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Story at the heart of Disney's "Bears"

Published Aug. 17, 2014

Narrated by John C. Reilly, the story presented by Disneynature's "Bears" will keep viewers of all ages entertained and engaged in the true life survival in the Alaskan wilderness.


"Jungle Book" Blu-ray a light, music-filled adventure

Published Feb. 10, 2014

"The Jungle Book" Blu-ray and DVD combo pack goes on sale on Tuesday. It was great to revisit "The Bare Necessities" that Phil Harris as Baloo and Bruce Reitherman as Mowgli bring to the screen in the Diamond Edition.

Recommends11312_storyflow recommends, Nov. 3, 2012

Published Nov. 3, 2012

"Copper," the Bucks and reissued tunes are what's on tap for this edition of Recommends. Read on and get the scoop on the stuff we like this week.

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Dirty Diapers

Wednesday July 23rd, 2014 – Island Lake, IL    I want to talk more about the whole game of getting on television. Ultimately, it’s what makes or breaks a true career in the entertainment business and everyone that succeeds needs to master it and find their outlet. Some ma...

Rev. Ron reviews "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"

The Hunger Games never really interested me so I never read the books and never bothered to see the film in the theaters. However, when it was released on DVD, I gave it a shot because I will give every movie a chance (how do I know if something that looks like it won't entertain me ends up enter...

Rev. Ron reviews "Last Vegas"

It's been some time since I've spent a significant amount of time in Las Vegas but my time has never been as eventful as the movies make it out to be. There's no big breasted beautiful woman in bikinis giving me a wink and a smile, no huge jackpot on my first pull of a slot machine crank, no blac...

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