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Marketplace - Jan. 18, 2015
Jump aboard, it's OK
All things happen as they should and as Milwaukee gets closer and closer to realizing the economic potential of a streetcar system it's time to think of this project for what it is - a part of an integrated, modern transportation system that includes roads, cars, buses, trolleys, rail, bikes, trails, the river and more.
Sports - Jan. 12, 2015
Why Koller is selling Milwaukee's iconic MECCA floor
Today, Ben Koller reached out via email to say that he is "actively seeking new ownership for the MECCA Floor." Here's his statement.
Dining - Jan. 12, 2015
Cheers to you, Ilario "Larry" Fazzari
Ilario (Larry) Antonio Fazzari passed away this weekend at age 57. Larry was one of the owners of Milwaukee's Calderone Club.
Sports - Jan. 12, 2015
Milwaukee Talks: Bucks radio broadcaster Ted Davis
With more than 40 years of broadcasting under his belt, the radio "Voice of the Bucks," Ted Davis, has called a lot of games and seen a ton of plays. This season marks his 18th with the team and over lunch recently we sat down to talk broadcasting, media, basketball and more.
Milwaukee Buzz - Jan. 6, 2015
15 things to look forward to in 2015
A new year, and plenty to look forward to; not only in Milwaukee, but all around you. While there are way more than just 15 things to look forward to, here's an initial list that at least forms a nice headline: 15 for '15.
Holiday Guide - Dec. 28, 2014
2014 picks: Jeff Sherman
The year 2014 is fading so I present a few memories, favorites and fun that made the year tick for me.
Marketplace - Dec. 23, 2014
Angelic Bakehouse products coming to Sam's Club
This weekend, Angelic Bakehouse and sprouted grain products as a whole are poised to make a bigger leap into many homes and the consumer consciousness as the products will be available at Sam's Club.
Marketplace - Dec. 20, 2014
#ShopLocal holidays: Milwaukee maps and more
The James Steeno Gallery features many unique items, but his Milwaukee area maps really stand out and have caught the attention of many, including our own Nick Barth.
Marketplace - Dec. 19, 2014
#ShopLocal holidays: Milwaukee Coffee Passport
The Milwaukee Coffee Guild's unique holiday offering, the "Milwaukee Coffee Passport," gets you a free 12-ounce drink at participating local coffee shops.
Marketplace - Dec. 18, 2014
#ShopLocal holidays: AJ Ugent Furs team colors ear muffs
Family owned and operated since 1922, A.J. Ugent Furs and Fashions features an extensive collection of furs, leathers, shearlings, woolens for men and women.
Sports - Dec. 10, 2014
Charity auction includes Braun, Lucroy, Cobb, Jordy and Jabari
The SURG Restuarant Group and owners Michael Polaski and Omar Shaikh have brought together some unique "once in a lifetime" opportunities all to help a friend and military leader with more than 20 years of service.
Dining - Dec. 9, 2014
Whatever happened to "may I please have?"
Come on, good people of Milwaukee, let's put an end to the phrase "I'll do the ...." It's "may I please have (or order) the honey wheat bagel?" "Thank you." That's how you place your order.
Dining - Dec. 7, 2014
This local eatery is one of the "21 best new restaurants" in the country
Thrillist has issued its 2014 list of "The 21 Best New Restaurants in America." And, one Milwaukee restaurant makes the cut.
Marketplace - Dec. 2, 2014
Season sets on Bublr bikes today
They're fun, easy to use, free for those less then 30-minute trips to meetings and a great addition to our city's transit infrastructure. But, after today, they're gone for the season.
Marketplace - Dec. 1, 2014
#ShopLocal: Milwaukee Downtown ornament series
The Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival ornaments are one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Great gifts for family, friends, co-workers and business associates, each year features an iconic Downtown landmark cast in pewter.
Marketplace - Dec. 1, 2014
#ShopLocal: Neighborhood Cracked Designs
Cracked Designs brings a unique flare and fun to its posters, cards, T-shirts and more.
Milwaukee Buzz - Nov. 30, 2014
Milwaukee Talks: Griselda Aldrete
Griselda Aldrete is a Milwaukeean by birth, but spent her early childhood in Mexico. Leadership, mentorship and community are her passion points. She talks about these and more in this latest edition of "Milwaukee Talks."
Milwaukee Buzz - Nov. 29, 2014
The official Milwaukee streetcar route
Earlier in the week, I asked City Engineer Jeffrey Polenske to detail the routes and the extensions which will push the Streetcar into the neighborhoods and other major destinations like UW-Milwaukee. Here they are.
Marketplace - Nov. 25, 2014
Wall Street Journal profiles the typical Milwaukee shopper published an indepth piece on shopping today. Specifically, the story centers around shoppers in the greater Milwaukee area.
Living - Nov. 22, 2014
A Movember prostate cancer Q&A
Since we're nearing the end of Movember I asked an expert at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin a few questions about prostate cancer.
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