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OnMedia: Have you overdosed on news coverage?

Published March 18, 2011

It's been a week since a massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, and it's a bigger TV story than ever. But it follows two other enormous stories ... NBC's "Community" picked up for a third season.


Do you have a disaster plan?

Published March 11, 2011

Every time I hear of a natural disaster, like yesterday's earthquake in Japan, I think to myself, I should have emergency plan.


Festa Italiana and the ICC launch quake relief fund

Published April 8, 2009

To aid relief efforts after the shattering earthquake that rocked Italy's Abruzzo region on Monday, Milwaukee's Festa Italiana and the Italian Community Center (ICC) launched a relief fund to help collect local donations.


What was that?

Published April 18, 2008

An earthquake? In Wisconsin? REALLY?


Did you feel the earth move?

Published April 18, 2008

An earthquake early this morning in downstate Illinois sent tremors as far Milwaukee.

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