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#RaiseMKE - Aug. 25, 2016
10 big dreams that could help heal Milwaukee's racial divisions
The ability to talk about race is behind the plan for OnMilwaukee's ongoing series of Milwaukee Talks: honest and frank discussions, unedited and focused on the issues of equality and justice. It's also the time for big dreams for the city.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 23, 2016
24 exciting events in the 2016-17 MKE theater season
The Milwaukee theater season is underway and I've been looking through the schedule. I've found 24 productions I'm really anticipating. There are going to be others, and surprises, but my 24 are the productions I can't wait to see and experience.
#RaiseMKE - Aug. 18, 2016
Racism and violence form a combustible mixture that threatens Milwaukee
As Milwaukee struggles with the issue of how to deal with racial violence, it's critical to find answers to two key questions. The first question is how did Milwaukee become so racist. The second is how do we fix a culture that loves violence.
#RaiseMKE - Aug. 16, 2016
Staying "Above It All": UWM-bound 18-year-old not shocked by Sherman Park riots
Simon Mustaffa is 18 and lives in the Central City. He's off to UWM with a full scholarship and he has strong views about the violence in Sherman Park. For him, it's not a surprise at all; this explosion was a long time coming.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 16, 2016
All In Productions' youngsters making a mark in Milwaukee theater
All In Productions has a history that can be measured in months, but it has already staged some wonderful plays. It has produced five so far, and the next one is directed by artistic director Robby McGhee, who knows where this company wants to go.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 13, 2016
Misery with laughs on the menu as Chamber Theatre opens season
Under the feathery touch of director Marcella Kearns, Christopher Durang's "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" takes isolation, desolation and disappointment and stands them on their ear, filling the Cabot Theatre with chuckles, laughters and outright roars of fun
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 12, 2016
Sweltering night provides apt setting for Off The Wall's "No Exit" from hell
A sweltering hot August night was the perfect atmosphere for the opening night of "No Exit," Jean Paul Sartre's trip through his particular and peculiar vision of hell. The Dale Gutzman-directed production is a searing journey through the existential mind.
Buzz - Aug. 11, 2016
Sham candidates discover hard truth that money can't buy them love
Election day has come and gone and some of the results in the primary contests are satisfying, but also quite a bit troubling. Leading the satisfaction category is the reelection of District Attorney John Chisholm over Verona Swanigan, 65% to 35%.
Bars & Clubs - Aug. 9, 2016
Tales of the Road: An Uber driver checks out Downtown drinking zones
If you are young(ish), headed out on a warm Saturday night and want to go drinking Downtown, you have your choice of four distinctly different areas and crowds to join. As an Uber driver, I spend lots of time in all four places.
Buzz - Aug. 4, 2016
Tempests in the teapot keep Milwaukee and Wisconsin buzzing
First take a tempest. Then take a teapot.Then put the tempest in the teapot. Here's what you get, according to the dictionary. "A small or unimportant event that is over-reacted to, as if it were of considerably more consequence." We've got them.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 2, 2016
Renaissance, Chamber will need new homes after Skylight sells building
The sale of the office building at the Broadway Theatre Center seems inevitable and the action will force two local companies, Chamber Theatre and Renaissance Theaterworks to find new office space, as well as new performance venues.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 1, 2016
Skylight considers selling Third Ward building to end recurring fiscal woe
In an attempt to fix recurring and long-lasting difficulties, the Skylight Music Theatre is examining the possible sale of its Broadway Theatre Center, one of the buildings that was a catalyst for the development of the Historic Third Ward.
Buzz - July 29, 2016
Clarke's political pandering continues in Trump radio interview
Milwaukee is a proud city, but we are not without our warts - and our biggest wart, the one that we should all be ashamed of, hobnobbed with a presidential candidate Thursday. Filling in for Mark Belling, Sheriff David Clarke interviewed Donald Trump.
Buzz - July 28, 2016
Trump vs. Clinton looks more like a survival contest than a race
It is now official that Democrat Hillary Clinton will oppose Republican Donald Trump in the race to be the next president of the United States. We won't get a winner, however. Instead, we will end up with a president who is merely a survivor.
Buzz - July 26, 2016
Tales of the road: Convention fun and games
Being an Uber driver in Milwaukee is a one-of-a-kind experience that lets Dave Begel meet some of the most interesting people, residents as well as visitors to the city. Find out where Begel took guests in the latest installment of Tales of the Road.
Buzz - July 21, 2016
Wisconsin conservatives split on Trump nomination
So the nightmare is true and Donald Trump actually may be president. The whole thing has made Dave Begel wonder about prominent conservatives in Wisconsin and whether they will support Trump. It turns out that they are split on the nomination.
Arts & Entertainment - July 19, 2016
Optimist Theatre stages unique "Julius Caesar" under the stars at Kadish Park
Summer theater in Wisconsin usually means Spring Green or Door County. But there are several summer productions that look interesting and that range from the classical to the experimental, both indoors and under the stars of Milwaukee.
Buzz - July 14, 2016
America's divisions not even close to the conflicts less than a lifetime ago
People say that America is more divided now than ever, but it was less than a lifetime ago when this country was torn apart by the quest for civil rights and the drive to end the war in Vietnam. Those times were full of violent demonstrations.
Arts & Entertainment - July 12, 2016
Rep announces amazing training program for young actors
The Milwaukee Rep has announced a unique training program for teenage actors in the city, as part of the company's commitment to stimulating dialogue and creating engagement opportunities revolving around social issues facing the city.
Buzz - July 8, 2016
Abuse in backseat sparks dilemma for Uber driver
They looked just like any other happy couple coming out of Summerfest when I picked them up at the staging area. But once they got into the car, the tension was obvious, and eventually, it boiled over.
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