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Movies & TV - Jan. 13, 2016
"The Masked Saint" is not the crazy wrestling vigilante pastor film you want
There's a very strong chance you have never heard of "The Masked Saint." There's an even stronger chance, however, that the next four words will make you wish you had: professional wrestling vigilante pastor. Unfortunately, the movie isn't as interesting as it sounds.
Sports - Dec. 3, 2014
Fantasy football picks week 14
The playoffs begin this week for most leagues, and if you're now in the tournament for the big pay day (or bragging rights) odds are you have a solid starting group, and a key bench player or two that has produced. Now, you're still not going to find "start Aaron Rodgers" here, but we'll take a look at some big names who might be good (or bad) plays in the fantasy football playoffs.
Sports - Nov. 26, 2014
Fantasy football picks week 13
This is it, the final week of the fantasy football regular season (if your league does it right). Some of you may be playing out the string, or hoping to throw the playoff bracket into disarray with an upset, or you're trying to get that last needed win to either clinch a spot or secure a preferable seed. This week matters, and we're here to help you win again.
#RaiseMKE - March 20, 2013
Emmylou lets her hair down
The crowd at The Pabst Theater knew they were seeing something rare, a gem of a band, a star who usually maintains her well-deserved place center stage, letting her hair down and sharing a little of the limelight. Make no mistake about, in any sane country in the world, Emmylou Harris would be considered a national treasure and all her experiments are worth catching.
Movies & TV - Sept. 26, 2011
"Wish Me Away" is, sadly, no surprise
"Wish Me Away" didn't really surprise me much. Wait. One thing did surprise me a little. Though she was one of Time magazine's top 50 sexy people and apparently scored loads of hits and country music awards, I'd never heard of country superstar Chely Wright before I pressed play on Bobbie Birleffi and Beverly Kopf's documentary about the singer's coming out.

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The Masked Saint
The journey of a professional wrestler who becomes a smal...