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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, Aug. 1, 2014

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Hi: 78
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Lo: 61
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Movies & TV - March 1, 2014
Matt's picks for who will win - and should win - at the 2014 Oscars
We are just on the outskirts of 24 hours before the Academy Awards finally begin, so I suppose that makes it about time to grab a ballot and actually start making some picks.
Movies & TV - Sept. 20, 2013
"Prisoners" an exquisitely made, exhausting emptiness
The new thriller "Prisoners" wants its themes to inspire challenging and passionate discussions. It wants to force you to look at yourself and your morality. It wants to haunt your dreams. It wants to be these things - and it's artfully crafted enough to almost convince you it is - but as my parents once told me during middle school basketball try-outs, there's something to be said about knowing your limitations.
Movies & TV - March 13, 2013
Five Irish actors and their best movies
St. Patrick's Day seems as good a time as any to pay tribute to Ireland's contributions to the arts with one of these five films, which feature some of the country's most famous actors doing some of their best work.
Movies & TV - Feb. 23, 2013
Matt's picks for who will win - and who should win - at the Oscars
We are less than 48 hours away from the Academy Awards, so it seems to be about time to officially fill out a ballot. Here are my picks for who will come out a winner and who, in my mind, should come out a winner Sunday night.
Movies & TV - Jan. 11, 2013
Who do you think will win an Oscar?
Even though most actors and directors will never say it, when it comes to the Oscars they are competitive. In recent years, we probably haven't seen as competitive as a field of nominees as we have now.

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In this latest installment of the Bond franchise, Bond's ...
Skyfall: The IMAX Experience
In this latest installment of the Bond franchise, Bond's ...