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Brewers predictions for 2013

Published April 2, 2013

Baseball season is underway. Six months of drama, excitement, fear and loathing. It's a time to think, to make wishes and to predict. Yes, it's time to set your dreams aside and face the cold reality of what you think will happen. Predictions. Some serious. Some not.


Milwaukee Talks: Brewers' outfielder Nyjer Morgan

Published July 20, 2012

In his second season in Milwaukee, few players have endeared themselves to the Brew City as quickly as outfielder Nyjer Morgan. Whether it's flying kites in the park, cheering on the Rally Banana or speaking out about his unique charitable efforts, "T Plush" is a player everyone can relate to. In this edition of Milwaukee Talks, Morgan talks about Brewers fans, "hipster glasses" and what Milwaukee reminds him of.


Brewers have sparked several times, but can't catch fire

Published May 16, 2012

One or two times a week, the Milwaukee Brewers strike a match at the plate, or on the mound. Eight runs here. A dominant starting pitching performance there. But the flame always seems to go out just before it can catch the rest of the wood, something that continues to frustrate fans and the team itself.

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