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Arts & Entertainment - April 30, 2016
Rep closes season with moving staging of August Wilson's "Fences"
Playwright August Wilson is famous for his 10-play cycle examining the experience of black people in the United States, and none of his plays stands as revered as "Fences," which The Rep opened Friday night
Arts & Entertainment - April 29, 2016
Crazed life of opening night shines at Off the Wall's "It's Only a Play"
A play about life in the theater, a life full of ups and downs and in betweens, is sometimes a shaky thing, trying to connect with an audience that may or may not have the inside knowledge that you need to get all the jokes.
Marketplace - April 28, 2016
Let's not assault good taste and history with new Grand Avenue entrance
In our lust to keep Milwaukee a happy place for millions of millennials, are we going to get stuck with a bunch of buildings that look like they belong in a Saturday morning cartoon?
Arts & Entertainment - April 26, 2016
Local theaters committed to the issues in the world around them
Several Milwaukee theaters - from The Rep to First Stage to Next Act and more - have become crusaders for the world around them, staging productions and activities that try to shed light on a wide variety of social issues.
Arts & Entertainment - April 23, 2016
"Ernest in Love" closes In Tandem season with a howling success
Place. Play. Performance. When all three P's are there, a night at the theater can turn into magic, and that's what you get at "Ernest in Love" that opened at In Tandem Theatre Friday night.
Buzz - April 21, 2016
Feingold victory could shift balance of power in U.S. Senate
Everybody in Wisconsin was all worked up about the presidential primary races a couple of weeks ago but the race between Sen. Ron Johnson and former Sen. Russ Feingold could have a lasting impact on the balance of power in Washington.
Arts & Entertainment - April 19, 2016
Equity versus non-Equity debate rages on for theater audiences
The recent staging of the touching hit musical "Once" that played a week at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts raised an issue that some people think is important to the quality of a production.
Arts & Entertainment - April 16, 2016
Chamber's "Fallen Angels" is a tour de force of delightful drunkenness
For a master class on how to put a drunk scene on stage, let me recommend "Fallen Angels," the Noel Coward drawing room comedy that opened Friday night at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre.
Travel & Visitors Guide - April 16, 2016
New boutique and suite hotels keep coming to Downtown Milwaukee
Hotel rooms are expanding with openings imminent or on the drawing board for the near future. Perhaps the one drawing the most attention is the Klimpton Journeyman Hotel, scheduled to open in the Historic Third Ward in June.
Bars & Clubs - April 14, 2016
City could owe $3 million as Silk strip club keeps lawsuit winning streak alive
A hero has to step forward to save the city somewhere around $2 million after the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the city in its battle with Silk Exotic over opening a strip club Downtown.
Bars & Clubs - April 13, 2016
Silk Exotic wins federal court appeal in battle for Downtown strip club
The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago Wednesday ruled, 3-0, in favor of Silk Exotic in its lawsuit against the City of Milwaukee over denial of a license to operate a strip club Downtown.
Arts & Entertainment - April 12, 2016
Skylight unveils season of favorites and striking surprises
Every theater season I anxiously await the announcement from Milwaukee's distinctive theaters, but one I wait for most eagerly is the next season of the Skylight Music Theatre. There are some highlights next season.
Arts & Entertainment - April 9, 2016
Next Act's new show explores the mysteries of motherhood
There are two groups of people in this world, mothers and the rest of us.Thank God, then, for "Motherhood Out Loud" the magnificent production that opened Friday Night at Next Act Theatre.
Arts & Entertainment - April 8, 2016
Alchemist gives "The Dumb Waiter" an honest and moving treatment
Seeing the wonderful and provocative debut of Harold Pinter's "The Dumb Waiter" at Alchemist Theatre Thursday night was an experience that I was sure would test Dave Begel's love for what has always been one of his favorite plays.
Buzz - April 7, 2016
Abele and Barrett victories reward cooperative approaches
Chris Abele and Tom Barrett were both reelected Tuesday, and the victories sent the message that being able to work with a variety of interests may well be the path to success in local elections.
Arts & Entertainment - April 6, 2016
Award-winning "Once" offers joyous proof that less is often more
Sometimes less is more, and a prime example of that came this week in the form of "Once," the 2012 Tony Award winner for Best Musical that opened last night at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.
Arts & Entertainment - April 5, 2016
The issue with social issue theater? Telling a story as worthy as the message
Dave Begel saw 13 plays in March and four of them were plays that dealt with social issues, some more successfully than others. One of the key issues is how these plays are marketed to potential audiences and subscribers.
Arts & Entertainment - April 3, 2016
Enchantment abounds in First Stage's production of "Ella Enchanted"
Imagine the classic heroine Cinderella, not just bedeviled by her evil stepmother and equally evil stepsisters, but also cursed with a spell that requires her to always obey what someone says to her. That's the conundrum of "Ella Enchanted."
Arts & Entertainment - April 2, 2016
"Censored on Final Approach" crashes
"Censored on Final Approach" at Renaissance Theaterworks is a good idea, telling the story of female pilots during World War II, but the play itself doesn't help us believe the characters were real people.
Buzz - March 31, 2016
Begel's pros, cons and predictions for the 2016 Wisconsin primary
Election day is just five days away. There are five big races for most of us, and if you've been listening to the campaign ads, you may not bother to even vote. So, to help, I'm going to offer my annual candidate guide, along with my predictions.
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