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Restaurants - Zarletti Mequon
1515 W. Mequon Rd., Mequon
Restaurants - Zarletti
741 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee 414-225-0000
Restaurants - Rustico
223 N. Water Street, Milwaukee 414-220-9933
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Dining - April 21, 2016
3 spring dining events you simply won't want to miss
As the weather warms, we can't wait to fill our roster with savory events cooked up with just the right amount of local flair. Among those on our list are these three can't-miss culinary extravaganzas.
Dining - March 7, 2016
New Third Coast Provisions restaurant to focus on seafood
It looks like the space on Milwaukee Street which formerly housed Carnevor won't be vacant for long. In fact, it will soon be inhabited by one of Milwaukee's newest upstart chefs.
Bars & Clubs - Dec. 10, 2015
4 winter inspired cocktails to try at Meraki
Just in time for the holidays, Meraki has launched a new bar program - including winter inspired cocktails featuring ingredients like cranberries and squash - under the direction of Shannon Stich.
Dining - Nov. 19, 2015
Lori's best dining picks for 2015
Now that dining month is officially over, and you've seen all the results of the OnMilwaukee Best of Dining 2015, our senior food & dining writer weighs in with her picks for best spots around the city.
Dining - Nov. 16, 2015
Milwaukee's best service/waitstaff, 2015
Food is only one part of a restaurant experience. There's the wine or beer list, there's the ambiance and, perhaps quietly most important of all, is the service. That's why we added the category to this year's poll, and coming out on top, racking up votes like tips, was MOVIDA.

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