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Lavish "Layton's Legacy" chronicles enduring gift of art

Published Sept. 24, 2013

In a sense, the story of Frederick Layton is the story of art in Milwaukee. Not only was the English immigrant meat-packer one of Milwaukee's first serious art collectors, he was also among the first to pony up to build a civic art gallery - the Layton Art Gallery on Jefferson Street - to allow the public access to his collection. That gallery also had an important local art school attached and, while the gallery morphed into the Milwaukee Art Museum, strands of the school are woven into the history of Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.


Local artist creates Pope's portrait from condoms

Published March 17, 2013

Shorewood's Niki Johnson, a MIAD instructor and artist, recently finished a piece called "Eggs Benedict," a portrait of the pope made from 17,000 colored, non-lubricated condoms.


Former Milwaukeean pens graphic novel masterpiece

Published Dec. 22, 2011

Craig Thompson grew up in Wisconsin, attended MIAD and went on to dominate the graphic novel genre. His latest book, a 682-page graphic novel called "Habibi," is his most exquisite body of work to date.


Behind the scenes: Staging Art Museum shows takes juggling skills

Published April 26, 2011

Even folks who spend a lot of time at the Art Museum might have only a vague idea of what it takes to run such an institution and the sweat, energy and attention to detail that go into staging exhibitions. That's why we went behind the scenes at MAM and met the people who toil long and hard so that Brew City can have a world-class art museum. Today we meet the design and preparatory staff.

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Sneak peek at MIAD senior exhibition

Last night I had the opportunity to visit MIAD's senior exhibition before it opens to the public because my cousin is graduating. I was blown away by the professional quality, artistry and ingenuity of some of the projects. The diversity of talents and ideas was really astounding. ...

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