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It's time to scrap the Zoo Interchange rebuild in favor of a better idea

Published April 1, 2015

Last weekend, I was headed to Cascio Interstate Music in New Berlin to check out guitars and my route took me through the mess that is the current zoo interchange, now into its fourth year of rebuilding. Merging into bumper to bumper traffic thanks to more closed lanes -- and pondering at least four more years of this -- I thought, "there must be a better way."


One-time $2 M-CARD charge goes into effect April 6

Published March 24, 2015

This morning, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) will begin charging $2 per card starting on Monday, April 6. The fee is a one-time charge for the smart card; after that fee, customers only have to pay for the fares that are put on it.


Why did Anja trek from Franklin to Downtown Milwaukee?

Published March 22, 2015

Anja Notanja Sieger left her suburban home at 9:50 a.m. on Thursday morning and started the journey to fulfill her longtime goal of walking from Franklin to Downtown Milwaukee. She did it, in part, in conjunction with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee's upcoming Transportation Circus. But she made the 15-mile hike for other reasons, too.


Bublr is back with new stations and pricing

Published March 13, 2015

Bublr, the city's first bike share system, rolled out last year and was subsequently rolled back in before winter. But while the wheels were only on the ground for a limited time, the company still deemed it a success, coasting through the finish line with an impressive 5,500 trips. What was not so successful, however, was the confusing pricing. So as Bublr gears up to return, the company announced a new, simpler pricing structure.

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