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Sports - Sept. 1, 2015
These two guys know more about the Packers than anyone else
Bob McGinn and Jason Wilde are the two most knowledgable reporters ever to cover the Green Bay Packers. If you want to know about this team, read or listen to them and avoid the silver tongued radio heads.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 27, 2015
5 crucial differences between Donald Trump and Scott Walker
With Donald Trump monopolizing the airwaves with his amazing campaign, it's important to recognize that our very own governor is also in this race. It is also important to note that there are significant differences between these two candidates.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 25, 2015
The 15 best plays of the 2014-15 theater season
The 2015-16 theater season in Milwaukee is just underway and looking ahead there is promise of outstanding productions that will stimulate audiences to laugh, think and weep.It's an appropriate time to look back at the 2014-15 season that provided so much interesting theater. Milwaukee is fortunate to have so many theater companies, both old favorites and new and bold groups. We have a wealth of great theater that is abundant for a city our size.
Sports - Aug. 25, 2015
5 reasons to get rid of NFL preseason games
The injury to Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers, as well as other injuries to players on other NFL teams in the last couple of weeks, is a blow to the teams as they approach the regular season.They also point to the continuing folly of having four preseason games, a relic of the past that serves no purpose other than to provide additional revenue to owners of teams in the most popular and highest revenue sport in the country.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 20, 2015
Could Menominee tribe end Wisconsin's reservations about pot?
No less an authority than the United States Department of Justice has cracked open the door to allowing tribes, which are sovereign states, to grow marijuana on their reservations. Could this mean more revenue for Wisconsin tribes?
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 16, 2015
APT's "Seascape" dives deep into the relationship of two unusual couples
Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Edward Albee has theory of evolution, if not about the existence of man, at least about the way one man lives and gets along with another. "Seascape," the third Pulitzer play Albee wrote, opened at American Players Theatre in Spring Green over the weekend and like his other great works, it looks at the evolution of relationships with an unerring eye and sensibility.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 15, 2015
Classic farce "Boeing Boeing" delivers laughs galore at Chamber Theatre
There's this guy, see, and he lives in a hot apartment in Paris and he's got these three ladies, all of whom think he's going to marry them and they drop in and out of his place and he keeps track of all this dropping in and out by using the timetables of the airlines that the three ladies work for.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 14, 2015
Walker campaign needs a big candidate makeover
Scott Walker is in danger of dropping off the radar screen unless someone lights a fire under him and gives him an injection of passion. He can learn a lot from the world of the theater, things that might actually make him seem like someone who cares.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 14, 2015
Love affair with long-dead man fuels Iannone's triumph
Angela Iannone, one of the finest actors ever to grace a stage in Milwaukee, has been engaged in a love affair for the past six years with a man who died when he was only 59 years old.Not only that, but the man died in June of 1893. Edwin Booth was his name, the finest actor of his time, the brother of the man who killed Abraham Lincoln and the object of desire for Iannone who has crafted a series of play about this lover.
Sports - Aug. 11, 2015
What to do - and not to do - at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits
The PGA tournament, the final major of the golf season, gets underway this week at the beautiful Whistling Straits near Sheboygan. It's a great tournament, a great site and a wonderful chance for thousands and thousands of spectators to see the world's best golfers up close and personal. So here's a series of do's and don'ts if you are planning to go to Whistling Straits.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 6, 2015
Republicans gather Thursday for the latest GOP presidential charade
Tonight is the culmination of lord knows how many weeks when 10 Republican candidates for president gather in front of a bank of lights and television cameras for the first debate. These events bear absolutely no resemblance to a real debate. They are just a simple chance for candidates to repeat scripted phrases about every issue imaginable.
Sports - Aug. 4, 2015
Does anyone actually think killing Cecil - or any lion - is a good thing?
The death of Cecil the beloved lion in Zimbabwe has awakened a long dormant strain that has risen briefly in the past only to retreat behind a wall of inattention.The strain is mine and the mantra it carries comes with a question mark at the end. "Are people who kill living things for sport crazy or cruel?"
Bars & Clubs - July 28, 2015
Updated: Silk Exotic applies for licenses to open on Milwaukee and Wells
After several previous failed attempts Downtown and in Walker's Point, Silk Exotic applied once more yesterday for a Downtown location, this time at 804 N. Milwaukee St.
Sports - July 28, 2015
Having Favre and Starr at the table would make for a very special Thanksgiving
As Green Bay Packers training camp opens and the pro football season gets started, it's easy to have a whole bunch of things to anticipate with joy. Perhaps at the top of the list is that the Packers are one of the favorites to make it to the 50th Super Bowl in San Francisco. But I'm looking forward to something much more specific.
Dining - July 28, 2015
Shorewood is the surprising home to genuine southern cooking at Nino's
Who would ever expect to find some of the best soul food in Milwaukee in the North Shore suburb of Shorewood? The answer may be nobody, but you'd be wrong, especially if you haven't visited Nino's Southern Sides on Oakland Avenue.
Sports - July 27, 2015
Assembly takes up arena finance bill Tuesday
Tuesday is a big day for the Milwaukee Bucks as the State Assembly is slated to take up the measure to provide $250 million in financing for the new downtown arena. If the bill is amended, and Democrats are going to fight for amendments, the measure will go back to the State Senate.
Arts & Entertainment - July 24, 2015
Off The Wall's "Spring Awakening" is a wrenching morality play
In a place that has hosted such decadent theater as a blistering "Cabaret" and a shockingly brutal "Trainspotting" it is stunningly surprising to find a morality play being staged in the tiny black box of Off The Wall Theatre.But that's what you get with the production of "Spring Awakening," the multiple Tony Award winning musical with book and lyrics by Steven Sater and music by Duncan Sheik.
Sports - July 23, 2015
New Bucks arena site suggests Selig might have been wrong about Downtown
For the past two decades the Milwaukee Bucks have disproved a fear that former Milwaukee Brewers' owner Bud Selig had when it was time to build Miller Park. And the historic presence of the Bradley Center can provide confidence that Selig's fears will not resurface when the new arena is built.
Movies & TV - July 21, 2015
Favre's audible scores, but throws WTMJ broadcast for a loss
The ceremony Saturday to retire Brett Favre's number and put him in the Packers Hall of Fame was a touching and emotional evening. It was quintessential Favre, drawing up a play in the dirt. But it was nearly ruined for the folks at home by a terribly lackluster WTMJ broadcast.
Sports - July 20, 2015
Favre ceremony is a testament to fan forgiveness
Brett Favre will be inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame Saturday. The retired quarterback joins Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Paul Molitor as players who left Wisconsin under difficult circumstances but later were honored for their contributions.
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