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An idiot's guide to the 2014 Oscar Best Picture nominees

Published Feb. 26, 2014

After a month and a half of buzz, conflicting awards results and Hollywood gamesmanship, yes, the Oscars are finally happening this Sunday night. So as a little refresher for your Oscar parties and betting pools, here's a quick guide to the big nominees, listing off why or why not each movie has a chance.


Marketing plays key role in award nominations

Published Jan. 17, 2014

In the run-up to the nominations, there are millions of dollars spent on marketing. Mailings, advertisements and other tactics are used to keep a film, actor, actress or production at the top-of-mind.


A viewing guide to the 2014 Oscar nominations

Published Jan. 17, 2014

To help with your pre-Oscar binge-watching, here's a list of all the nominees listed in alphabetical order and where you can currently find and watch them. Then, come March 2, you'll be able to impress all of your friends with your knowledge about the nominees for Best Sound Mixing. Maybe impress isn't the right word ...


Oscar nominations predictable in their unpredictability

Published Jan. 16, 2014

On the first Sunday of March, in Hollywood's Dolby Theatre, "Inside Llewyn Davis" will hear its name called approximately the same amount of times as "The Lone Ranger." By the end of the night, there is a very likely probability that "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa" will likely have more Oscars than the Coen Brothers' latest critical darling. Obviously. I mean, what else would you expect from the Academy Awards?

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