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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014

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Articles tagged with 'obama'


Erasing and redrawing the lines of bigotry

Published Aug. 6, 2013

The media has spent the last few years doing a great job of redrawing the lines of bigotry. It used to be that action predicated bigotry. Today, simply having a religious belief that opposes gay marriage will brand you as a bigot. This subtle change is no mistake and has been effective in turning the conversation of bigotry from actions to beliefs.


Social Circle: Were you surprised by the election results?

Published Nov. 11, 2012

Whether you are pleased or displeased with the results of the elections, they are over and it's time to move forward. For closure, had to ask the Social Circle one last question: were you surprised by the outcome of any of the elections.


Dress like the Obama girls

Published Nov. 8, 2012

Tuesday's presidential election may have split the country down the middle, but thankfully there's one thing upon which both red and blue states can agree: the Obama girls have got some serious style. Here's how Milwaukee fashionistas can replicate their look.


The election is over - welcome back, commercials

Published Nov. 8, 2012

A big welcome back to the Lenz Trucks guys, attorney David Gruber and Steinhafels. I'm sure some of us will miss the abundance of campaign advertisements - OK, only the bean counters at the local TV and radio stations will.


Grading the candidates' websites

Published Nov. 5, 2012

Every major election, Publisher Andy Tarnoff makes a point to take a nonpartisan look (yes, he says he can do that) at the major candidates' websites and evaluate them based on usability, design, clarity and messaging, mobile and overall trustworthiness. Here's a topical look at the Web efforts of the men and women looking for your vote on Nov. 6.


Candidates display only nodding acquaintance with the truth

Published Nov. 1, 2012

I can hardly imagine anybody who has behaved like these candidates actually being either a president or a vice president or a senator. All of them, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Tommy Thompson, Paul Ryan, Joe Biden and Tammy Baldwin have demonstrated that they have, at best, a nodding acquaintance with the truth.


Election exhaustion

Published Oct. 8, 2012

The lead item on the news this weekend was about how much money the two campaigns had raised. I was stunned, but it gave me an idea.


Why Obama will beat Romney

Published Oct. 3, 2012

Let me begin this blog by explaining that I'm not a huge fan of Barack Obama. He's the most mediocre Democratic president since Jimmy Carter and maybe since Lyndon Johnson, and for all the hate directed to him by the right, he's also equally let down the left. Still, he will trounce Mitt Romney on Nov. 5. Here's why.


Political battles promise a bumpy ride

Published Sept. 6, 2012

The political conventions for the two major parties have occupied wall-to-wall coverage on the news channels and the number of talking heads who have nothing to say rivals the number of delegates at each convention. I don't know exactly what's wrong with me, but I watched an awful lot of the coverage and came away with a bunch of impressions.


We're a nice bunch. Right?

Published June 6, 2012

Today, after yesterday's election, The Atlantic asks "If Wisconsin Can't Be Nice, Who Can?" Whatever. I'd argue that both candidates are nice, and politics isn't or shouldn't be personal. Of course many people take everything personally. This won't change, but it's time to sometimes put our own "truths" to the side.


Rahm Emanuel to join Mayor Barrett for lunch event in March

Published Feb. 16, 2012

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced that his first Mayor's Club event of 2012 will feature Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The exclusive event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 28 at the Italian Community Center.