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Poll position: Somehow, Walker is more popular than his policies

Published Sept. 2, 2014

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Oh, look, it's a day that ends in Y, so Bullock is slamming Scott Walker again." You bet! But this day, I have new results from the Marquette University Law School poll to talk about, and since the poll has been eerily accurate - nailing Gov. Walker's recall win in 2012, for example - the results are worth paying attention to.


Why Ron Johnson's lawsuit really hurts my brain

Published Aug. 5, 2014

Good news, everybody! Wisconsin's senior Sen. (and man, is that a tough phrase to type) Ron Johnson, Republican, is appealing the dismissal of his lawsuit over the Affordable Care Act, so the hilarity can continue for the foreseeable future.


Red­-baiting is alive and well in Wisconsin

Published Feb. 10, 2014

A conservative Republican who used to have a blog and podcast here in Wisconsin posted this week, "What would this country be like if Obama and other socialists could achieve everything they dream of? Watch the Olympics this winter to find out. Conservatives have spent the better part of Obama's presidency warning he wanted to turn the U.S. into Canada or the U.K. but the 2010 winter games in Vancouver and the 2012 summer games in London went off without a hitch and were widely praised.

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