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Arts & Entertainment - April 25, 2015
Rep's "Peter and the Starcatcher" shows just how easy it really is to fly
The final show for the Milwaukee Rep this season is a spectacular prequel to the story of Peter Pan, the boy who would never grown up. It's a show that will remind you of all the great bedtime stories you have ever heard.
Sports - April 24, 2015
Against the ropes now, young Bucks must crank it up
The young Milwaukee Bucks have done well against the Chicago Bulls, but the game Saturday could be the last of the series. The team knows it needs fans to crank it up and will try to send the series back to Chicago for a game 5.
Arts & Entertainment - April 24, 2015
Production of "Laughter on the 23rd Floor" is dangerously light on chuckles
The Neil Simon play "Laughter on the 23rd Floor" is supposed to be a funny, semi-autobiographical tale set in the golden age of television. The play itself is funny but the current production at Theatre Unchained squeezes all the humor out of it.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 23, 2015
10 things that right wing Republicans should be ashamed to believe
The far right wing of the Republican Party is filled with wacko ideas. Here's the top 10 things that Republicans should be ashamed of, according to Dave Begel.
Sports - April 22, 2015
Bucks must maintain identity for a full 48 minutes in game 3
The Milwaukee Bucks played great basketball for three quarters in game two of the playoffs. But in the fourth quarter they got away from what they do best and the result was a win for Chicago. Game three is Thursday night at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.
Sports - April 21, 2015
Brewers' numbers are frightening
Numbers and statistics can be misleading in all sports. But the numbers for the Milwaukee Brewers this season are absolutely frightening. Nobody expected this kind of performance.
Sports - April 20, 2015
Bucks need adjustments before game two against the Bulls tonight
Derrick Rose was a force to be reckoned with but the Bucks need to get back to the kind of team that got them into the playoffs before the second game of the series tonight.
Arts & Entertainment - April 19, 2015
"The Pillowman" is a brutal and gruesome tale of the precious power of stories
"The Pillowman" at Soulstice Theatre is a powerful play, full of gruesome tales of the abuse and murder of children. But behind all the shock is the enlightenment of how powerful and precious stories are to all of us.
Arts & Entertainment - April 18, 2015
Chamber's "Jeeves" is a silly concoction that delivers lots of laughs
The adaptation of the P. G. Wodehouse books about the stiff upper lip butler and his boss, Bertie Wooster, comes alive at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre. It's a night filled with laughter and more laughter.
Sports - April 16, 2015
Bucks strap it on Saturday for surprising playoff berth against Bulls
Nobody expected the Milwaukee Bucks to be in the playoffs this year, but they surprised the world by being the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. The Bucks open the playoffs against the Chicago Bulls Saturday night.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 16, 2015
Clarke's ideas about ending gun violence contain some truths
Sheriff David Clarke is the darling of the far right and he is a favorite of the Fox News Network. But amidst all the bluster there are some truths to be discovered when he talks about the epidemic of black violence in Milwaukee.
Living - April 15, 2015
LUKE meters can test physical limitations of some parkers
I recently began walking with a cane. And I had to park near the Milwaukee Public Market. I parked at one end of the block and had to drag myself all the way to the other end.
Sports - April 14, 2015
Spieth serves notice that he and McIlroy will be pro golf's saviors
Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy are set to take over the big rivalry that the PGA Tour needs to keep interest up. The two are likely to become the next Tiger vs, Phil or the next Jack vs. Arnie. And it will be god for golf.
Arts & Entertainment - April 13, 2015
In "Luchadora," First Stage and Rios create an electric, important world premier
"Luchadora" is a production commissioned by First Stage, and it's an amazing production - full of joys and important messages to young women. Written by UWM professor Alvaro Saar Rios, it's a production that every young woman, aunt, uncle and parent should see.
Arts & Entertainment - April 12, 2015
"Lettice & Lovage" is a frothy mix for two of the city's best actors
A frothy comedy by Peter Schaffer is a delight at Renaissance Theaterworks. For two hours it's a great character study filled with laughs. But a contrived ending makes the evening end on a note that is far less funny.
Arts & Entertainment - April 11, 2015
"Ten Questions" is a fearless take on an old argument at Next Act
The question of evolution versus creationism is at the heart of "Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher About Evolution" at Next Act. The most refreshing part of this production is that it values each side of the argument.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 9, 2015
String of shootings in black community raises serious questions about city
Just one string of shootings last weekend raises a whole bunch of questions about what's happening in the black community in Milwaukee. It also raises questions about what the rest of the city thinks about the violence.
Sports - April 7, 2015
Criticizing sports fans is just sour grapes
In the overwhelming joy about the Badgers victory over Kentucky, there were a few threads that claimed it was silly to root while so much serious stuff was going on in the world. The people filling social media with such thoughts totally missed the point.
Arts & Entertainment - April 4, 2015
Off The Wall's "Odyssey" is a spellbinding play for the centuries
Dale Gutzman has staged a version of the "Odyssey," a poem that is 30 centuries old and has made it totally relevant to our world today. It's the story of all our warriors who carry out hopes and return home to struggle.
Arts & Entertainment - April 3, 2015
All In Productions' second outing "The Shape of Things" is slightly off center
The Neil LaBute play, "The Shape of Things" is a discussion of the meaning of art. But the entire discussion seems like an exercise for freshmen art students and doesn't have any transcendent insights to help answer the question.
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