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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Monday, Sept. 22, 2014

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Results tagged with 'abuse'

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Full story about abducted dog comes to light in new book

Published July 12, 2013

Six months after her abducted dog, Briggs, was returned, Tricia O'Malley authored a book about the harrowing experience. She - along with Briggs and her other dog, Blue - will be at Boswell Books on Friday, July 12 at 7 p.m.


Local sex therapist provides insight to the industry

Published Jan. 30, 2013

There is still a lot of mystery around sex therapy even though in recent years it has been somewhat destigmatized. sat down with Dr. Laura Liguori and asked her about common sexual problems, who her clients are, what kinds of "homework" she assigns and her thoughts on Dr. Ruth and Dr. Phil.


Rape is a four-letter word

Published March 13, 2010

Just last week, a man was arrested and faces multiple criminal charges after sexually assaulting a college student. Unfortunately, such stories are uncommon as most sexual assault and rape activities go unreported or aren't prosecuted.


Motherfest: Parent abuse is whack

Published Dec. 5, 2005

There are plenty of things no one mentions to you prior to parenthood, like the fact you inevitably have a kid who inherits your least-desired features, or the fact that all parents endure a fair share of physical abuse from ther kids.


Milwaukee's teen sex abuse baffles expert

Published Nov. 5, 2004

Milwaukee has a beanstalk-high teen pregnancy rate, and more than one in seven local girls says she's been raped. Dr. Jill Murray, teenage abusive dating expert, spoke at the United Way earlier this week to explore the staggering stats.

Reader blogs:

Brothers Again

Sunday July 6th, 2014 – Watertown, WI    2014 has been nothing short of a blockbuster personal year for me, and at the moment nothing else matters. It’s easy to take positive things for granted, and I think we all make that mistake on a regular basis. We focus on wha...

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