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Milwaukee Talks: Katrina Cravy

Published Sept. 16, 2016

When Katrina Cravy signs off from FOX 6 on Oct. 12, it will mark the end of a 20-year chapter in her life, but another one is about to open. While the 46-year-old anchor, reporter and host has been a fixture at her station for almost 18 years, she's preparing to embark on a career at a media relations consultant, speaker and author.


Milwaukee Talks: Tavernkeeper Teri Regano of Roman Coin

Published Sept. 15, 2016

This is Brew City, so it should come as no surprise that we value Milwaukee's beer-soaked history. And Regano's Roman Coin has been a part of that tradition for five decades. In honor of it Regano's is throwing a party and we asked Teri Regano about it.


Milwaukee Talks: Police union president Mike Crivello

Published Sept. 8, 2016

The recent uprisings in Sherman Park have once again brought to attention the conflict between the black community and the Milwaukee Police Department. Mike Crivello is the president of the Milwaukee Police Association and he's been a member of the force since he was hired in 1991.


Introducing Milwaukee Talks Race: real conversations, different voices

Published Aug. 23, 2016

"Milwaukee Talks Race" is a series of in-depth and unfiltered Q&A-style interviews on, starting this week. It's a way to have the conversation we keep saying we need to have, hear new voices, gain different perspectives and, hopefully, offer a platform for potential to change our city.


Milwaukee Talks: Kent "The Milwaukee Blacksmith" Knapp

Published Aug. 22, 2016

This segment of Milwaukee Talks answers all the questions you have for local, soon-to-be-famous reality TV star, Kent Knapp. What was it like filming the show? Is he rich now? The first two episodes of "Milwaukee Blacksmith" will air on the History Channel this Tuesday, Aug. 23.

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