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Kids & Family - Oct. 22, 2014
Kooky Cooky House returns
Many Milwaukeeans who grew up in the `60s, `70s and `80s remember the Kooky Cooky House - an electronic gingerbread cookie factory that featured dozens of moving parts - that was located in the now defunct Capitol Court Mall. This year, an updated Kooky Cooky House returns to Discovery World.
Movies & TV - April 25, 2014
Scatterbrains podcast: Actor Joe Reitman
Alia Janine interviews a man many of you have probably seen in at least one show or movie you have watched. His name is Joe Reitman, and he is an actor. He also happens to be a really good poker player, and holds the current title for most adorable puppy.
Movies & TV - April 11, 2014
"Draft Day" is a nice football movie for people who don't like football
"Draft Day" is an ad, less for the NFL Draft - though it is conveniently coming up in just a month - and more for the league itself. It's a hopeful attempt to get people to mindlessly consume a sport that's becoming more and more difficult to mindlessly consume. The mildly impressive thing is that, under "Ghostbusters" helmer Ivan Reitman's eye, the light, fluffy football trifle goes down almost as easily as designed.
Music - March 27, 2014
Remembering "The Dark Side" and Ron Cuzner
It was 11 years ago today when my mother called me from Milwaukee and told me Ron Cuzner had died that day at 64. I was stunned into a Cuzner-like pregnant-pause silence. I had moved to Madison in 1989, so I lost my close connection to Ron in those pre-radio streaming years. He had spun his last Ellington "Solitude" intro and uttered his last golden catch-phrase. He and his jazz program "The Dark Side" had finally moved on to the light.
Movies & TV - Jan. 31, 2014
Overripe romance makes "Labor Day" not much of a holiday
In writer-director Jason Reitman's "Labor Day," everybody is sweaty. Is it because this weekend - a long three-day holiday weekend in 1987 - is particularly warm? Or has the heat from the characters' hot, steamy metaphorical peach pie created its own warm front? My theory? It's because all of the obviously talented actors and actresses in "Labor Day" are trying so incredibly hard to make this overheated melodramatic romance work.

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