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Dining - Oct. 6, 2015
All-day breakfast begins today at McDonald's
Beginning today, Oct. 6, all 125 McDonald's restaurants throughout Southeastern Wisconsin will serve breakfast all day.
Sports - Oct. 5, 2015
Thanks for the assist, Jabari
We enjoyed Bucks Fan Fest on Saturday. These types of events are fairly standardized for teams today and many have made them multi-day affairs with countless attractions and ways to earn your cheers and cash. On Saturday, the Bucks players did their best to be unique and stand out.
Bars & Clubs - Oct. 2, 2015
Where Donald Trump stands tall in Downtown Milwaukee
Donald Trump is a big piece of the modern day political puzzle. But, did you know that The Donald also is a big piece of a sliding mural puzzle in Downtown Milwaukee?
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 30, 2015
Downtown's newly lit fish are flashy, fast and fun
The fish are back, Milwaukee, with the relighting of "Dream with the Fishes for Aurora" on the Milwaukee RiverWalk on the side of Riverside Theater.
Marketplace - Sept. 29, 2015
Report: CP Holiday Train scheduled to make Milwaukee stops again this year
Today, Metro Parent Magazine reports that the Holiday Train will stop in Wauwatosa thanks to the efforts of the two Girls Scouts in the city. Last year, the train stopped at 10 cities in Wisconsin, including Sturtevant, Milwaukee and Hartland.
Bars & Clubs - Sept. 28, 2015
Mashable closes Wolski's
Writer, photographer, multimedia producer and former Milwaukeean Jake Naughton closed Milwaukee's beloved Wolski's in a recent piece for Mashable.
Marketplace - Sept. 22, 2015
Green luminary: Summerfest
To help highlight MMSD Green Luminaries awards, we're focusing on the winners by asking about their practices and new environmental approaches. This month, it's Summerfest.
Dining - Sept. 18, 2015
Jamba Juice will open in Downtown Milwaukee
Today marks Jamba Juice's descent into the heart of Milwaukee, with a new location opening Downtown in October.
Marketplace - Sept. 15, 2015
Here's the deal with that new mural in Downtown
The final Night Market of the season is tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 16. You shouldn't miss it. You'll also probably find it hard to miss the new large black and white geometric mural that's perched on the side of parking structure near the corner of 4th Street and Wisconsin Avenue.
Marketplace - Sept. 9, 2015
MilwaukeeHome expands into other cities
MilwaukeeHome, the Milwaukee-inspired brand created by Melissa Thornton, has created a cool niche in Milwaukee. Now, the brand's going national as it's expanded into multiple markets as
Dining - Sept. 6, 2015
Surprise! This Milwaukee restaurant makes new "best tacos in America" list
A new list of the best tacos in the America has a Milwaukee spot on it at No. 34. Yet, it leaves all of the top of mind Mexican choices off.
Bars & Clubs - Sept. 5, 2015
Not so fast on Camp Bar coming to Brady Street
The Brady Street True Value, 1234 E. Brady St. is closing soon, but, despite rumors, it doesn't sound like Camp Bar will replace it.
Bars & Clubs - Sept. 1, 2015
Cheers to this awesome out-of-office email from a Milwaukee brewery
Lakefront Brewery's Russ Klisch is currently out of the office healing from hip surgery. Email him, and his out of the office response is exactly what you'd expect from a beer maker. Love it!
Sports - Aug. 31, 2015
My letter to the Milwaukee Common Council
We all need reminders of the importance of keeping the project on pace. So, since it's public record once I submitted it last week, I'm sharing the letter I sent to all members of Milwaukee's Common Council.
Marketplace - Aug. 27, 2015
What I'm enjoying right now, and how you can enjoy these things too
What am I enjoying right now? Other than, of course, my family, faith and friends, the list could get long quickly so I'll keep it to eight. What's on your list? As you think about it, enjoy these.
Sports - Aug. 19, 2015
Rating Milwaukee's "uniform attractiveness"
It's fun to analyze, pontificate and rank team uniforms and logos. Paul Lukas' latest work on ESPN ranks "uniform attractiveness." Milwaukee falls into his group with two major pro sports teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL). He also does a ranking of the 20 cities with three or more teams.
Marketplace - Aug. 12, 2015
Green luminary: Milwaukee County Zoo
To help highlight MMSD Green Luminaries awards, we're focusing on the winners by asking about their practices and new environmental approaches.
Kids & Family - Aug. 5, 2015
Our Heart of Canal Street partner this year? Betty Brinn Children's Museum is once again honored to support Potawatomi Hotel and Casino's Heart of Canal Street program. As a long-time partner and passionate community advocate we're also thrilled to announced that this year we'll help support the Betty Brinn Children's Museum.
Sports - July 29, 2015
Marquette basketball launches new app
Today, my alma mater - Marquette - helped fuel my fan fire by releasing a new app that is available for free download, thanks to a partnership with Bluechip Athletic Solutions, Inc.
Kids & Family - July 29, 2015
Milwaukee Talks: Children's Hospital CEO Peggy Troy
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is more than a hospital. It's at the center of an ongoing discussion about health, wellness and access to care for all kids in the state. Today, Peggy Troy talks about the mission, vision, challenges and opportunities at Children's.
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