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Building the streetcar doesn't hurt MPS

Published Feb. 9, 2015

Last week Milwaukee Alderman Joe Davis, a streetcar opponent and announced candidate for mayor against Barrett in 2016, earned a "Mostly False" from PolitiFact Wisconsin for saying the streetcar would "take precious revenue away" from MPS.


With a mandate, Driver must now row harder than ever

Published Oct. 1, 2014

In what appears to be a pretty unprecedented move Tuesday night, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors called off the search for a permanent replacement for former superintendent Dr. Gregory Thornton and named interim supe Dr. Darienne Driver to the post, beginning today. Hey, Dr. Driver, no pressure.


Driver named permanent superintendent of MPS

Published Sept. 30, 2014

In a special board meeting Tuesday night, the MPS Board of School Directors voted to hire acting superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver as the permanent superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools, effective Wednesday, Oct. 1.


Picking a new superintendent isn't easy, but this board can do it

Published Feb. 20, 2014

Some will cheer and some will jeer whoever is ultimately selected to serve first as interim and later as permanent MPS superintendent, but I have faith that the school board can make the right choice for my children and all Milwaukee's children, and I believe that we need to make ourselves part of the discussion and work with the board.

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