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Like president, like passer? Obama says he's like Aaron Rodgers

Published Nov. 17, 2015

This morning, GQ published an interview between former Grantland head and future HBO sports talking head Bill Simmons and President Obama, and one part - concerning what sports figure the current president views himself as - will catch Packer Nation's ear.


The race for president of the Delusional Party

Published Sept. 23, 2015

It's a truism in American politics that everyone believes the other side is completely nuts. Delusional. Certain about facts that just simply don't exist. This is a simplification, sure, but it's also kind of a meta-statement about a different serious problem in American politics, which is the myth of "balance," an insistence that "both sides do it." But both sides don't do it. The fact is that only one political party right now seems to exist in a world of fantasy and delusion.

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An Empty Mailbox

Friday October 9th, 2009 - Kenosha, WI    Another day with an empty mailbox and I’m glad I don’t own a gun because today’s the day I might have used it. This is a cruel test of my patience and I’m about to flunk it badly if I don’t get my check soon. I...

The Symbols and Substance of Barack's bow

Rich Lowry and the hundreds of others who becry Obama's breach of the unstated rules of Presidential conduct fail to realize that these very rules, originally initiated for outdated purposes, have to be challenged and broken in order to bring about progressive change, inside and outside of Americ...

"Sweet Freedom's Song"

"Sweet Freedom's Song" Revolutionary Drill Unit from the Inaugural Parade (Educational fair use) Before the inauguration at noon, the number of people joining the assembly built and their mood sprang from the shared sights and sounds. The crowd reveled in the se...

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