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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Jason McDowell's Articles
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Living - July 21, 2014
The lock up: 3 steps for securing your bike and foiling thieves
The strongest protection you have against bike theft is the perceived difficulty of what it would take to actually acquire your bike. Every lock can be cut, but in a row of bikes, you want to make sure yours looks the most annoying to acquire.
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Milwaukee Buzz - May 13, 2014
Pedal to the metal: A race between cars and bicycles
Wednesday, Wednesday, WEDNESDAY marks the middle of Bike to Work Week, and what better way to roll over the hump with a little competition, a friendly wager, and some additional cash for a local non-profit? The competition? A race between David Hobbs--a driver in the Indianapolis 500 and owner of David Hobbs Honda - and Ward Fowler, founding partner of the bicycle-friendly Colectivo Coffee.
Arts & Entertainment - May 2, 2014
Kpolly brings "Fake A$$ Rappers" to reality
Until now the "Fake A$$ Rappers" series of illustrations has only been shown for limited runs throughout Milwaukee. However, since the project has grown in scope, a new medium was necessary. "The book seemed like the best venue for them, especially since I'm adding so much more content 'about' the rappers," says artist Kristopher "Kpolly" Pollard. "Their albums, songs and sample lyrics. It'll be a lot of fun."
Travel & Visitors Guide - April 21, 2014
Adventure cycling shows off the beauty of Wisconsin's back roads
As I clicked my gears into lower and lower speeds, I found myself desperate for just one more cog in back. Just a few more teeth that wouldn't ever come. So I resigned myself to what I had, reached into my back pocket, pulled out a peanut butter energy bar and concentrated on spinning and eating. My mind alternated between stopping and walking and continuing to push through...
Kids & Family - April 21, 2014
Walk with Next Door to help children and families in need
Struggling with poverty is a difficult challenge, especially when children are relying on you to provide them with a stable, healthy life. But helping families in need can be as easy as putting one foot in front of the other.
Sports - Jan. 23, 2014
Milwaukee Bike Polo makes GQ
Former Milwaukeeans Brian Dillman and Eric Kremin were featured in GQ this month for their tenacity in the sport of bike polo. In 2010, with the help of their original teammate Joe Burge, the team took the World Championships. In 2012 they took the North American Championship, and in 2013, after a move to San Francisco and the acquisition of new teammate Joey Halverson, they took both.
Living - Jan. 8, 2014
Learn another language with 4 easy apps
There is a belief that making small, incremental changes is the best way to go about changing your life. This is why big goals like exercising and eating right fail so often. While always a good idea they're just too disruptive to handle with ease. But what about learning a new language? That may also sound like "too disruptive" of an idea. Learning a language is complex, time-consuming, and getting the right software is expensive, but in the past few years a solid group of apps have risen to the challenge of making language learning easy, fun and for the most part, free.
Holiday Guide - Nov. 25, 2013
Hundreds of Santas to cycle for spirits, support and ska
The Santa Rampage is an annual event in Milwaukee that has reached cult-status, featuring hundreds of people in Santa suits - as well as a wide swath of various holiday-themed costumes - riding their bicycles through the city. The occasion is so beloved that even the dodgy weather of the season typically does not detract from the merriment or the number of riders who participate in these festivities.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 23, 2013
"500 Clown Frankenstein" combines clowning, Frankenstein
"Frankenstein" features three performers who are charged with a task: "make monster." Bound in elaborate Edwardian costumes, the trio embarks on a journey to construct Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory while they struggle and battle through acrobatic feats." What better way to enjoy the Halloween spirit?
Marketplace - Sept. 4, 2013
Getting down to it with a phone sex operator
A former phone sex operator in Milwaukee recalls her time in the business in this eye-opening interview.
Marketplace - Aug. 11, 2013
Big Dogg Bakery satisfies the pickiest pooches
Frank Ortlieb at Big Dogg Bakery has been baking homemade, natural, healthy dog treats on-site in Bay View for about nine months. "Dogs seem to have more dietary restrictions than people, as well as the normal people-type allergies," he told
Music - July 18, 2013
Heartthrob has heart
There is always an internal debate about how early one needs to arrive at a show, particularly when the opening act is a mystery. Choose incorrectly and you're stuck impulsively checking Twitter all night, sucking down cocktails too quickly, and waiting impatiently for the opening act to utter those magic words, "This is our last song." Luckily the opening band was well worth the gamble. It only took a few chords before the conversations quieted and many heads turned. This, everyone's eyes seemed to agree, was going to be a good night.
Milwaukee Buzz - May 8, 2013
Bike to Work Week 2013, May 13-18
Don't feel like you need to ditch your car. The overall goal is participation. Don't feel bad if you can't ride all seven days, but don't give up after only one. Take small steps towards enjoying riding a bike. If you find a problem, ask around for a solution; odds are someone has already figured it out. Bike to Work Week may not convert you to a spandex-loving gear head, but it might provide you with a new, fun weekly goal.
Marketplace - May 3, 2013
The Fyxation Quiver: The first and last bike you'll ever need
The frame starts out as one would expect, with 4130 chromoly tubing in "a traditional double triangle design with a horizontal top tube, aero profile fork and horizontal dropouts to easily accommodate a singlespeed, fixed, or internal gear hub." But here is where it gets interesting. "The Quiver also ships with our proprietary derailleur hanger and removable cable stops so it can be built up as a geared road bike with front and rear derailleurs."
Music - March 22, 2013
The Scarring Party comes away from the light for show at Hotel Foster
Known for their tin can microphone, shiny tuba, eclectic instrumentation--which ranges from a typewriter to a customized whirring vibraphone--and, most importantly, lead singer Daniel Bullock's thoughtful, incisive lyrics. The Scarring Party's songs have roots in the early days of radio jazz, but the tone is more foreboding, as if one was being stalked by guard dogs in a French walled city while on the way to a burlesque show in Hell. Equal parts exciting, unnerving, and devious.
Music - Jan. 24, 2013
The Delphines: Warm and fuzzy with a tight foundation
The Delphines have a warm, fuzzy carefree sound. It's sonically blissful while lyrically dark. It drips with that sort of conflicted teenage nostalgia, the feeling of having the whole world waiting for you, while still being internally hesitant and confused. It's all pumped into a single microphone and done in a single take. But despite that youthful glow, the group is knit together, the foundation is strong, and the music crackles with a tight energy.
Kids & Family - Nov. 13, 2012
Milwaukee Bicycle Collective gives away 15 new youth bikes
The Milwaukee Bicycle Collective is currently overhauling its youth program, and to celebrate it is giving away 15 brand new bikes thanks to help from Potawatomi Bingo Casino's Miracle on Canal Street and
Living - Nov. 13, 2012
Beintween needs your help to reinvent the ARTery park project
Keith Hayes and Rob Zdanowski, founders of and the brains behind the ARTery, have lofty goals for their new project, Matireal, a creational trail. But now they need your help.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 28, 2012
Seven years of BarCampMilwaukee
BarCampMilwaukee7: Seven Minutes of Terror (named for the Mars rover Curiosity landing earlier this year) is different from a typical corporate conference. BarCamps are a participatory "unconference" event, where there is no "one" speaker and attendees are in charge of what happens. It is an open environment where people interested in teaching and learning come together to share their knowledge and experiences.
Marketplace - May 8, 2012
Vulture Space gives dead bikes new life
Grab your wheels -- next week, May 14-18, is Milwaukee's Bike to Work Week. Making things even easier for novice bikers this year is Vulture Space, a brand-new non-profit that provides bike stands and tools to fix, maintain and build bicycles conveniently located inside The Shops of Grand Avenue.
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