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Articles tagged with 'Television'


It's official: Get ready for season two of "Making a Murderer"

Published July 19, 2016

Deadline Hollywood reported this morning that Netflix ordered another season of the now Emmy-nominated docu-series and that it is currently in production under the watch of returning executive producer/director tandem Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos.


Season two of "Mr. Robot" starts off strong

Published July 15, 2016

"Mr. Robot" arrived on television last year and dominated the scene with its engaging storyline and dark connotations. Now, season two is here - and so is OnMilwaukee to recap the season premiere's shocks and surprises.


The latest big battle on "Game of Thrones" delivers on the buzz

Published June 20, 2016

It's finally time for the battle we've all been waiting for this season on "Game of Thrones," that between our favorite zombie Jon Snow and the wretched Ramsay Bolton. But war is breaking out over all the lands for the Iron Throne.


"Game of Thrones" kicks up the intensity in "The Door"

Published May 23, 2016

A few highly important questions were answered on this week's exciting episode of "Game of Thrones," but many more were raised - as well as a few tears shed over a seemingly simple three-word phrase that's changed everything. Mind officially blown.


Jodie Foster is a Packers fan (unless they suck)

Published May 12, 2016

In between chats about her new movie "Money Monster," Jodie Foster dropped quite a bombshell last night on "Conan": The two-time Oscar winner and L.A. native is a Packer fan.


"Game of Thrones" gets to the point - and then some - with "Home"

Published May 2, 2016

Television shows have a recurring habit of dragging out the point, but "Game of Thrones" didn't do that this week. Oh no; they gave it to you straight. This was an episode that I expected to happen well into the season, not the second episode in.