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Greetings from the center of an insignificant storm

Published May 29, 2008

A silly debate about a cherry wood dressing cubicle once occupied by a great, retired quarterback was a nonstop conversational fodder for ESPN, but a tornado in Iowa was unnoticed.

Reader blogs:

West Bend, Iowa

WEST BEND, Iowa - Oh shit.... I'm in the wrong West Bend.Stopped in West Bend, Iowa and it's been a very 'Back-to-the-Future' experience touring the community of 800, located about 150 miles east of Sioux City and 180 miles northwest of Ames, Iowa.West Bend, Iowa has one grocery - Kampen Foods, o...

Mother Nature throws a tantrum

MOTHER NATURE THROWS A TANTRUM....WEST BEND, Iowa - Mother Nature must be going through 'the change' because she sure was throwing a tantrum today.Temps soared to 92 degrees with a heat index of 112. Headwinds were also strong at 25 miles per hour. It was the type of wind where flags stood at att...

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