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Actress Ione Skye pens kids' book

Published May 18, 2014

In 1989, Ione Skye starred in the classic coming-of-age film, "Say Anything," and co-actor John Cusack delivered the now-cult-famous line, "I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen." About 25 years later, Skye penned a childrens' book, "My Yiddish Vacation." It's available locally at Boswell Book Company.


Bateman and company turn "Bad Words" into good, mean fun

Published March 29, 2014

"Bad Words," the directorial debut of "Arrested Development" star Jason Bateman about a bitter 40-year-old man-child competing in a children's spelling bee, earns the word "Bad" in its title in mostly all of the right ways.


OnMedia: Does creepy work in selling the Toyota Prius?

Published Oct. 3, 2011

Sorry, but Toyota's "People Person" spot for the Prius really creeps me out. ... Is "Arrested Development" really coming back to the small screen and the big screen? ... "South Park" fans can get some insights into how the show is made.


OnMedia: A bunch of TV shows in trouble

Published Oct. 6, 2010

This TV season hasn't cranked out any blockbusters, and with two cancellations already, another handful of shows are facing the ax ... Howard Kurtz jumps from print to the Internet ... Tim Gunn tells his teen story.

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