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Malort liqueur repulses most Milwaukeeans

Published Sept. 27, 2014

Malört, a 70-proof, wormwood-flavored alcohol, has been described as having notes of gasoline, poison, earwax, rotten grapefruit and decaying flesh. Some say the aftertaste is more repulsive than the initial flavor. But not everyone hates the stuff.


Local kids nab national award for HoodiePet invention

Published Dec. 12, 2012

With the help of their mom, Alexia and Seth Kempe invented the HoodiePet. Hasbro and the Chicago Toy and Game Group nominated the children for a "Young Inventors of The Year" TAGIE award that recognizes toy and game inventors from around the world. And they won.


Aloofness pulls apart "Together"

Published Oct. 12, 2001

There are a few hearty laughs scattered throughout, but they don't come often enough. After an hour, you'll be checking your watch every five minutes, praying for it all to end. It's all harmless enough, but there really is no reason to see "Together."

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