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Hula hooping leads to a big break for Milwaukee actress

Published May 22, 2014

I first noticed Gina Weber she was on the Skylight stage, dressed like a hippie and twirling a hula hoop. A hula hoop. I thought it was a marvelous idea created by director Ray Jivoff. So I began to look into this young actress, one who could do what Jivoff wanted and who had a free-wheeling ease on stage. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the hula hoop was not an isolated idea. It's a real art form, and Weber is wrapped up in it.


Rep actor enjoys sweet homecoming for "Gutenberg! The Musical"

Published Aug. 25, 2012

Eric Damon Smith enjoys a busy acting life in Chicago. But he says he owes a lot to Milwaukee. He spent nine months during the 2002-03 season as an intern at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. Now, after 10 years, Smith is making a triumphant - and hilarious - return to the Milwaukee Rep stage as Bud Davenport in "Gutenberg! The Musical!" which premiered last night at the Stackner Cabaret.


So you want to be on TV?

Published June 21, 2012

Actors and actresses who enjoy their craft are happy with whatever role they get to play. However, some stages are bigger than others, and experience and exposure can launch careers.

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"A Christmas Carol" ... in a Northern Suburb 2012 - West Bend

 We all know that the Milwaukee Rep presents one of the finest renditions of "A Christmas Carol." It is respected and admired even by those who have not had the good fortune to see it themselves.  People from throughout the metro area travel to see it - and in some cases, it i...

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