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Fromme is uber-committed to German Fest

Published July 20, 2014

Festa Italiana ends today, and German Fest is up next. In preparation for next weekend's festival of all things German, chats with Klaus Fromme, who has been the executive director and president of German Fest since 1981.


Development diversity may be the only way to make U.S. a World Cup contender

Published June 10, 2014

The U.S. men's soccer team continues to struggle in the World Cup, but why? It's not a question of numbers anymore. We have lots and lots of kids playing soccer. This may be a little uncomfortable to talk about, but I think the problem is that we don't have the right blend of kids playing soccer.


German teachers association honors local schools and students

Published May 7, 2014

This afternoon, the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) released the results of their annual National German Exam. Of that group, 74 placed in the top 10 percent nationwide. Their high-marked performance earned the Gold Certificate on the exam, as well as qualified them for a paid four-week summer study trip to Germany. This year's winner was Hannah Doyle, a junior at Brookfield Academy.


Sheboygan, Johnsonville Sausage say 'nein' to Germany

Published April 18, 2014

Sheboygan-based Johnsonville Sausage LLC says it is "as much amused as it is surprised" that the European Union, in negotiating the terms of a new trade deal with the United States, is pushing to trademark several different foods - including bratwurst - that have originated in an EU country.


Powerful new Amitai work rooted in family and world history

Published Dec. 30, 2013

There's almost nothing that can transport you back in time like the now-and-then photo duo. For the child of immigrants, like Milwaukee artist and musician Paul Amitai - now based in Brooklyn - the chance to take a fresh look at storied places has an even more profound meaning.

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