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What's behind door No. 2?

Published Feb. 28, 2012

This is an open letter to all businesses (restaurants, retail shops, etc.) in the Milwaukee area that provide a restroom for their patrons. Clean them. Frequently.


Bizarre Riverwurst Comics is well worth $2

Published Jan. 9, 2003

A self-described Luddite, Tea Krulos assembled his brand new comic 'zine, Riverwurst Comics, without the help of a computer. "It has a slightly flawed but very human touch," he says. OMC interviewed the funny, articulate and twisted Krulos about comics and more.

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brewers bathrooms

Dear Mr. Attanasio, I wanted to thank you for having the winter tail gate. However there could be some improvements. The brewers provided us 2000 fans in line in the cold with beer, coffee soda, hot coca, hot dogs, chips and donuts and I thank you. However you missed on one big point there were n...

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