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Milwaukee Buzz - June 30, 2015
Wisconsin rates well in "The Definitive and Final Ranking of All 50 States"
Recently Thrillist released its ranking of all the States in these United States of America. Called "The Definitive and Final Ranking of All 50 States," it places Wisconsin in some great company.
Festival Guide - June 29, 2015
Zac Brown Band cements its Summerfest status
The Zac Brown Band may be the closest to a true definition of a current day Summerfest mainstay as you can get. Their cross genre approach has wide appeal and while firmly anchored in their traditions and heritage the band is constantly evolving, taking risks and adding sounds, personality and styles.
Festival Guide - June 27, 2015
Keith Urban's authenticity grabs hold at Summerfest
After the show, my wife simply said that it was just "honest and real." That's what the show was. Urban and his band even stayed on stage afterwards shaking hands, slapping high fives and thanking the Wisconsin fans.
Living - June 21, 2015
Fatherly encouragement from a fast asleep daughter
My Dad's finally out of the hospital after nearly 10 weeks and he's on a solid road to full recovery. But, needless to say this Father's Day means a bit more. It always should, though. For all of us. A simple reaction from my daughter truly helped me see this.
Festival Guide - June 20, 2015
Summerfest picks: Jeff Sherman
Summerfest has something for everyone. Yet, there's no doubt the country is king and that its artists and music make Summerfest bigger and better each year. It also makes's Jeff Sherman smile.
Dining - June 17, 2015
Downtown Milwaukee needs a Kopp's
Who is with me? Downtown Milwaukee needs a Kopp's Frozen Custard.
Living - June 16, 2015
Facebook has changed birthdays
Saying "Happy Birthday" is fun and it's super easy via Facebook. Plus, it's nearly impossible to not do.
Festival Guide - June 12, 2015
The Muppets are coming to Summerfest
ABC will screen its new fall shows including 'The Muppets' early this summer via a mobile theater tour. The tour includes a stop at Milwaukee's Summerfest.
Marketplace - June 11, 2015
Commonplace pops up in the Third Ward
A men's accessories shop has popped up on Broadway.
Marketplace - June 9, 2015
Green luminary: Outpost Natural Foods in Mequon
To help highlight MMSD Green Luminaries, I'll focus on the winners by asking questions about their practices and new environmental approaches. First up? Outpost in Mequon.
Bars & Clubs - June 4, 2015
Milwaukee Talks: Bar entrepreneur Mike Vitucci
Family is what Mike Vitucci is all about. His is a somewhat iconic bar name in Milwaukee, but he's more than made his own name with his own places, success and strong connection to his young, growing family at home. This edition of Milwaukee Talks catches up with Vitucci as he talks about the bar scene in Milwaukee, trends, opportunities and more.
Marketplace - June 2, 2015
Join me, my lovely wife and Hank at the Tailgate for Peace
The Tailgate for Peace is June 16, and the only catch is that you'll have to also hang out with me and my lovely wife, Stephanie. Stephanie and I are truly honored to serve as hosts of the event that includes the game from the Gehl Club, an awesome catered meal, top shelf beverages, a silent auction, Hank and much more.
Marketplace - May 30, 2015
5 reasons you won't want to miss Experience Inbound
The Experience Inbound Sales and Marketing Conference comes back to the area on June 3, and since is a promotion partner we've compiled five reasons you should attend. News - May 28, 2015
10 reasons to buy digital with
Here are 10 reasons why you and your company should work with for your digital media needs.
Sports - May 28, 2015
A high school senior ponders the future of Milwaukee and the Bucks
Joe Franke, a senior at Shorewood High School, offers his thoughts on the future of the Milwaukee Bucks and the current discussions around a new arena complex.
Sports - May 19, 2015
Washington Park courts get a "reFRESH"
Kenny "The Jet" Smith will help make a donation to the Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals on behalf of Coors Light, to reFRESH the community basketball court at Washington Park in Milwaukee.
Marketplace - May 19, 2015
The difference between visitor and local photos in Downtown Milwaukee
One of the best slides from yesterday's Public Policy Forum luncheon showed a Flirk map of Downtown Milwaukee. It contrasted, by color, where locals took and shared photos vs. photos from visitors. And, the contrast was striking.
Marketplace - May 19, 2015
New report says Downtown needs more connectivity
A new report by Hunden Strategic Partners in Chicago was presented yesterday at a Public Policy Forum luncheon at the Intercontinental Milwaukee. It calls for more connectivity and density, and makes some obvious but not apparent to all observations.
Marketplace - May 15, 2015
Milwaukee Talks: Westown Association director Stacie Callies
Stacie Callies is the executive director of the Westown Association. She's been with the Downtown organization for nearly 14 years but 2015 may signal the most change the area has even seen. Amidst arena discussions and more, Jeff Sherman caught up with Callies for this latest edition of "Milwaukee Talks."
Bars & Clubs - May 12, 2015
Which national publication called Milwaukee "the greatest bar town in America?"
The May edition of a popular food lifestyle publication that offers "life through the lens of food," is out and Milwaukee has a large presence in print and online.
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