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Arts & Entertainment - May 25, 2016
Milwaukee loses a shining light as Subbaraman steps down at Skylight
No matter how it gets spun, Milwaukee's performing arts community took a severe hit Wednesday when Viswa Subbaraman announced he was leaving his post as artistic director of the Skylight Music Theatre.
Arts & Entertainment - May 24, 2016
19 best plays of the 2015-16 theater season
The Wisconsin theater season generally begins in early summer when The American Players Theatre opens in Spring Green, shortly after the previous Milwaukee season comes to an end in spring. The 2015-16 season is now over and it's time for Dave Begel's annual list of the best plays of the season.
Arts & Entertainment - May 21, 2016
Skylight's "Pirates" is a one-act riot that sadly takes two to finish
Skylight's production of Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" delivered a rollicking and laugh-filled first act. As for the second act? Unfortunately, that's where the Skylight's season finale ran out of gas.
Arts & Entertainment - May 20, 2016
Milwaukee Ballet's "Alice (in wonderland)" is a spectacular, sensory triumph
There are rare moments in the life of an arts organization when something happens that is a stamp of its style and the core belief that makes it who it is. The Milwaukee Ballet unfurled a moment just like that Thursday night with "Alice (in wonderland)."
Buzz - May 19, 2016
OSPP school plan faces tough and experienced opposition
Demond Means, a skilled and accomplished educator, is a guy who deserves some sympathy for being caught between a rock and a hard place as he tries to move the rock. He faces tough opponents in reform efforts.
Buzz - May 18, 2016
Does Milwaukee really need a new flag?
Somebody somewhere needs to sit me down in a corner and explain why the City of Milwaukee needs a new "People's flag" to replace the one we've had for over 60 years.
Arts & Entertainment - May 17, 2016
"Alice (in wonderland)" set to dazzle under Webre's choreography
Septime Webre is about to step down after 17 years as artistic director of the prestigious Washington Ballet. Before then, however, he is in Milwaukee to direct his "Alice (in wonderland)" with the Milwaukee Ballet.
Arts & Entertainment - May 14, 2016
"Lily's Purple Plastic Purse" holds surprises, giggles and big laughs
Just as First Stage produces a lot of play with messages directed at older kids - most of which can be enjoyed by adults as well - the company can also deliver for the little kids like "Lily's Purple Plastic Purse."
Living - May 12, 2016
10 things in my old fashioned summer that my grandkids don't have today
I have four grandkids, three of them boys, and I've always been fascinated by how different their little boy summers are from the little boy summers I had when I was a little boy. Not better or worse, but different.
Arts & Entertainment - May 10, 2016
Express Yourself Milwaukee set to "Illuminate" the Milwaukee Theatre
Express Yourself Milwaukee will stage its 15th annual show featuring the talents of young people in music, spoken word, art and dance at the Milwaukee Theatre this week.
Arts & Entertainment - May 7, 2016
Collaboration is key to the magnificent "Song From the Uproar"
There are so many ways to tell a great story in the world of theater, but Milwaukee has never seen anything quite like "Song From the Uproar" which opened a short run Friday night at the Broadway Theater center.
Arts & Entertainment - May 6, 2016
Delightful "Die Fiedermaus" closes Florentine's 82nd season
For an incredible 82 years, the Florentine has been bringing world class opera to Milwaukee. The company will close its current season with the funny and delicious "Die Fledermaus," a treat for those who love humor, romance and, of course, great singing.
Buzz - May 5, 2016
Can Abele plan ease racial disparities in Milwaukee?
As the black community in Milwaukee has fallen further away from the American dream, we have heard lots of talk and seen little action in efforts to remake the landscape and solve some of these persistent problems. Abele hopes to change that.
Buzz - May 3, 2016
Funny, sad, eye-opening road tales from an Uber driver
Being an Uber driver in Milwaukee is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows Dave Begel to meet some of the city's most interesting people. Everybody has a story, and Tales from the Road will highlight some of those stories.
Arts & Entertainment - April 30, 2016
Rep season closes with moving staging of August Wilson's "Fences"
Playwright August Wilson is famous for his 10-play cycle examining the experience of black people in the United States, and none of his plays stands as revered as "Fences," which The Rep opened Friday night.
Arts & Entertainment - April 29, 2016
Crazed life of opening night fuels Off the Wall's "It's Only a Play"
A play about life in the theater, a life full of ups and downs and in betweens, is sometimes a shaky thing, trying to connect with an audience that may or may not have the inside knowledge that you need to get all the jokes.
Marketplace - April 28, 2016
Let's not assault good taste and history with new Grand Avenue entrance
In our lust to keep Milwaukee a happy place for millions of millennials, are we going to get stuck with a bunch of buildings that look like they belong in a Saturday morning cartoon?
Arts & Entertainment - April 26, 2016
Local theaters committed to the issues in the world around them
Several Milwaukee theaters - from The Rep to First Stage to Next Act and more - have become crusaders for the world around them, staging productions and activities that try to shed light on a wide variety of social issues.
Arts & Entertainment - April 23, 2016
"Ernest in Love" closes In Tandem season with a howling success
Place. Play. Performance. When all three P's are there, a night at the theater can turn into magic, and that's what you get at "Ernest in Love" that opened at In Tandem Theatre Friday night.
Buzz - April 21, 2016
Feingold victory could shift balance of power in U.S. Senate
Everybody in Wisconsin was all worked up about the presidential primary races a couple of weeks ago but the race between Sen. Ron Johnson and former Sen. Russ Feingold could have a lasting impact on the balance of power in Washington.
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