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Matt Mueller
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Festival Guide - July 1, 2016
The Living Statues continue to chisel their mark on the Milwaukee music scene
The Living Statues' latest single is titled "I Never Asked." I, on the other hand, did ask - about the new tune, its new sound, future records in the works and Big Gig memories - in a recent interview previewing their upcoming Summerfest set Saturday night.
Festival Guide - July 1, 2016
The Record Company rocks through the rain
While those outside the World Sound Stage were getting soaked, those enjoying Chris Vos and his up-and-coming dirt roads rock band The Record Company left the grounds quite the opposite: happily scorched by the blazing heat of some truly rocking tunes.
Festival Guide - June 30, 2016
Meet the monstrous mac bottom pizza
Have you ever been eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese, and thought to yourself, "You know what would make this mac 'n' cheese better? If it was a pizza instead." No? Well, too bad, because SoLo did, and thus we now have the mac bottom pizza.
Festival Guide - June 30, 2016
Fitz and the Tantrums slightly subdued yet still satisfy in Big Gig return
Pop Motown soul outfit Fitz and the Tantrums burned the house down at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse Wednesday night - even if the band wasn't quite dialed up to the scalding, sizzling, record-high temperatures of its past Big Gig visits.
Festival Guide - June 29, 2016
Corey Pieper brings islander pop to the shores of Summerfest
Hawaii may be thousands of miles - not mention most of an ocean - away from the Cream City, but local pop/hip-hop performer Corey Pieper is doing his best to bring some flavor from the shores of Maui to the shores of Milwaukee.

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Bustin' Bonaparte (The Story of an African Farm)
Three young children live carefree lives under the hot Af...