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Boozy Bard brings drunk dramas to Best Place

Published July 31, 2015

Last year, Jeremy Eineichner started a theater group called Boozy Bard, an ever-changing collection of actors who get together monthly to perform a Shakespeare play at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery, 901 W. Juneau Ave. "We're doing Shakespeare the way it was meant to be done: Drunken and vastly unprepared," says Eineichner.



Published Feb. 22, 2011

I'm no drunkorexic, but I can relate to this. Occasionally, I have been offered a dessert or a second slice of pizza and I said, only half jokingly, "Thanks, but I am saving my caloric intake for beer."


Sunday Sound-off: Sworn-off drinks

Published Feb. 28, 2010

Bar Month comes to an end, but before we wrap things up, we have one last booze-related forum for you. All month long, we've asked about your favorite bars, drinks, wines, cocktails and anything else you like -- or dislike -- about bars and the joy of the drink. This time, we want to know what you've given up.

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Are you drunk yet?

God I love Mill-ee-wa-kay in summer because so many citizens pull a hot "Leeeerrrroooy Jeennnkins" when Summerfest hits on opening day.  Saw many fellow citizens already saucing it up in the 3rd ward, I love it.  As long as people are having fun and not trying to fight, cause ...

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