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Travel & Visitors Guide - Nov. 16, 2015
Among the updates at Discovery World: newfound gallery space
There are a number of changes under way at Discovery World on the lakefront, including newfound exhibition space, an existing exhibit that is ballooning and changes for the Lubar Theater.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 24, 2015
Milwaukee Art Museum director Keegan announces retirement
Daniel Keegan, director of the Milwaukee Art Museum, recently announced his plans to retire in May 2016.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 23, 2015
13 photos behind the scenes at the Milwaukee Art Museum expansion
The Milwaukee Art Museum is prepping to reopen after being closed for 14 months while the collection was de-installed, an addition built - along with other construction work, including a new HVAC system. The new-look MAM swings its doors open to the public on Nov. 24, but we went inside to see what's happening right now.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 13, 2015
The future of 3-D printing is now at Kohl's Design It! Lab
The Kohl's Design It! Lab - and its offshoot Mobile lab, designed to visit schools and community events - were born from the 2010 Kohl's Cares initiative connecting Kohl's and Discovery World. Now, students are able to learn about the booming, cutting-edge technologies of 3D printing, and the value of educating kids about 3D printing is clear to the people who operate the lab.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 17, 2015
11 reasons why Scott Walker is suddenly tanking in the polls
A new Fox News poll came out, and it shows what a slew of other polls revealed after the first debate: While the media obsessed over whether Donald Trump was "over" because he once called Rosie O'Donnell a dog, the most surprising post-debate trend turned out to be the fact that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has tanked in the polls. Here are 11 reasons why his presidential bubble is threatening to burst.

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Kohl's Community Free Day - 12/6
Dec. 6, 2015 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at Milwaukee Art Museum

Come join the excitement December 6 from 10-4 at Kohl's Comm...

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