't know what's coming, seeing a play named "Dogfight" conjures up images of a pair of pit bulls surrounded by gambling and shouting men, dripping sweat and testosterone.Well, All In Productions' "Dogfight" that opened Friday night has shouting men, gambling, dripping sweat and testosterone to spare. The only thing missing are the fighting dogs.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 10, 2015
"Black Lives Matter" slogan draws conservative criticism
"Black Lives Matter" is a slogan born after Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman a couple years ago in Florida. After a number of killings of young black men and women since, the slogan has grown in the public consciousness. One of the most interesting things about it is the angry and fearful and dismissive reaction of it by so many prominent white people.
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