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OnMedia: Traveling with your TV

Published Dec. 23, 2010

You can't stick them in your back pocket like a travel book, but TV travel shows are also helpful in planning a trip. I used several shows before I took a trip to Brussels, Belgium, earlier this year.


OnMedia: The big winner in the election TV show

Published Nov. 3, 2010

She lost her election, but Christine O'Donnell has won a spot as a familiar TV face... Jon Stewart's Washington rally pulls in a substantial audience for a Saturday afternoon... Conan O'Brien's five-minute run-through.


OnMedia: Three years later, DeMarco Morgan is still giving back

Published Oct. 18, 2010

Three years after he left town, the former Channel 12 anchor/reporter is still a frequent visitor to town, working on his favorite cause: literacy ... Andrew "Bizarre Foods" Zimmern is coming to town ... Brett Favre has turned quickly into a national joke.


OnMedia: Video never forgets

Published Sept. 20, 2010

Step back from the politics of Christine O'Donnell's "witchcraft" video, and try to enjoy the comedy of it all ... A handful of new network shows debut tonight ... A look at the final moments of CBS' "As the World Turns."

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