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Lodging - Best Western Midway Hotel - Brookfield
1005 S. Moorland Road, Brookfield 262-786-9540
Lodging - Best Western - Midway Airport
5105 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee 414-769-2100
Lodging - Best Western Woods View Inn
5501 W. National Ave., Milwaukee 414-671-6400
Entertainment - Best Place
901-917 W. Juneau Ave., Milwaukee 414-223-4709
Services - Best Choice Landscaping
2938 S. Waukesha Rd. , Milwaukee 414-897-7922

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Marketplace - Sept. 3, 2015
#WeWant: Tailgate edition
This week the OnMilwaukee #WeWants all kinds of tailgating goodies!
Travel & Visitors Guide - Sept. 3, 2015
Grown-ups do The Dells
Research shows that 25 percent of The Dells' visitors come without children - and this number is increasing every season. So, how should adults "do The Dells"?
Dining - Sept. 3, 2015
Concepting: A sneak peek at the Bartolotta restaurants at the Mayfair Collection
I was lucky enough to be invited to be a "fly on the wall" at Kahler Slater during the design planning process for three Bartolotta restaurants slated to open in 2016 at The Mayfair Collection. And here's a sneak peek at what I learned.
Movies & TV - Sept. 3, 2015
Here's the full 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival lineup
Prepare to clear your calendars for the last week of September and the first week of October, eat a diet of popcorn and Junior Mints, and get very familiar with the theater staffs at the Oriental, Downer, Times Cinema, Fox Bay Cinema Grill and the newly added Avalon Theater. This morning, the Milwaukee Film Festival announced the complete lineup for this year's edition.
Bars & Clubs - Sept. 2, 2015
Putting the PubPass to the test
It's important to have goals, so, with that in mind, OnMilwaukee senior writer Molly Snyder set a summer goal for herself: to go to all 25 bars participating in the new PubPass program. Lofty ambition, we know. Here's her review of this new concept.

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Milwaukee Magic & Comedy Monthly
Oct. 2, 2015 1:00 a.m. - Oct. 2, 2015, 1:00 a.m. at Best Western (Milwaukee Airport)
Come Watch a Rotating Cast of Comedians, Magicians, and Vari...
Jan. 5, 2016 7:30 p.m. - Jan. 10, 2016, 1:00 p.m. at Marcus Center for the Performing Arts

They delivered the papers, until they made the headlines…Dir...

Kinky Boots
May 31, 2016 - June 5, 2016 at Marcus Center for the Performing Arts
KINKY BOOTS is the exhilarating Broadway musical that will l...
Ernest in Love
May 21, 2016 7:30 p.m. at Oconomowoc Arts Center
What’s better than a play by Oscar Wilde? An Oscar Wilde pla...
The Lion @ Milwaukee Repertory Theatre
Sept. 30, 2015 - Nov. 8, 2015 at Milwaukee Repertory Theater

A good storyteller uses everything he has. So Benjamin Scheu...

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Rock - Bad Boy
Bad Boy's original rock is a Milwaukee legend. 1998's &q...
R&B - Streetlife with Warren Wiegrat
As the Milwaukee Bucks “House-Band”, ...
Folk - Amy Rohan
Solo Acoustic guitar, vocals, original songs and some cov...
Blues - The Katz Sass
The Katz Sass is a high energy Texas Blues Band in the st...
Pop - Amerikas Addiction
Amerikas Addiction is a hybrid- a melting pot of musical ...

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The Wedding Ringer
Doug Harris is a loveable but socially awkward groom-to-b...
2010 Best Picture Showcase 2/27
Indulge with the Best Picture nominees on the first Satur...
2010 Best Picture Showcase 3/6
Indulge with the Best Picture nominees the day before the...
17 Again
What would you do if you got a second shot at life? Clas...
DCI 2011: Big, Loud & Live 8
Celebrate the world's best drum corps in movie theatres t...