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A Chicago/Milwaukee metroplex faces many obstacles

Published July 19, 2012

There seems to be very little discussion about whether consolidating Chicago and Milwaukee would be a good thing. It's as if everyone has decided that big is better and now we just have to work out the details. There's an old axiom that I believe in that says "Just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean you should do it."


Paris catches up to Milwaukee

Published June 7, 2012

The last few summers in Milwaukee and Paris. We are gobbling cheese steaks, falafel and Korean barbecue tacos from food trucks. Parisians are eating stinky cheese, molar-cracking bread and sauteed snails in bistros. Who do you think is having more fun?


Social Circle: Where do you want to travel?

Published April 14, 2012

A lot of people traveled this past week because of the holidays and / or spring break vacations, which left others with the desire to hit the road - or the sky. So this week, asked the social circle where they would travel if they could.


Milwaukeeans create a Paris city guide app

Published Jan. 11, 2010

Despite having once been in a band with Kiki Anderson, I always dropped the ball when she lived in Paris and I visited. I never thought to get her number before leaving home and I always suspected, once there, that I had now missed out not only on seeing a old Milwaukee friend, but also a fine Paris tour guide. Now, I know it's true.

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Encouraged by Stimulation

I’ve heard many economists speculate on whether or not we’ve hit rock bottom. Their simple answer is that it’s going to be tough to spot the lowest valley even when we’re in it. My contention, however, is that we HAVE hit rock bottom and there’s no way to go but up. ...

Tales in Translation

Although this blog isn’t about travel, per se, I had to post it as throughout my travels I’ve encountered some interesting misunderstandings in language. As a rule, I always try to learn at least a handful of words in the local language, however sometimes situations warrant mor...

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