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Shopping - Riverwest Film & Video
824 E Center St, Milwaukee 414-265-7420
Restaurants - Riverwest Co-op
733 E. Clark St., Milwaukee 414-264-7933
Bars and Clubs - Linneman's Riverwest Inn
1001 E. Locust St., Milwaukee 414-263-9844
Bars and Clubs - Riverwest Public House
815 E. Locust St., Milwaukee
Restaurants - Dino's Riverwest
808 E. Chambers, Milwaukee 414-562-9171

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Music - Aug. 2, 2015
"Green Blah" documents Green Bay's punk scene
Chris Pretti and Jim Baker - along with Cole Quamma, Dan Boville and Max Hay - are now in the process of completing a documentary about the Green Bay punk scene entitled "Green Blah: the History of Green Bay Punk Rock." recently chatted with Pretti about the film, the Green Bay punk scene and its connections to the Packers.
Living - July 25, 2015
Take a lap with the Riverwest 24
The Riverwest 24, a 24-hour bike races through the Riverwest neighborhood, enters its 8th year and welcomes 1,200 riders and several hundred volunteers. It's popularity has remained at something of a fever pitch despite the only prizes being ice sculptures with hot dogs inside.
Dining - July 24, 2015
Cookies and beer vinegar take home the gold in Hottest Kitchen Entrepreneur Chal
The winners for the Hottest Kitchen Entrepreneur Challenge were announced July 23 at Milwaukee Area Technical College's future Food Maker School.
Living - July 18, 2015
53212 Unity Ride aims to connect two similar, yet diverse neighborhoods
The 53212 Unity Ride hopes to help bridge that demographic gap with an slow-rolling, exploratory bike ride that will bring together numerous community organizations from several diverse neighborhoods to look at gardens, murals and other historic points of interest.
Dining - July 7, 2015
Downtown development spurs Buckley's restaurant expansion
It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since Buckley's opened. And soon there will be more of this beloved Juneautown restaurant to love.

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Crazy Eights Fundraiser for Pathfinders
Aug. 8, 2015 8:00 p.m. at Club Timbuktu
Join Hostess with the Mostess Karen Valentine and fabulous p...
Florentine Opera at Colectivo Bay View
Aug. 5, 2015 7:00 p.m. at Colectivo - Bay View

Colectivo Coffee is pleased to present the 12th annual Flore...

Florentine Opera at Colectivo Lakefront
Aug. 6, 2015 1:00 a.m. at Colectivo - Lincoln Memorial Dr.

Colectivo Coffee is pleased to present the 12th annual Flore...

Sweet as Gold Fundraiser
Aug. 8, 2015 7:00 p.m. at 926 E. Center, Milwaukee, WI-53212

We are happy to announce, Lights! Camera! Soul! is now a 501...

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Rock - Waking Roland
Local rock/alternative/folk six piece band with an eclect...
Rock - Chop Top Toronados
Rockin' Country Punk Jazz playin' fools in Riverwest area...
Milwaukee-Based-Reggae-Rock-Eclectic-Funk-Everything unde...
Acid - Undercover Organism
We are a jam band that goes to UWMilwaukee. We play larg...
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Kids & Family - July 9, 2011
Reader blog Riverwest