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Milwaukee Film Festival announces Cream City Cinema lineup

Published Aug. 27, 2015

This morning, the Milwaukee Film Festival announced its lineup for the 2015 Cream City Cinema program, which highlights the talents of locally-based filmmakers - and awards one with a $5,000 cash prize. This year's collection of picks includes three documentaries, two feature-length fiction films and four shorts programs - including the debut of the "The Milwaukee Music Video Show."


35mm prints of "Jaws" and "The Shining" lead 2015 Cinema Hooligante lineup

Published Aug. 20, 2015

This morning, the Milwaukee Film Festival announced its lineup for this year's Cinema Hooligante program, a collection of films dedicated to all things gory, raunchy, offensive, scary, trippy and generally speaking bonkers. Topping that list this year are two 35mm screenings: one for Steven Spielberg's game-changing blockbuster "Jaws" and one for the greatest horror movie ever made, "The Shining."


2015 Milwaukee Film Festival announces Art + Artists lineup

Published Aug. 19, 2015

The good news keeps pouring out of the Milwaukee Film office this month. After previously announcing its Film Feast, Rated K: For Kids, Black Lens and Sound Vision lineups, today the festival added its picks for its Art + Artists program, including a U.S. premiere and the latest from Bobcat Goldthwait.


Milwaukee Film Festival announces return of Film Feast program

Published Aug. 18, 2015

Hungry for more movies to satisfy both your film fanatic and foodie sides? Well, this morning, the Milwaukee Film Festival announced the return of its Film Feast program - sponsored by and BelAir Cantina - a collection of eight delectable documentaries and features dedicated to dining, drinking and all that comes with.

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Each day of the Milwaukee Film Festival, I'm going to have a recommendation for something people should see. I know there are an aimless bunch of you who want to attend the fest, but still don't have everything pegged down as far as what you're going to see. This is for you. As a member of th...

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