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#WeWant: 100 Milwaukee gifts

Published Dec. 4, 2016

Searching for the perfect Milwaukee gift for a dear friend or loved one? Buy local -- and buy often -- from this guide of 100 Milwaukee gifts.


#WeWant: 6 terrible Milwaukee gifts

Published Dec. 4, 2016

Even though there are some very un-material Milwaukeeans out there, there are certain gifts that most of us would poo poo. It's not that these presents are completely offensive to all, it's just ... no.


#WeWant: 14 St. Nick's stocking or shoe stuffers

Published Dec. 2, 2016

Observing St. Nicholas Day - aka "St. Nick's," Tuesday, Dec. 6. - means you fill stockings or shoes on the evening of Monday, Dec. 5. And this, in turn, means if you have not done your shopping yet, you'd better get on it this weekend.


#WeWant: Give the gift of Milwaukee history

Published Dec. 1, 2016

The popularity of Facebook groups like "Old Milwaukee" and OnMilwaukee's own urban spelunking series shows that Milwaukeeans have a passion for their city and its history. Indulge that passion with a gift rooted in our collective story. Here are a few ideas.


#WeWant: Cyber Monday edition

Published Nov. 27, 2016

Are you wishing you'd scored some Black Friday deals? Don't fret, you can indulge in some great deals this Cyber Monday. Here are some of our top #WeWants to add to your cart.

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