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Holmgren returns to Wisconsin for autograph show

Published March 2, 2015

Super Bowl winning coach Mike Holmgren, who coached the Green Bay Packers to the title in 1996, returns to Wisconsin for an autograph show on Saturday at Legends of the Field in Greenfield.


Rodgers moves into the ranks of sports heroes

Published Dec. 30, 2014

There are circumstances that allow an athlete to rise from ordinary stardom into the pantheon reserved for those heroic moments that are burned into our memories. Aaron Rodgers' performance Sunday was the kind of thing that makes a hero.


Thunderstruck: Rodgers doesn't throw picks. So what?

Published Dec. 9, 2014

In our stats-driven society, we all know Aaron Rodgers is 68-32 in his first 100 starts, which is the same record Brett Favre had. And we know Rodgers has thrown about 4,000 fewer interceptions in his career than Favre did to this point. Which leads me to this question: "So what?"

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