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Buzz - Nov. 30, 2016
The Forum: How Hillary lost Wisconsin
Welcome to America 2.0, the pre-civil rights redux. The World According to Trump. The worst upset in modern presidential history? Actually, quite the opposite. This election was the simplest of clich├ęs.
Buzz - Nov. 24, 2016
"Identity liberalism" isn't the problem; white nostalgia is
A number of election postmortems from The Professional Left have one thing in common: complaints that Democrats lost because we did not adequately kowtow to white men. But that view is part of the problem, not anything to do with the solution.
Sports - Nov. 22, 2016
Feature film focuses on the life and journey of Bucks' Dellavedova
Already an NBA champion with his own shoe line, Matthew Dellavedova is next apparently going to be the subject of an upcoming feature film about his life and unlikely rise from Australian nobody to suddenly famous starting Bucks guard and basketball cult hero.
Buzz - Nov. 14, 2016
On rigged races, the media and Trump's America: Some final election thoughts
In two short months, Donald Trump will be taking the oath of office, his tiny left hand resting (I assume) atop a copy of "The Art of the Deal." Here are three final takeaways from what happened last Tuesday.
Buzz - Nov. 9, 2016
Trying to make sense of - and move on from - Election Day
Earlier this week, I wrote that a nasty presidential campaign was fueling the worst in everyone and predicted a close election result. Still, I didn't quite expect this.

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Buzz - June 19, 2011
Reader blog Raising Cain
Buzz - Jan. 15, 2013
Reader blog Become A Commissioner!

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