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Thiele folds cake into art

Published Oct. 3, 2014

Brooke Thiele dabbled in cake making, but it wasn't until she dropped out of college and took classes at The Wilton School of Chicago that she started taking the confectionary arts seriously. And not so seriously, too. Penis cake, anyone?


Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg slams men's roller derby onto the local map

Published March 18, 2014

Roller derby is making a surprising comeback in popular culture. The Brew City Bruisers have focused the local spotlight on the sport over the years, and now the Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg is showing it's not just for the ladies in town anymore.


The Brew City Bruisers could kill me

Published Aug. 17, 2010

For about a year, publisher Andy Tarnoff and I have chatted about the possibility of me taking a "shift" as a member of the Brew City Bruisers female roller derby team. This sounded like fun to me, and I even picked potential names: Molly Ringworm or Molly McBlooder.


Roller skating at Red Arrow begins Saturday

Published Aug. 19, 2009

Last summer, we wondered why there wasn't roller skating at Red Arrow Park in Downtown Milwaukee. On Saturday, for the first time ever, you'll be allowed to roller skate at Red Arrow.

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sailing on the lake

I like sailing, biking and martial arts as well as keeping up w/politics and community events as I do belong to some in my community and i enjoy informing constituents of changes in their lives that surround our daily living.  I have great neighbors as well as friends across the nation from ...

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