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Paper's campaign against MPD stinks of vendetta journalism

Published Sept. 27, 2012

I have a lengthy history as a journalist, and I know a campaign when I see one. It's true of the crazy birther movement. It's true of the MSNBC relentless assault on Mitt Romney's taxes. It's true of Rush Limbaugh and his acolytes in their campaign against women's rights. The Journal Sentinel coverage of the Milwaukee Police Department has that same kind of odor to me.


Aldermen release statement chiding Journal Sentinel

Published June 22, 2012

Nine members of the Common Council issued a statement today lambasting The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for its handling of an investigation into misreporting of crime data by the Milwaukee Police Department.


Crime decreases continue

Published Aug. 19, 2011

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn wrote a letter to the community sharing crime numbers from the first six months of 2011. There has been a continued drop in crime for the first half of this year as it has been every year since since 2007.


Police suffer from "Communication Breakdown"

Published Oct. 23, 2009

While Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn spent most of his time in the spotlight asking that his officers not be furloughed for four days, the Common Council's Finance Committee essentially glossed over a report that the MPD has spent $17.5 million on a radio system that doesn't work and won't be fixed.

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