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Dave Begel
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Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 25, 2016
Rep's "Man of La Mancha" tells a moving and spectacular tale of honor and love
Don Quixote, a man with a twisted sword and a broken lance, is living proof of the nobility of love, duty, honor and passion. And that's all on magnificent display in "Man of La Mancha," which opened to spectacular applause at the Rep Saturday night.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 24, 2016
"A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur" is an unbridled joy at Chamber Theatre
"A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur" is one of the less frequently produced Tennessee Williams plays, but the character portraits are familiar to anyone who knows Williams. And thanks to a perfect production from the Chamber Theatre, it feels valuable and vital.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 23, 2016
Off the Wall's "Passage to India" sparks search for a passage out of the theater
Off the Wall Theatre opened Dale Gutzman's version of "A Passage to India" Thursday night, and though Gutzman both wrote and directed this production, the whole thing fails to reach the high level of work Off the Wall normally delivers.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 20, 2016
Florentine Opera prepares a world premiere with "Sister Carrie"
Having struck artistic and critical gold once before, the Florentine Opera is preparing another world premiere with the same team that won two Grammys - except this time they are trading Sinclair Lewis for Theodore Dreiser.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 13, 2016
A unique First Stage production, and Edo says "adieu" to MKE Symphony
First Stage is taking another step with Fineghan Kruckemeyer and developing a play around themes suggested by Milwaukee kids. First Stage has co-commissioned Kruckemeyer to craft a new play inspired by conversations with area young people and their parents.

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