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Does Milwaukee have too many tattoo shops?

Published May 10, 2014

When tattooing was legalized in Milwaukee in 1998, a handful of shops opened. Today, there are 53. Is this too many? Local shop owners weigh in.


Milwaukee tattoo guide, 2011

Published April 16, 2011

Milwaukee has a long list of ink shops on all sides of town. Some have changed hands or come and gone over the years, but a core group has been in business for many years. Although some believed tattoos would become a fad of the '90s, for the most part, they've remained fashionable with a variety of different social groups, from hipsters to bikers to sorority gals.


Tattoo king turns to fine art

Published March 24, 2009

After more than a decade of owning the tattoo shop Adambomb, Adam Werther is accustomed to drawing for clients. Now that the economy slowed down business a little bit, Werther is able to focus on fine art and drawing for himself.


Booze and tattoos: A big, bad combo

Published Feb. 5, 2008

In preparation for the ink needle, some people might decide to have a drink -- or four – to gain liquid courage, but most tattoo artists don’t recommend it.


Frederiksen shares honest perceptions of art, life and Milwaukee

Published Jan. 6, 2006

Artist Kurt Halsey Frederiksen was born in Racine, attended MIAD, lived in Milwaukee for two years and showed his work in local galleries, but his opinion of the city -- and the art world at large -- is bleak at best. Jaded? Bitter? Brilliant and dead on? You decide.

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