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Milwaukee's best bakeries, 2015

Published Oct. 18, 2015

Rocket Baby, the adorably branded bakery and cafe, lodged its delectably fresh-made scents in the noses and minds of Milwaukee readers, who voted it No. 1 this year.


7 mouth-watering Milwaukee bakeries

Published May 11, 2015

We're lucky in Milwaukee, because we have an array of bakeries that keep life here sweet. Here are seven of my favorites, for very specific reasons.


Memah's Kitchen serves up slices of compassion

Published Aug. 30, 2014

Two months ago, at the age of 60, Austin opened Memah's Kitchen on the second floor of the Grand Avenue Mall, across from Brew City Beer Gear. She teamed up with her daughter, Brandi Iberia Austin, who attended Howard University and received an MBA. She is also a recording artist known as "Iberia."

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Looking for Militzer's Bakery Vienna Log Recipe

Grew up in Milwaukee and I'm looking for one of my favorite all-time torte's. This torte was part of every family celebration. Since I have become involved with baking, I've tried to remember everything about this wonderful torte and I would very much appreciate getting a detailed description and...

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